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James Comer Pitches A Childish Fit When A Democrat Confronts Him With His Own Shady Business Deals

The karma police paid a visit to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), and he reacted as you’d expect: With anger, petulance, childish insults, and looking guilty as hell.

Referencing reports showing that Comer had engaged in land swaps with his brother, including loans Comer made to his brother, Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) suggested that Comer was guilty of the same thing he has accused President Joe Biden of doing.

“I’m happy to yield you some of my time today, Mr. Chairman, because I think you owe it to the American people to explain why you’ve gone on Fox News and told people, while the president was out of office, he had a loan with his brother, and in a way they were evading taxes. It has come out in the public that you also do business with your brother with potential loans,” Moscowitz noted.

In response, Comer began yelling:

“I would love it! You retweeted that story. Completely false. I’ve never loaned my brother one penny.”

“That story that you tweeted also said that I had a shell company. That is bullshit! I think that the problem is, you know, the White House tried to get CNN to write that story. They went around and investigated all this bullshit…that only dumb financially illiterate people pick up on, and said that it was a shell company because it was an LLC.”

“But you and [Rep. Dan] Goldman, who is ‘Mr. Trust Fund,’ continue to try to discredit — ” Comer boomed.

Moscowitz: “Reclaim my time!”

Comer became more agitated.

“No! I’m not going to give you your time back! We can stop the clock. You all continue to — you look like a Smurf here, just going around and all this stuff, now listen — ”

That’s when Moscowitz hit Comer with a verbal two-by-four:

 “Mr. Chairman, this seems to have gotten under your skin! I think the American people have lots of questions, Mr. Chairman. Perhaps you should sit, maybe, for a deposition — ”


“I would be happy! I can sit with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden and we can go over our LLCs!”

Sure, Jim. No one believes you’d ever give a deposition under oath. There’s too big a risk you’d commit perjury within the first 10 seconds.

Here’s the video:


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WATCH: Maria Bartiromo Almost Begs Jim Jordan To Impeach Biden Before He Wins The 2024 Election

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo is so terrified that President Joe Biden will win the 2024 election that she’s begging House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) to speed up the process.

Jordan was a guest on “Sunday Morning Futures,” and was asked by the host:

“Tell us what your expectations are in terms of this investigation, and will it lead to an impeachment of Joe Biden?”

Jordan responded:

“I believe we will get the depositions and the interviews done in this calendar year and then make a decision early next year whether there are actual evidence warrants going to articles of impeachment and moving to that stage of the investigation.”

That’s when Bartiromo revealed her desperation:

“Well, the timing is important. We’ve got an election next year. President Trump is facing four indictments, and you’ve got this dereliction of duty.”

Jordan: “He said they come after him because he’s fighting for us. That is true. That’s what the swamp does. They’re going after President Trump because he kept his word, and he’s fighting for us.”

Trump kept his word? On what? The man is a pathological liar who belongs behind bars for the next 50 years.

While Republicans like to say they’re confident Trump can win in 2024, Bartiromo just made it clear they’re worried the multiply-indicted loser ex-president will only manage a victory with help if his opponent is impeached, something that happened to the Donald not once, but twice.

Here’s the video:


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Furious Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Speaker Mike Johnson For Not Impeaching Biden

Just a little more than two weeks ago, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) looked and sounded pleased that Mike Johnson (R-LA) had become speaker of the House, taking a selfie with him and posting it on Twitter.

But that was before Johnson made it clear that he wasn’t about to fast-track the impeachment of President Joe Biden, which has long been a dream of Greene’s, despite the fact that Republicans have almost no evidence to warrant impeachment.

The Washington Post’s Jacqueline Alemany reported Friday that Johnson didn’t sound enthusiastic about moving forward on impeachment.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), a constitutional lawyer by training, has taken a more reserved tone, both publicly and privately, urging members to conduct a thorough and fair investigation with no predetermined outcome. In a closed-door meeting with House GOP moderates this week, he indicated that there is insufficient evidence at the moment to initiate formal impeachment proceedings, according to people who attended the meeting.

“We’ll just go where the evidence goes and we’re not there yet,” Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) said, paraphrasing Johnson’s comments on the inquiry at the Republican Governance Group’s weekly lunch on Tuesday. “Most of us are saying, look, we can’t even get a single Democratic vote on this right now. I think the voters will reject what they are seeing when it comes to Biden [policies] — but high crimes and misdemeanors? I don’t think we’ve seen that or enough data to really make a good case and I feel like [Johnson] really agreed with us on that.”

That didn’t sit well with Greene, who went on Twitter and attacked Johnson.

Not long ago we had a Speaker that believed in impeachment so much that he launched an inquiry without a floor vote, but you were told he was bad.

After 8 R’s and all D’s ousted him, we found checks to Joe Biden and evidence of a massive money laundering scheme and now the new guy you are told is way better doesn’t want to impeach.

Such progress.

The Georgia Republican was roundly mocked for her online hissy fit.

Poor Margie! She desperately wants to be on the winning team, but she belongs to a party of liars, losers, and fools.


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James Comer Signals Retreat On Biden Impeachment – Says He Doesn’t Want More Hearings

A month ago, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) opened formal hearings as part of an impeachment inquiry into alleged illegal bribes paid to President Joe Biden, making some grandiose claims and insisting that he had found evidence that would make Biden’s impeachment a fait accompli.

At the first hearing, Comer made some bold statements, the Washington Post reported at the time.

In his opening statement, Comer alleged that Biden has for years “lied to the American people about his knowledge of and participation in his family’s corrupt business schemes.” Comer accused Biden of having developed relationships with his family’s foreign business targets.

“These business targets include foreign oligarchs who sent millions of dollars to his family,” he said. “It also includes a Chinese national who wired a quarter of a million dollars to his son.”

However, it soon became clear that Comer had no actual evidence, just unsupported allegations, rumors, and hearsay.

But in the course of just a month, Comer’s tune has changed dramatically, and he’s now suggesting he probably won’t hold more hearings on impeachment, Philip Bump of the Post notes.

“I don’t know that I want to hold any more hearings, to be honest with you,” Comer said while speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill last week. He complained that it was hard to keep members present for hours on end, given that so many had other commitments. Instead, he said, he preferred depositions, which “you can do more with.”

Wow! How’s that for an about-face?

Comer’s remarks are especially odd considering that Thursday evening new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) told Fox host Sean Hannity that he’s impressed with the oversight committee’s work.

“I know people are getting anxious and they’re getting restless and they just want somebody to be impeached. But that’s not — we don’t do that like the other team. We have to base it upon the evidence, and the evidence is coming together. We’ll see where it leads.”

What in the world is going on here?

Well, there’s the simple fact that holding hearings means Comer and his fellow Republicans have to do more than just sit and go on long harangues about how they’re certain the president broke the law even though they don’t have a shred of evidence.

And then there’s Comer’s mention of depositions, which “you can do more with.”

What Comer is hinting at is putting people under oath and even if they don’t provide any damning facts, he and others in the GOP can still hint that they’re making progress, knowing they don’t have to provide the goods because the depositions are part of an ongoing investigation and will remain secret.

Just a hint of wrongdoing is all Comer and his GOP buddies need to try and draw a false equivalency between Biden and Donald Trump, who has 91 criminal charges hanging over his head.

There’s no need to actually impeach Biden. All Comer needs is enough bullshit to tar the president and keep his bogus “investigation” going.

It’d be tempting to call the whole ordeal smoke and mirrors. But it’s nowhere near that sophisticated. It’s just a smokescreen using fumes from the already deceased horse the GOP can’t resist beating over and over again.


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Jamie Raskin Hilariously Trolls Republicans As ‘Flying Monkeys On A Mission For The Wicked Witch’

With a government shutdown now just 48 hours away, Republicans in the House of Representatives decided today would be the perfect time to being their sham impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, even though their own witnesses admit there isn’t enough evidence to impeach Biden.

As the inquiry was beginning this morning, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who just so happens to be a a former constitutional law professor, let the GOP have it, verbally lashing them and branding them as little more than enablers for ex-president Donald Trump, noting:

“Like flying monkeys on a mission for the Wicked Witch of the West, Trump’s followers in the House now carry his messages out to the world: shut down the government, shutdown the prosecutions. But the cultmaster has another command for his followers, which brings us here today.”

The Maryland Democrat was only getting warmed up, and he let the nation know exactly what his Republican counterparts are really all about.

“So let’s get it straight. We’re 62 hours away from shutting down the government of the United States of America. And Republicans are launching an impeachment drive based on a long debunked and discredited lie. No foreign enemy’s ever been able to shut down the government of the United States but now MAGA Republicans are about to do just that. But they don’t want to cut off public services to people and tonight, paychecks to more than a million service members, without first launching impeachment drive, even when they don’t have a shred of evidence against President Biden for an impeachable offense.”

Need proof? Raskin asked. Just consider the words of the few rational members of the GOP have been saying about the impeachment inquiry over the past week or so.

“Here’s what some Republicans have had to say over the last week about the actions of the Republicans, as they watch up close ‘the dysfunction caucus at work,’ in the words of our GOP colleague from Nebraska, Don Bacon, ‘clown show,’ ‘foolishness,’ ‘terribly misguided,’ ‘stupidity,’ ‘failure to lead,’ ‘lunatics,’ ‘disgraceful,’ .new low,’ ‘pathetic,’ ‘enabling Chairman Xi,’ ‘people that have serious issues,’ ‘those folks don’t have a plan,’ ‘show just how broken they are, and ‘individuals that just want to burn the whole place down.'”

Raskin concluded his comments with a flourish.

“So we move from a Trump-ordered government shutdown to a Trump-ordered impeachment process, and yet back into reality-based world the majority sits completely empty-handed with no evidence of any presidential wrongdoing. No smoking gun, no gun, no smoke. In fact, we have had to slide awkwardly into a House impeachment process without the benefit of the floor vote that Speaker McCarthy insisted was absolutely imperative and necessary when Donald Trump was impeached.”