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Trump Supporter: ‘Civil War’ Will Begin If Donald Is Convicted For His Crimes

A woman who supports disgraced former president Donald Trump told NBC News correspondent Vaughn Hillyard that there will be a “civil war” in the United States if the failed ex-president is convicted for any of his many alleged crimes.

Hillyard spoke with the woman at a recent pro-Trump rally, asking her, “If Donald Trump were to be found guilty by a jury, where do you see this going?”

“Civil war,” she replied. “Civil War. Divide it up. Because we can’t live together, obviously.”

A man who was also at the rally insisted he would “protect” Trump from ever spending a day in jail, no matter what he has to do to assure that.

Appearing on “Morning Joe,” Hillyard noted:

“What I’m increasingly convinced by, from conversations like those across this country, is that we are increasingly getting closer to an event, whatever that event may be, that event is becoming increasingly closer here. Donald Trump does have millions [of supporters] — it may not win him an election, but it will be there to defend him to the very end, whatever that end may look like.”

Could it be any clearer that these people are not just supporters and have instead crossed the line to become domestic terrorists?


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Trump Preparing To Toss Don Jr. And Eric To The Wolves In Last-Ditch Effort To Save Himself: Report

Now that he’s facing the possibility that the Trump Organization will be taken away from him by authorities in the state of New York, which would also likely result in a complete dismantling of the company and fire sale of its assets, failed former president Donald Trump is ready to toss even his closest relatives under the proverbial bus in an effort to salvage what he can, according to Trump biographer David Kay Johnston.

During a discussion of the case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James against the disgraced ex-president and his company on Thursday afternoon on “Deadline: White House,” host Nicolle Wallace referenced a deposition given by Trump in which he claimed, “I was very busy. I was, I considered this the most important job in the world, saving millions of lives.”

That led Wallace to note, “He’s throwing his sons under the bus,” she said. “Talk about the family dynamic and the risk to the Trump kids.”

Johnston concurred: “Remember that Donald put this in an eyes-wide-open trust.”

“He asserted he could run his company and be president and there would be no conflicts of interest, which is absurd,” Johnston added. “What he’s doing is what he always does: He’s trying to shift responsibility onto other people, and Donald won’t have any problem shifting responsibility onto his sons, who he has told others he thinks are idiots. He doesn’t say that in public, but he’s told people he doesn’t have much regard for the judgment of his two older sons. Talking about the adult sons here.”

Wallace then turned to advertising and public relations expert Donny Deutsch, who was once friends with Trump, telling him that the former president has been much kinder when it comes to things he says about Ivanka, whom he as showered with compliments.

That led Deutsch to note:

“Just a little peek into Donald Trump’s humanity. Any of us who are parents, at the end of the day, you would throw yourself in front of a bus for your kids and Donald is the opposite. Anyone who knows Donald would say the same thing. He would throw his kids under the bus. Does Ivanka live in a different space? She lives in an entirely weird different space, but this is a guy who would not put his children in front of him.”

Ask yourself this question based on what we know about Donald Trump: Is there anyone he wouldn’t toss under the nearest bus in order to avoid financial collapse and/or serving time in prison?

The answer, of course, is no. He will sacrifice anyone to save his own ass. That’s what a narcissist does.


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WATCH: One Of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Constituents Confronts Her For Her Bigotry

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene got an earful from one of her constituents at town hall she held in her district, and it all had to do with comments Greene made recently about Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY).

According to Radar Online, the black constituent asked Greene, “Do you know who Carolyn Donham is?”

When Greene admitted she didn’t, the woman continued.

“She was the woman who said that Emmett Till looked at her the wrong way, or said something to her, the way you did Jamaal Bowman,” she said. “You were on the steps of the Capitol talking about gun violence…”

The woman added, “I think you’re reckless. I think you’re reckless. You had no business saying, ‘Oh, he’s so big. Oh, I feel so, like, he’s gonna hurt me.’ It’s the same thing Carolyn Donham said that got Emmett Till killed, and that was reckless, and you did a reckless thing. And if anything happens to Jamaal Bowman, it’s going to be on your hands.”

Clearly taken aback by the woman’s comments, Greene finally responded.

“Let me ask you, were you in New York when he stood outside my car… and he brought a crowd around me? Were you there?” Greene asked. “No, you were not in New York City when that happened. It’s on video, it’s on video, and you may watch the video. And you can see how he cussed…That’s wrong. This isn’t about skin color. I refuse, I refuse for you to do that.”

After a few more seconds of back and forth, the majority of the audience stood and applauded Greene.

The video drew plenty of comments on Twitter.


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Trump: I Was Too Busy Protecting The World From ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ To Have Committed Any Crimes

As he continues to look for ways to avoid spending the remainder of his life behind in a federal or state prison, failed former president Donald Trump is coming up with even more absurd excuses for why he couldn’t have possibly committed any of the crimes he’s accused of being a part of.

Thanks to the release of a deposition in a court filing from New York Attorney General Letitia James, we have the Donald’s latest head shaking bullshit: He was far too busy trying to save the planet from “nuclear holocaust” to have been involved in any criming that might have taken place at his company, the Trump Organization.

Business Insider reports:

In a sworn deposition from this past April, former President Donald Trump told New York officials that he was too busy “saving millions of lives” as president to run his company, let alone commit business fraud, a transcript released Wednesday revealed.

Here’s an exchange between Trump and Kevin Wallace, an attorney working for the New York AG.

Wallace: “So you were too busy for the company?” 

Trump: “In a way, yeah. Yeah, I think you can say it. It’s another way of saying it. I was very busy. I was — I considered this the most important job in the world, saving millions of lives.”

The disgraced ex-president then added:

“I think you would have nuclear holocaust if I didn’t deal with North Korea. I think you would have a nuclear war, if I weren’t elected.
“And I think you might have a nuclear war now if you want to know the truth.”

James has accused Trump of grossly misstating the value of his company in order to obtain larger bank loans, reduce his insurance premiums, and avoid paying increased tax bills on his properties. She is now seeking a $250 million summary judgement that would likely destroy the Trump Organization, which is believed to be dangerously low on cash.

The filing from James also alleges that in 2014, the Trump Organization overvalued its net worth by at least $2.3 billion, which means the company committed fraud.

It remains to be seen if any judge or jury will buy Trump’s bullshit excuses.


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NY Times Report Exposes The Extent Of Ivanka’s Corruption While Her Father Was POTUS

Even though she had absolutely zero experience when it came to government service, for four years Ivanka Trump was given unlimited access to the Oval Office and was reportedly one of her father’s most trusted advisers, which could help explain why Donald Trump was such a massive failure as president.

According to the New York Times, Ivanka was charged with overhauling programs that assisted small businesses run by women around the world, but the program “was so haphazardly managed by a federal agency that an independent watchdog was unable to determine whether it actually worked.

“In a report released on Thursday, the Government Accountability Office found that programs funded through the Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Act, which Ms. Trump, the eldest daughter of former President Donald J. Trump, helped usher through Congress in late 2018, were deeply flawed and hampered by poor oversight.

“Officials at the U.S. Agency for International Development, which oversaw $265 million per year in spending on the initiative and an associated antipoverty program, never worked out “an explicit definition” of who was eligible to receive millions in aid, the report found.”

And yet, Republicans like to say that Ivanka was doing great things for women. Clearly, she wasn’t. Instead, she was using taxpayer money to fund a program that we cannot even measure the success or failure of. That’s the very definition of corruption.

The G.A.O. report also found that while Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel hailed Ivanka by claiming her efforts would “empower women all over the world,” the reality was far from what had been promised:

“Investigators, who interviewed agency workers in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, reported that those workers ‘did not receive any guidance’ from top officials on how to define ‘the very poor,’ hampering efforts to deliver aid.”

Just like her father, Ivanka Trump isn’t good at anything other than lying and cheating. She’s a grifter and she wasted taxpayer money so she could pretend to be “governmenting.”