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Epstein-Maxwell Grand Jury Still Meeting – More Co-Conspirators Likely To Be Indicted

This has truly been a week from hell for President Donald Trump. Over the past five days:

  • Democrats held an incredibly successful convention
  • Former White House senior adviser Steve Bannon was indicted on charges of fraud and money laundering
  • Another federal judge ordered that Trump turn over eight years of his tax returns toot suite to the Manhattan district attorney

But things could be about to get even worse for Trump and others who may have been involved in the many illegal activities of the late financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the woman who help groom many of his victims, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The danger for Trump and others who traveled in Epstein’s orbit is that a federal grand jury investigating both Epstein and Maxwell continues to meet and is expected to hand down new indictments any day now, according to the Miami Herald:

“In a filing Friday, federal prosecutors indicated that the federal grand jury investigation into Epstein, his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell and their potential co-conspirators remains active.

“’As the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York has stated publicly, the investigation into the conduct of the defendant in this case and other possible co-conspirators of Jeffrey Epstein remains active,’ prosecutors wrote. ‘The full scope and details of that investigation, however, have not been made public.'”

News that the Epstein-Maxwell grand jury is still impaneled and may hand down more indictments should be of special concern to the president, who has been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl with Epstein. Details of that alleged incident came out in 2016 when a court filing revealed the salacious allegation.

Imagine if Trump’s name shows up on one of those new subpoenas. He cannot pardon himself, and even his Attorney General, William Barr, would have trouble making that subpoena go away. And since it would likely involve the sexual abuse of minors, Trump would almost certainly lose the upcoming election, probably by the greatest blowout in U.S. history.

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but there are other suspects who could well wind up paying for the crimes they helped him commit or cover up.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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oh wake me when its over. Enjoying my peace, will be great to see when we all get that final whistle that lets us all know Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall at last. Thanks for the up the proverbial creek for the crooks. all of them. Ghistlaine as well as trums

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