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Legal Experts Say Giuliani Is In A ‘Legal Predicament’ And Will Turn On Trump

Few people have had a bigger fall from grace than former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was also once the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, which is considered to be the most plum job in the Justice Department outside of being appointed as U.S. Attorney General.

These days, Giuliani is doing Cameo videos just so he can pay his bills, and with reports that he’s no longer in Trump’s inner circle, Rudy is little more than a pathetic old man who allegedly drinks way too much and humiliates himself whenever he opens his mouth to speak.

In other words, as Peter Stone writes in New York magazine, Giuliani is a shell of the man he once was:

Giuliani is being treated, by all appearances, as a dead man walking. America’s Mayor, as he was once known, has been abandoned by his most powerful friend. He has lost his megaphone at Fox News and is now going around with a begging bowl for money. And at the center of Giuliani’s legal troubles is a web of overlapping federal investigations, including a criminal probe focusing on him personally, which some experts say could force him to yield to prosecutors in a case that may implicate the former president.

Stone decided to speak with some well-known legal experts, among them former Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich, who told him:

“Giuliani is facing a set of challenges unlike anything he’s dealt with before. The extremely serious criminal investigation that could send him to jail, the civil suits that could bankrupt him, the disbarment proceedings that may well end any opportunity to practice law ever again — it’s a tidal wave of problems with potentially devastating personal and professional consequences.

“It’s hard to think of any analogous case where a person who once rode so high — as a prosecutor, a New York mayor, a serious presidential candidate, and an international figure — has been brought so low in so many ways and where the damage has been entirely self-inflicted.”

Paul Pelletier, the former acting chief of the Justice Department’s fraud section, concurred with Bromwich:

“The emotional and financial pressure of a single long-term federal white-collar investigation can take a crippling toll on any target of such an investigation. Enduring multiple investigations, in addition to bar disciplinary actions and financial pressures, creates an enormous incentive to alleviate that pressure in some way. The only logical ways I know of are to plead guilty, cooperate, or both.”

Pelletier said Rudy’s sad state of affairs does afford him opportunity, and he predicted what may happen next:

“If past is prologue, the search warrants conducted on the phones and electronic devices of Giuliani and his associates should soon begin bearing a cornucopia of fruit. That type of electronic evidence typically reveals compelling evidence of the criminal scheme outlined in the search-warrant affidavit. If and when that happens, the walls should close in pretty quickly on Mr. Giuliani and any identified criminal cohorts.”

In other words, Giuliani will have only one option remaining: To flip on his “criminal cohorts,” including Donald Trump. If he doesn’t, he’s looking at spending the remainder of his life in prison.

Rudy is facing a decision. He can either make the right choice or give up his freedom for a man who would toss him under the bus in a New York second if the roles were reversed.

Tick tock, Rudy.


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Giuliani Says He’s Afraid The Military Will ‘Bomb White Supremacists’ In Order To Start A War

Proving yet again that he doesn’t actually possess a brain, former New York City mayor and erstwhile personal attorney to failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, is now suggesting that a new book has him fearful that the U.S. military may attack white supremacists for the purpose of starting a war.

The book in question — Peril, written by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa — reports that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley took control of the U.S. nuclear arsenal out of Trump’s hands and that he assured officials in China he would not allow Trump to launch nuclear weapons at them during his final days in office.


That led Giuliani to tell Steve Bannon on Real America’s Voice:

“The generals tried to take over along with Pelosi. It’s totally absurd. There’s no evidence, not even a scintilla of anything that President Trump was going to do anything with the military.”

It’s totally absurd? Not when it comes to a man as mentally unstable as Donald Trump, who incited a crowd to storm the Capitol and attack police officers who were guarding the building. A man that deranged is capable of anything.

Rudy then called for Milley to be dismissed:

“That’s completely made up — either made up or part of the warp of lies the Democrats have been using for five years now, or these people are insanely hysterical. But I mean Milley has got to go.”

Why does Milley have to go? That’s when Giuliani sounded like he’d been day drinking again:

“The man is some kind of hysteric. He may get us into a war probably against white supremacy. He’ll probably go bomb white supremacists. I mean, there’s a screw loose with this guy.”

Oh, and Rudy also wanted us all to know that Trump had every right to start a war with China for whatever reason he chose:

“Treason has to take place at a time of war. If the president were to attack China, it would be a war, and [Milley] said he’s going to help our enemy.

“Here he is telling China, ‘If the president of the United States takes action against you, I’m going to side with you against the United States of America.’ [Trump] is not talking about any retaliation against [China] and even if he was, this guy has no right to do that.”

So a military commander is supposed to follow any order he’s given by a president, even if it’s an unlawful one? That’s complete nonsense.

Gen. Milley is an American hero and deserves our thanks for holding Trump in check during the last days of the administration.



Obviously Drunk Giuliani Viciously Attacks Joint Chiefs Chairman At 9/11 Anniversary Dinner

It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was actually admired and respected by most Americans.

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Giuliani became a national leader and healer, a man who was sought out for his expertise and steadiness under fire.

Now, however, 20 years later, Rudy is little more than a drunken fool, a man who has fallen so far into the muck that he’s a laughingstock, a man people roll their eyes at when he opens his mouth.

And that was most certainly the case Saturday evening when Giuliani got rip-roaring drunk and stood up to speak at a dinner commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Instead of honoring the victims and sacrifice made 20 years ago by those brave first responders and the sadness of the nearly 3,000 Americans we lost on that horrific day in September of 2001, Rudy began railing at Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, waving his arms like a madman as he screamed about the recent U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan:

“I wanted to grab his stars and shove it down his throat and say, ‘it’s 400 miles from China, asshole! China is going to be our enemy for the next 40 years! You have an airbase 400 miles from them and you’re giving it up? Idiot! What the hell is wrong with you? Who pays you? Christ!”

Yeah, as if Guiliani has the balls to even look in Milley’s direction, let alone confront him. All the general would have to do is give Rudy one quick tap on the shoulder and the drunken jackass would fall over and pass out.

As if that wasn’t more than enough humiliation for one evening, Giuliani then began imitating Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and seemed to suggest he’d been offered the sexual favors of a young girl by Prince Andrew:

“I know Prince Andrew is very questionable now. I never went out with him. Ever! Never had a drink with him, never was with a woman or young girl with him. Ever, ever, ever.”

Pathetic and moronic. That pretty much sums up Rudy Giuliani.

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Court Documents Reveal Giuliani’s ‘Associates’ Are Likely To Flip On Him And Others: Report

New court filings in the case against one of Rudy Giuliani’s former “associates” suggest that he’s facing increasing pressure to cooperate with prosecutors and testify against the former New York City mayor for alleged fraud and illegal foreign contacts made by Giuliani in an attempt to bolster the campaign of former President Donald Trump.

Marcy Wheeler explains at her Empty Wheel blog that Giuliani associate Lev Parnas has managed to get his hands on documents from his former boss, but the documents also suggest he’s being pushed to flip on Giuliani in order to lessen his own legal exposure:

“We know the materials withheld under a Rule 16(d) extension are the files seized from Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing’s iCloud accounts (as well as those of some Ukrainians) three ways. First, that’s what Parnas’ lawyer Joseph Bondy demanded in the May 20 request referenced in the footnote. And the government’s response to Bondy’s request explained that Oetken had authorized them under Rule 16(d) to delay sharing the material with the defendants on November 8, 2019. Finally, this is the July 14 order Judge Oetken issued denying Parnas and others the materials.”

While most of the documents have little or no relevance to the fraud trial against Parnas (which will begin on Oct. 4), they clearly show a pattern of behavior in efforts to get Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch dismissed from her post, which was the impetus for Trump’s first impeachment:

“That means a substantial amount of what the government is sharing is discovery on the additional charges [another Giuliani associate Igor] Fruman and especially Parnas face, after they’re done with October’s trial and even after Parnas is done with a second, Fraud Guarantee trial. The government is effectively showing Rudy’s grifters what they have to look forward to in a Foreign Agent case involving Rudy Giuliani.

“This is, almost certainly, an effort to convince them to plead guilty and flip on Rudy, which explains why the government is so intent on keeping the trial scheduled for October, to increase the pressure on the grifters.”

However, Giuliani isn’t the only person Parnas may have dirt on. There’s also the possibility that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may have played a role, and Trump could also be facing charges for his actions in the attempt to extort Ukraine for damaging information on Joe Biden and members of his family.

The upcoming trial of Parnas could wind up precipitating more criminal charges against Giuliani and people in the orbit of former President Trump. No matter how you slice it, it’s clear that prosecutors are tightening the noose around anyone with a connection to Rudy.


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Giuliani Says He’s ‘Willing To Go To Jail’ But People Will Go To Hell If He Does

It’s been a little while since we last heard from Rudy Giuliani, and based on the things he said in an interview with WNBC, he should have remained silent, because he only succeeded in making himself sound incredibly guilty.

Giuliani is under investigation on multiple fronts and could be facing decades behind bars, but he maintains that he’s “willing to go to jail.”

“I committed no crime, and if you think I committed a crime, you’re probably really stupid, because you don’t know who I am.

Is the guy who put the mafia in jail, terrorists in jail, Ed Koch’s commissioners in jail, and the worst people on Wall Street — I’m not going to file (a form)? I mean, that’s just crazy.”

Rudy also expressed anger about the fact the FBI raiding his home and office, adding:

“I am more than willing to go to jail if they want to put me in jail. And if they do, they’re going to suffer the consequences in heaven. I’m not, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

But why would Giuliani be willing to go to jail if he hasn’t done anything wrong? He responded:

“Because they lie, they cheat.”

But it was what Giuliani said next that suggests he’s still half crazy, commenting that those who are investigating him are going to get their just reward in the next life:

“I am more than willing to go to jail if they want to put me in jail. And if they do, they’re going to suffer the consequences in heaven. I’m not; I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Suffer the consequences in heaven? So now Rudy can predict how God thinks? Something tells me the former New York City mayor will have plenty to explain to God when he’s judged and cast into the abyss.

Rudy loves to brag about how he used to put mobsters in jail. Now, however, he’s part of the Trump mafia and no better than the criminals he used to prosecute.