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WATCH: Woman Slams Ted Cruz For Lying About Abortion During Senate Hearing

A Senate hearing on abortion turned into a verbal dressing down of Texas Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, neither of whom showed up for the hearing, probably because they knew they’d be confronted and humiliated for their refusal to even consider that a woman has a right to an abortion.

Amanda Zurawski was the witness testifying, and she explained that she almost died after she had a medical emergency while pregnant and had to wait until she was on the verge of death before she was allowed to obtain an abortion in the Lone Star State.

“We’ve heard a lot today about the mental trauma and the negative, harmful effects on a person’s psychological well-being after they have an abortion, supposedly,” Zurawski said. “And I am curious why that is not relevant for me as well. Because I wasn’t permitted to have an abortion, and the trauma, and the PTSD, and the depression that I have dealt with in the eight months since this happened to me is paralyzing. On top of that, I am still struggling to have children.”

That horrific situation, Zurawski explained, was forced on her by those who try to make it more difficult for women to get an abortion.

“And I wanted to address my Sens. [Ted] Cruz and [John] Cornyn, neither of whom regrettably are not in the room right now. I would like for them to know that what happened to me, I think most people would agree, was horrific. But it is a direct result of the policies that they support. I nearly died on their watch. And furthermore, as a result of what happened to me, I may have been robbed of the opportunity to have children in the future. And it is because of the policies that they support.”

She concluded her testimony by saying there are other women just like her.

“What happened to me was horrible, but I am one of many. And quite frankly, I am lucky. I am lucky that I have a husband who could take me to the hospital, I don’t have other children that I had to worry about finding childcare for. I have a job that was understanding that allowed me to grieve for three days as I waited to almost die. What about all of the women that don’t have the same opportunities, that don’t have access to health care? They don’t have health insurance; they don’t have a partner? What about them?”

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WATCH Elizabeth Warren Destroy A GOP Senator For Blocking Military Promotions To Protest Abortion

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) read the riot act to her Republican Senate colleague, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, for his continued hold on the promotions of all top officials in the U.S. military simply because he doesn’t agree with the Department of Defense’s (DOD) policy on abortion.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate, Warren noted that Tuberville had repeatedly obstructed military objectives because he’s opposed to a DOD provision that allows service members to travel to other states for an abortion.

“Occasionally, a senator may object to an individual nomination, usually to indicate opposition to that appointment or to insist on answers to questions from a federal agency,” Warren began. “But that is not what Senator from Alabama is doing.”

She added, “Instead, he is blocking every single top military leader from advancing indefinitely. He’s snared all 184 top-level service members who are currently slated for advancement, and he stopped every single one of them dead in their tracks.”

After pointing out that since Tuberville sits on the Armed Services Committee, he has numerous chances to influence DOD policy, Warren thundered:

“The senator is blocking 184 top military promotions because he disagrees with the Department of Defense policy to help service members and their families access needed health care, specifically to travel to access abortion care. Now, I disagree with the senator on that issue, but if he wants to press for votes to reverse DOD’s health care policies, he can do that.”

“That is how democracy works.”

Tuberville responded by trying to blame Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin instead of his own intransigence.

“It’s not about abortion,” he asserted. “This is about a tyrannical executive branch walking all over the United States Senate and doing our jobs.”

“Now I warned Secretary [Lloyd] Austin that if he did this and changed this, I would put a hold on his highest-level nominees. Secretary Austin went through with the policy anyway in February of this year. So I am keeping my word. This was Secretary Austin’s choice, not mine.”

Hey, just because someone agrees to serve their country and put their life on the line, the military should refuse them access to a medical procedure? That’s an insult to what the brave men and women of the U.S. armed forces do for all of us on a daily basis.

Watch the video:

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Lindsey Graham Has A Full-Scale Hissy Fit After CNN Host Fact-Checks Him On Abortion Laws

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham had pitched a massive hissy fit during an appearance on CNN Sunday morning when host Dana Bash dared to fact-check him on the issue of abortion and the laws regarding the procedure.

Appearing on “State of the Union,” Graham was discussing the usage of the Comstock Act to possibly ban the abortion drug mifepristone, which led Bash to ask if the senator agreed with Donald Trump that such matters should be decided by the states or if he thought former Vice President Mike Pence was right to suggest that abortion should be banned at the federal level.

Rather than respond, Graham threw mud, incorrectly suggesting the Democrats are in favor of “barbaric” abortions up until the very moment of birth, which led Bash to note, “Just for the record, Roe went up to viability.”

Graham got red in the face and raised his voice as he stated, “No! No! No! Quit covering for these guys! No, no, no! You’re media, you keep covering for these guys! They introduced legislation that allowed abortion on demand with taxpayer-funded [abortion] up to the moment of birth. That was their position in Washington! That’s the law they want to pass, and nobody in your business will talk about it!”

Bash retorted, “Senator. I’m not covering for anybody. You know that, and when I have Democrats on, I’ve asked many — all of them — about their position on where they believe this issue should be.”

“My question for you, sir, is about President Trump, who you’ve endorsed to be president again. Is he right in saying that this issue should be a state’s issue?”

Instead of replying to the question, Graham could only manage that was certain Trump iss opposed to later-term abortion, which had nothing to do with Bash’s question.

Here’s a suggesting for Sen. Graham: Since you can’t possibly have an abortion or give birth to anything but exaggeration and lies, let women and their doctors decide. The government has no role in family planning decisions.

Here’s the video:

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Lauren Boebert Shows Photos Of Human Fetuses At House Hearing On Endangered Species: VIDEO

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert decided to use her speaking time during a Thursday House hearing to display photos of human fetuses.

During a Water, Wildlife and Fisheries Subcommittee hearing, Boebert explained why she wanted to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list.

“I appreciate this time today and thank you so much for everyone who’s attending here and traveling so far to be here,” she began. “I do want to say before my opening remarks, you know, since we’re talking about the Endangered Species Act, I’m just wondering if my colleagues on the other side would put babies on the endangered species list.”

She then help up photos of human fetuses as she continued to speak.

“These babies were born in Washington, D.C. full term. I don’t know, maybe that’s a way we can save some children here in the United States.”

Boebert then turned to the gray wolf.

“For far too long, the Endangered Species Act has been weaponized by extremists, extremist environmentalists, to obstruct common sense multiple-use activities that they disagree with.”

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Trump Fan Twists Himself In Knots Trying To Defend Herschel Walker’s Abortion Hypocrisy

According to many Republicans, abortion is murder and needs to be declared illegal across the country, no matter the reason a woman may be trying to terminate her pregnancy, with some on the right even going so far as to say there should be no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

That hardline position is leaving many right-wingers in a difficult position when it comes to Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who says he’s opposed to abortion yet reportedly paid for at least two women he impregnated to terminate their pregnancies.

Such was the case with a Georgia man who was interviewed by Jason Selvig of The Good Liars.

The man — who was wearing a pro-Trump cap and told Selvig that he did indeed support Walker — was asked:

“You think abortion is murder?”

The man replied:

Selvig then asked:

“Do you think that Herschel Walker is a murderer if he paid for an abortion?” 

The man responded:

“Well, actually we’ve all done bad things.”

Once again, Selvig pressed:

“Murder is, you know — that’s one of the worst you could do, right?”

The man attempted to change the topic to Walker’s opponent, incumbent Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock:

“Warnock hasn’t repented for his sins.”

But Selvig had the perfect comeback:

“But, I mean, totally unrelated to Raphael Warnock, if Herschel Walker paid for an abortion, and you think abortion is murder, does that not make him a murderer?”

That led the man to tell Selvig:

“You know, it’s according to what you want to call murder. I mean, if you see somebody breaking into your house and you kill him, is that murder? If you accidentally run over somebody—”

Selvig asked yet again:

“Is abortion murder?” 

The man replied:

“Well, if you do that, a premeditated taking of a life, I think that is murder.”


“So that, by definition, if the allegations are true, he was a murderer, but that’s okay with you because he repented.”

The man continued to twist himself into pretzel shape, replying:

“Well, what is sin is sin. I mean, some sins are more long lasting.”

Spoken like a true fake Christian who has either never read the Bible or read it and didn’t understand a word about forgiveness, redemption, and sin.

Here’s the video: