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J.D. Vance Has His Rally Interrupted By Man Asking For A Refund Because His Book Was Terrible

Since he garnered the endorsement of failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance has rocketed to the top of the polls.

The Hill reports that a Fox News poll released earlier this week shows Vance with a comfortable lead over his GOP rivals:

Vance, the author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” led the pack with 23 percent support primary voters, more than doubling the 11 percent support he got in the same poll in March. Former state Treasurer Josh Mandel, Vance’s main primary rival, came in second with 18 percent, a drop from 20 percent in March.

Investment banker Mike Gibbons, Ohio state Sen. Matt Dolan (R) and former Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken rounded out the top five, with 13 percent support, 11 percent and 6 percent, respectively. Gibbons’s support nosedived from 22 percent in March, while Dolan’s rose from 7 percent and Timken’s dropped from 9 percent.

The irony of the Vance-Trump alliance is that Vance once called Trump the “American Hitler” but is now wrapping his arms around the Donald like he’s a life raft on a sinking ship, which is very much what the Republican Party seems to be with the recent infighting that even had Reps. Lauren Boebert (CO) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) almost coming to punches at a recent party retreat.

Amidst all this sturm and drang, Vance was holding a rally today in the Buckeye State when a man approached him and asked for a refund on the price of Vance’s book. Take a look:

Yes, the man who approaches Vance is a member of the comedy duo The Good Liars, but be sure and note the look on Vance’s face when he’s asked to fork over the price of the book and also how quickly members of his campaign spirited away the intruder.

Vance may well wind up winning the GOP nomination, and he’ll likely face Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) in the general election, which should serve as a bellwether for exactly how much influence the Donald still has with voters.

For now, J.D. might want to start getting used to being interrupted in mid-sentence, because as you can tell from this sampling of his speaking style, he could send a tweaking speed freak into the deepest of sleeps.


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Ron DeSantis Finds A New Way To Humiliate Himself: By Attacking Cartoons

Now that he’s gone after Disney and cost Florida taxpayers billions of dollars in new taxes, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) took his absurd culture war to a new level of head-shaking idiocy by launching an attack on cartoons.

HuffPost reports that DeSantis was in Las Vegas campaigning for Nevada GOP Senate candidate Adam Laxalt when he went after cartoons:

“One of the things that really bugged me were these videos with all these people that are high up at Disney talking about how [it] was their intention to inject sexuality into the programming for these very young kids,” DeSantis said at the rally.

The governor was seemingly referring to Karey Burke, a Disney executive who said she has two queer children and supports featuring “many, many” LGBTQ characters in future projects.

“When we were young, you could watch cartoons without having to worry,” DeSantis said. “Now parents have to sit there and worry about, ‘What are they trying to inject in?’ ‘What type of ideology are they trying to pursue?’ And that is wrong.’”

Did DeSantis actually watch cartoons when he was a kid, or was he too busy trying to decide exactly how he was going to transform himself in a stooge who says stupid shit and thinks he’s got a shot at being president?

It didn’t take long before Twitter was abuzz with reminders for the Florida governor that some of the most popular cartoon characters from his youth — Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, and Wile E. Coyote — cross dressed and engaged in violence, yet we all laughed because we were able (unlike him) to distinguish fiction from reality.

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Bizarre New Video Shows A Man Putting His Hand On Madison Cawthorn’s Crotch

There’s a line from a 1967 Buffalo Springfield song entitled “For What It’s Worth” that you may be familiar with:

“There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.”

And that line is certainly applicable to the latest scandal Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) finds himself in atop all the others that have been cropping up in recent weeks.

This time, we have a video of Cawthorn and a staffer, Business Insider reports:

“I feel the passion and desire, and would like to see a naked body beneath my hands,”  Cawthorn says in the video.

The man doing the filming then responds, saying, “Me too. I’d like to see that as well,” while turning the camera on himself. The comment causes Cawthorn to burst out laughing, and the other man then films himself putting his hand on the lawmaker’s groin.

Not bizarre enough? Well, in a complaint filed by David Wheeler, the president of the American Muckrakers PAC, there’s another explosive allegation:

(Wheeler) alleges in his complaint that Cawthorn and Smith are living together, and appended various screenshots bearing Cawthorn’s registered address in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and cross-referencing them with Smith’s registered address on FEC filings. 

A representative for the congressman called the video and other information “ridiculous,” adding:

“Stephen is his cousin — they’re family. The PAC that filed the complaint did no research.”

Cawthorn, meanwhile has been responding to the daily humiliations (including a photo of him dressed in women’s lingerie) by suggesting the entire thing is a giant conspiracy and smear campaign being lodged against him by his political enemies:

Oh, there’s also the matter of what appears to be deliberate stock manipulation by Cawthorn connected to a cryptocurrency purchase he made and urged others to invest in.

And let’s not forget that Cawthorn also accused his GOP colleagues of attending orgies where cocaine was in great abundance, along with many other sexual perversions, some of which now seem like psychological projection on the congressman’s part.

Whatever happens next for Cawthorn, it’s certainly nice to see karma kicking the shit out of someone so deserving.



As He Attacks Disney, DeSantis Is Refusing To Give Back $100K They Donated To His Campaign

There’s an old expression we’ve all heard since we were kids: Put your money where your mouth is.

But in the case of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), it turns out that greed and hypocrisy trump any actual beliefs or policies.

In recent weeks, DeSantis and his cohorts in the Florida legislature have been busy attacking Disney for their opposition to the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, but it turns out that the governor isn’t about to give back the $100,00 in campaign contributions he’s received from the Magic Kingdom.

According to The Tallahassee Democrat:

Gov. Ron DeSantis has attacked Disney as a “woke” company that has exerted “inappropriate influence” in Florida, but until recently he was happy to accept the company’s campaign contributions and doesn’t appear eager to give them back.

DeSantis’ political committee received three contributions from Disney totaling $100,000 and a $6,809 in-kind contribution for “food and beverage,” likely catering for a fundraiser or some other campaign event. Disney gave DeSantis $50,000 in 2019 and $50,000 in 2021.

Other Florida lawmakers have returned donations from Disney, which seems only fitting if you’re going to attack the company for being a bad influence. But DeSantis hasn’t agreed to give back one red cent of what he’s gotten from them.

Make no mistake, like any big business, Disney has been generous with its campaign contributions over the years, but recently suspended all donations to any political campaigns, which is certainly their right.

Shouldn’t DeSantis write a check to Disney and at least put the suggestion of his blatant hypocrisy to rest? If not, then he’s also handing one hell of a tasty issue to his Democratic opponents, some of whom are polling well against the incumbent Republican who reportedly has presidential ambitions as soon as 2024.

So what do you say, Ron? Are you too craven and greedy to let go of a dime that Disney has given you? And if you don’t, how in the hell do you square that with your public pronouncements against them?

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Boebert And Greene Despise With Each Other – Had To Be Separated At GOP Conference: Report

You’d think that two Republicans as extreme and reactionary as Reps. Lauren Boebert (CO) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) would be best buddies, but it turns out they can’t stand the sight of each other, according to revealing new article from Politico.

Privately, Republicans say Boebert (R-Colo.) — who’s seen as more of a party team player than Greene — detests being tied to her Georgia colleague. And when the House Freedom Caucus board of directors gathered last month at its usual spot a few blocks from the Capitol, the two tangled over Greene’s appearance at a February event organized by a known white nationalist.

Their confrontation grew so heated that at least one onlooker feared the Greene-Boebert back-and-forth might escalate beyond the verbal cage match had another board member not stepped in to de-escalate, according to a GOP lawmaker who was granted anonymity to describe what happened. The incident was confirmed by three people connected to the Freedom Caucus, whose members largely avoided public criticism of Greene and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) at the time and focused their discontent on the event organizer, Nick Fuentes.

What’s going on inside the GOP? Are the snakes turning on each other? To answer that question, it’s instructive to consider how the Freedom Caucus came to be.

The Freedom Caucus was created for the purpose of giving more power and influence to extreme right-wing, Tea Party Republicans, and it has become an influential (and controversial) offshoot of the GOP. Conference members are even signaling they may sink House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) plans to be the next Speaker of the House if Republicans win control in the midterm elections.

However, cracks are forming inside the Freedom Caucus, and some members are already talking about bolting the group and forming their own offshoot, which could fracture congressional Republicans even further, diluting their power even if they do manage to retake the House.

The dustup between Boebert and Greene is emblematic of a larger fissure building inside the GOP in the Age of Trump and the Big Lie about the 2020 election:

In part because of those Trump acolytes’ influence, some Republicans say privately that they’re watching to see if the Freedom Caucus ends up becoming what it was designed to correct: a bloated GOP group that lacks cohesion.

Even if McCarthy does manage to become the next House Speaker, it sounds like his new job will be about as thankless and impossible as that of the proverbial cat herder.