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Madison Cawthorn Gets Brutally Fact-Checked For Saying Mask Mandates Lead Kids To Commit Suicide

It’s hard to decide exactly which member of the freshman GOP house class is the most ridiculous and clueless.

Is it Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who has called for the church to decide what the government does? Or would the dubious honor go Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said Jewish space lasers were the cause of wildfires in California?

Based on what Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) said recently at a school board meeting, Boebert and Greene have some serious competition when it comes to spewing bullshit and conspiracy theories.

According to Cawthorn, a hospital in North Carolina recently reported a 255% spike in suicide deaths among children during the COVID pandemic. Passing mask mandates could lead even more children to try and take their own lives:

“You can see what the World Health Organization was saying, you know, putting masks on children does have some mental problem — it increases depression. You know, we saw death and suicide rates are up 255% in one study that a hospital did in America because they’re starting to see that people are really feeling disconnected from that social interaction.”

However, Congressman Cawthorn got several major facts incorrect, according to WRAL reporter Paul Specht:

We asked his office that. We said, where are you getting these numbers?And they sent us a link to an NPR story. And it’s titled Child Psychiatrists Warn That The Pandemic May Be Driving Up Kids’ Suicide Risk. And it’s from back in February. Cawthorn’s office pulled out a line and it talked about suicide attempts among young people at one hospital in Indianapolis … But if you look at the year-to-year numbers — all of 2019 to all of 2020 — the hospital reported a rise that was much lower. In fact, a hospital spokesman told us they saw a 51% increase over the year starting in March 2020 to March 2021.

We could not find any evidence that those numbers at that hospital in particular were in any way related to mask policies at schools.

Republicans know they don’t have the facts or science on their side, so they just make shit up and pretend it’s true. And many of their voters believe every word of what they say! It’s cultish behavior and it’s killing people.

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GOP Congressman Owns Himself By Saying The United States Is Becoming Just Like Orwell’s ‘1984’

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) wants us to believe that the United States is becoming just like what George Orwell envisioned in his classic dystopian novel, 1984, but his Tweet referencing the book only succeeded in making him look like a little boy who failed to do his required reading and needed to bullshit his way through a book report.

Here’s Cawthorn’s tweet:

But as Josephine Harvey of HuffPost notes, there’s so much wrong with Cawthorn’s take on the book that you almost need the time it takes to read 1984 to fully explicate all of the nonsense the congressman packed into such a small space:

“For a short tweet, critics found a lot of issues with it. For starters, all novels are fiction. More importantly, it sounded like Cawthorn has either never read 1984 or needs a major refresher on the dystopian classic.

“The Orwell reference is often bandied around by conservatives, usually incorrectly. The book paints a picture of a future under a totalitarian regime. Orwell, a democratic socialist, portrayed how such a government could assert and maintain power by manipulating truth and reality through propaganda.”

Manipulating truth and reality through propaganda. Sounds a lot like the Trump administration. Then again, it also sounds like what passes for “news” on Fox, Newsmax, and One America News (OAN), where truth is shunned like a case of scabies.

It didn’t take long before social media mocked Cawthorn back into temporary silence:

If you suspected that Republicans are getting dumber by the second, Madison Cawthorn is living proof that you’re correct.

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Republican Congressman Says He Wants To ‘Indict’ Jill Biden

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is easily one of the most odious and disgusting members of the current Congress, a right-wing ideologue who admitted during his campaign for office that visiting Adolf Hitler’s summer home had been on his “bucket list” for some time and “did not disappoint” once he finally saw it.

And now Cawthorn is suggesting that First Lady Jill Biden should be indicted.

Appearing on Newsmax, Cawthorn was asked by host Chris Salcedo:

“Shouldn’t the Republican Party hold Biden accountable for putting America in reverse when it comes to the China virus?”

That led Cawthorn to go on an extended rant:

“You know, I would love to have a congressional inquiry to understand exactly what Joe Biden’s reasoning is, but unfortunately I don’t think he could find his way to Congress. I’m talking from a very objective standpoint here. I think we should indict Jill Biden – I’m not saying indict in terms of criminal – but I’m saying that we should call her out for being so cruel to her husband. The man is clearly mentally unstable. He’s having some form of degradation of his mind.

“Right now, his mind simply cannot handle it.”

The congressman also suggested that Joe Biden isn’t actually running the country:

“You know as much as I’d love to question Joe Biden. I really want to question whoever is really calling the shots right now, because I don’t think Congress or the American people truly know who’s behind the scenes pulling the strings of Joe Biden.”

Of course, this is the very same Madison Cawthorn who lavishly praised failed, one-term former President Donald Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention, so his judgement is clearly flawed.

Joe Biden is the President of the United States. And he’s a hell of a lot more qualified and competent than Madison Cawthorn will ever be.


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GOP Congressman: Biden Will Use Door-To-Door Vaccine Program To Confiscate Bibles And Guns

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that the federal government would begin doing “door-to-door” outreach in communities that have very low rates of vaccination for COVID-19.

In his remarks on the program, the president explained the rationale for such a program:

“It’s a year of hard-fought progress. We can’t get complacent now. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family and the people you care about the most is get vaccinated.”

But to hear Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) tell it, Biden is sending the feds to confiscate your Bibles and guns.

Speaking to the Right Side Broadcast Network during Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas on Friday, Cawthorn remarked:

“The thing about the mechanisms they would have to build to be able to actually execute that massive of a thing — and then think about what those mechanisms could be used for. They could then go door-to-door to take your guns. They could then go door-to-door to take your Bibles.”

WTF?! Guns and Bibles? Really?! Hell, he should have thrown in the TV remote control. Now THAT would outrage an American!

President Biden isn’t going to take away anything from anybody. He just wants to save lives. Granted, that’s hard for a Republican to understand, especially since their so-called “president” let over 400,000 Americans die from COVID-19.

Others also had some thoughts on Cawthorn’s moronic crap: