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Madison Cawthorn Blames ‘Meterosexual Men’ And Social Media For American ‘Disaster’ In Final House Speech

Failed, one-term outgoing Congressman Madison Cawthorn (NC) decided he’d use his final speech on the floor of the House to lament that the American “disaster” he sees around him is the result of “meterosexual men” and social media.

Cawthorn, who was engulfed in controversy during his time in Congress — including a video of him humping another man’s face and crossdressing — proclaimed that men need to be men.

“Our young men are taught that weakness is strength, that delicacy is desirable, and that being a soft metrosexual is more valuable than training the mind, body, and soul! Social media has weakened us, siphoning our men of their will to fight! To rise in a noble manner, square their jaws and charge once more into the breach of line to defend what they love.”

Standing “on the precipice of disaster,” Cawthorn continued, he wanted to “ask the young men of this nation a question. Will you sit behind a screen while the storied tales of your forefathers become a myth? Or will you stand resolute against the dying light of America’s golden age?”

He ended with this absurd flourish that sounded like a line he stole from Iron John author Robert Bly and then ran past his buddy Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who allegedly thinks being a “man” means sleeping with underage girls:

“Will you become a man to be feared, to be respected, to be looked up to? Or will you let this nation’s next generation be its final generation?”

Twitter users gave Cawthorn the mocking he deserved.

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Madison Cawthorn Says He’ll Support Trump ‘Until The Day I Die’ Unless This Happens

Disgraced Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), who was booted from office after just one term by voters, is pledging his undying loyalty to disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump on Instagram, but he did put one condition on his support.

Mediaite reports that Cawthorn begins the video with his promise to be with Trump as the failed ex-president seeks another term in the White House.

“I will follow this man until the day I die, you know, barring some terrible information. This man has bled for us, this man has fought for us, this man has put his entire career and put an entire life and an entire persona – everything about him, everything about the Trump family, the children, him, his wife – he’s put it all on the line for every one of us.”

Cawthorn also chides Republicans who no longer support the Donald.

“Where is your loyalty? He made the world fear us.”

Fear us? They were far too busy laughing and mocking us to be afraid.

Cawthorn has reportedly left North Carolina and recently purchased a home in Florida for $1.1 million.

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Madison Cawthorn Is Flat Broke, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Debt And Facing Criminal Charges: Report

North Carolina GOP Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s life is in complete shambles, and it’s hard to feel sorry for him considering the bad shit he’s done over the past couple of years.

First and foremost, Cawthorn is broke and cannot pay his campaign debts, which, it just so happened, he incurred for illegal purposes, meaning that in addition to soon being unemployed, he’s also facing indictment and time in prison if found guilty.

Roger Sollenberger of The Daily Beast reports that everything that can go wrong for Cawthorn is doing exactly that

With two weeks to go until a primary election he was fated to lose, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) was already underwater. His campaign held more than twice as much debt as it had cash on hand, the donor well was dry, and he and his staff were months into a madcap spending streak that one campaign source called “baffling.”

And now, after indeed losing that primary, there’s no money to pay the piper.

Specifically, there’s no money to repay the supporters who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in advance to Cawthorn’s election efforts beyond the primary—to the general election he now won’t be competing in.

That shuffling of money is illegal, and that complicates matters considerably for the soon-to-be ex-congressman, who is going to be hard-pressed to find an attorney who will represent him without a retainer:

The breach of fiduciary obligations follows a string of personal and professional embarrassments that hounded the one-term congressman across the weeks and months leading up to his primary defeat—accusations of insider trading, multiple alleged ethics violations, unforced public gaffes, and photo and video leaks designed to humiliate him.

But the campaign’s financial washout is more than another embarrassment; it’s against the law.

To borrow a phrase from Homer Simpson, D’oh!

But perhaps most confounding and embarrassing for Cawthorn is the spending reports which show how he managed to burn through so much cash so quickly. The details in federal reports sound like something a college frat boy would have done:

This person pointed to a spree of frivolous charges over the last year that all accelerated into 2022, such as $1,500 in “egregiously” frequent trips to Chick-Fil-A, almost $3,000 at a place called Papa’s Beer, three separate charges at a high-end cigar shop, $21,000 for lodging in Florida and—the biggest drain—hundreds of thousands of dollars in sky-high consulting and fundraising fees, including for Cawthorn’s friend and campaign manager, Blake Harp, who was drawing a salary beyond federal limits.

Jordan Libowitz, communications director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, says Cawthorn is screwed:

“There are few more ironclad rules in campaign finance than you can’t spend general election funds in a primary. There are strict limits on how much may be given and spent in each. If Cawthorn spent funds raised for the general during the primary and made no attempt to refund the general donations, he’ll likely be in a lot of trouble with the FEC.”

Beginning in January of next year, Cawthorn will no longer have his congressional salary, so he’s quite literally going to be jobless, penniless, and facing the prospect of legal action against him.

Sometimes karma is a very beautiful thing.

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Conservative Group That Took Down Madison Cawthorn Now Pledging To ‘Fire’ Lauren Boebert

Now that they’ve assured Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) won’t have a second term in Congress, a conservative group is focused on doing the same to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

According to Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast, based on what happened to Cawthorn in Tuesday’s North Carolina GOP primary, Boebert should be worried:

But can lightning strike twice? According to David B. Wheeler, head of that group (The American Muckrakers PAC—also known as, Boebert’s primary is similar to Cawthorn’s. The districts, he says, are “very similar” demographically. And just as Cawthorn faced a North Carolina state legislator, Boebert’s challenger is Colorado Republican state Sen. Don Coram. There’s also a sense that neither incumbent cares about their district, but are instead more interested in their national profile.

There’s certainly plenty of gold to mine when it comes to Boebert’s past and her brushes with the law, including the fact she married the man who exposed his penis to her and another underage girl and was later charged for that crime. Lewis notes:

“There will be no dearth of material to use against Boebert, including things that are yet to emerge (scandals are sort of like cockroaches—for every one you see, there are probably a hundred hiding).”

How good are the chances that Boebert will join Cawthorn in the unemployment line? Better than you might expect, Lewis concludes:

“It won’t be easy, but it seems at least possible that Boebert will continue the trend that started last week with Cawthorn’s defeat. If that happens, it’s game on. Defeating flawed politicians like Cawthorn and Boebert after one term would serve as a sort of course correction and send a message to everyone else.

“Not everyone is Harry Houdini. Not everyone is Donald Trump. Sometimes people are held accountable. Sometimes, the empire strikes back.”

If the stars are perfectly aligned, we might even get a trifecta and see Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) kicked to the curb. The Georgia primary is next Tuesday, so we won’t have long to wait for an answer.

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Trump Begs North Carolina Voters To Give Madison Cawthorn ‘A Second Chance’

The North Carolina GOP primary election is Tuesday, and failed, one-term former President Donald Trump is begging voters in the Tar Heel State to give controversial Rep. Madison Cawthorn “a second chance,” even though all the congressman has done since arriving in Washington is repeatedly humiliate himself with one controversy after another.

For example, Newsweek laid out a few of Cawthorn’s most recent disasters:

Over the past several months, Cawthorn has been cited for the second time for bringing a loaded gun to an airport, and was caught allegedly driving with a revoked license. There have been claims the congressman is involved in an illegal insider trader scheme related to a “Let’s Go Brandon” cryptocoin—a cryptocurrency named after the Republican catchphrase used to attack President Joe Biden.

The 26-year-old has also caused outrage within his own party for claiming colleagues in Washington, D.C. have invited him to orgies and took cocaine in front of him, as well as calling Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug” soon after the Russian invasion.

Despite that, Trump posted a full-throated endorsement of the North Carolina Republican on his Truth Social site:

“At 18 years of age, Madison Cawthorn, the now 26 year old Congressman from the Great State of North Carolina, went through a life changing event the likes of which, fortunately, few people will ever have to endure.

“In just seconds, he lost the use of the lower half of his body, a traumatic experience to say the least. When Madison was first elected to Congress, he did a great job. Recently, he made some foolish mistakes, which I don’t believe he’ll make again…let’s give Madison a second chance!”

A second chance? Hell, Cawthorn passed that threshold a long time ago. Wouldn’t this be something like his 50th chance?

Reportedly, Cawthorn is even on the outs with members of his own party, who are hoping voters will dump him so they don’t have to be humiliated by his antics for another two years.

Will the North Carolina Republican make it to November? That depends on just how sick voters in this district are of his bullshit.