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Rep. Jasmine Crockett Skewers Republican Hypocrites By Mocking Their Love Of Viagra

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) used a Thursday meeting of the House Oversight Committee to mock her Republican colleagues’ fondness for erectile dysfunction drug Viagra and also proved that it’s much more frivolous of a medication than mifepristone, which is used by millions of American women to terminate pregnancy.

According to HuffPost, Crockett was questioning FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert M. Califf.

Crockett asked … whether the “medical management of a miscarriage” could potentially be a “life-saving usage” before asking him about Viagra.

“Would you consider erectile dysfunction as a life-saving usage for Viagra?” Crockett asked.

“Not life-saving,” Dr. Califf answered.

“Not life-saving? OK. Well, I’m going to tell you that based on my research, that mifepristone actually has life-saving characteristics,” Crockett said.

The congresswoman then added, “Yet Viagra doesn’t, and for those that don’t know, Viagra, from my understanding, is actually nearly 10 times greater than as it relates to the risk of death. Yet, for some reason, it’s not sitting in the court right now.”

Noting that the FDA does exceptional work testing and approving drugs used by millions of Americans, Crockett ended her comments with this verbal salvo:

“After putting it through the wringer for decades, women’s lives have been saved, and as a representative from the area that Roe v. Wade actually initiated, I am appalled because, for whatever reason, some people want us to go back to horse and buggy in this country,”

A case before the United States Supreme Court, FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, may lead to the banning of mifepristone by American women if the justices decide the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have the power to approve the use of the drug. That ruling is expected by the end of June.

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WATCH Jamie Raskin Give The GOP A Brutal History Lesson On The Issue Of ‘Illegals’

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) gave his GOP colleagues a much-needed history lesson Wednesday during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee.

According to HuffPost, the hearing was on the Equal Representation Act, a piece of legislation that would mandate a citizenship question on any future U.S. census beginning in 2030.

At one point, Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL) claimed the Founding Fathers “never anticipated” there would be “huge numbers” who weren’t allowed to vote being counted in the census.

That led Raskin to note, “Of course they did. The vast majority of Americans couldn’t vote when the country started.”

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) interjected, “He said the founders never anticipated this volume of illegals. Don’t twist my colleague’s words.”

Raskin then dealt his GOP colleagues a devastating history lesson.

“There was no immigration law when the Constitution was adopted at all. In fact, the only illegals in the country, at least according to the native population, were the people writing the Constitution.”

The Constitution, it should be noted, was also signed by several Founding Fathers who weren’t even born in the United States. Wouldn’t that technically make them “illegals,” too?

Social media users also joined the debate.

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Lara Trump Whines Her Father-In-Law Has Been More Victimized Than ‘Anyone In History’

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump was in full persecution mode Wednesday during an appearance on right-wing cable network Newsmax, whining that her father-in-law, failed one-term former president Donald Trump, has been under fire since he announced his first bid for the White House in 2016.

Host Carl Higbie told Mrs. Trump, “You guys, since 2015, since he came down the escalator, have battled fake information and yet, with less money than everybody else, have come out on top most times.”

That led her to whine, “If you wanna look at a family, and I’ll say a man in Donald Trump, who has nothing but misinformation and disinformation that they like to say on the other side of the aisle thrown at him every single day. I mean, there’s never been anyone in history, I don’t think, that has taken as much incoming as Donald Trump, and yet every day it feels like we are vindicated in so many spaces because at some point, Carl, the truth ultimately comes out.”

“People are starting to wake up because you can only lie to people so long.”

The irony of Lara Trump suggesting that you can only lie to people so long is especially rich considering that no one lies as much as her father-in-law.

As for the suggestion that no one has “taken more incoming” than the disgraced ex-president, that too is a laugher. Perhaps Mrs. Trump needs a refresher course in the way the Donald relentlessly suggested that former president Barack Obama hadn’t been born in the United States and was therefore an illegitimate head of state even though birth records clearly show Obama was born in Hawaii, which has been a state since 1959. Obama was born in 1961, making him a citizen and legally qualified to seek office.

Lara got lit up on social media for her whining.

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Haunting New Ad From The Biden Campaign Has The GOP Running Scared

Hours after failed one-term former president Donald Trump gave his mealy-mouthed statement regarding his current position on the issue of abortion and restricting the right of a woman to choose, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign released an ad that quickly went viral online and has Republicans running scared as they desperately try to distance themselves from new anti-choice laws being implemented in states such as Arizona.

NBC News reports the campaign ad deals with a Texas woman who sought to have an abortion and nearly died after she was denied one.

The 60-second ad, which first aired Monday on MSNBC, focuses on Amanda Zurawski, a Texas woman who sued the state after, she said, she almost died from a miscarriage. In the video, Zurawski and her husband, Josh, discuss how they had started buying things for the baby while Amanda was pregnant, including a baby book.

“At 18 weeks, Amanda’s water broke,” the ad’s text said. “She had a miscarriage.”

As the couple continues to recount memories of the pregnancy, text on the screen reads, “Because Donald Trump killed Roe v. Wade, Amanda was denied standard medical care to prevent infection, an abortion.”

But that’s just the beginning of Amanda’s nightmare, as she eventually wound up rushed to intensive care after suffering from sepsis. She nearly died on two separate occasions and may now never be able to have children, all because the state of Texas passed a restrictive anti-abortion law.

The ad ends with this line: “Donald Trump did this.”

Indeed, Trump did play a role in Amanda Zurawski’s ordeal. He appointed three right-wing justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who ruled that states can tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

As you’d expect, Republicans are now trying to distance themselves from the growing political firestorm that has been caused by their draconian laws, the Guardian reported from Arizona, the latest state to decide women have no right to make decisions about their reproductive health.

Republicans in the state took a surprising stance for a party that has historically championed abortion restrictions – they denounced the decision.

Some of the criticisms of the Tuesday ruling came from politicians who had previously supported the 1864 ban or cheered the end of Roe v Wade.

Trump and every Republican who played a role in the anti-abortion movement now have to own the morass they’ve created and pay a political price with voters, the majority of whom say the government doesn’t belong in private decisions made by a woman and her doctor.

Trump and his GOP did this. Never forget that fact.


Jon Stewart Has The Perfect Clapback To Margie Greene’s Latest ‘Godly’ Conspiracy Theories

“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart offered a much-needed antidote to the conspiracy theories being regurgitated by right-wing media outlets and congressional Republicans regarding the solar eclipse that took place Monday across the United States.

Stewart began by tackling the fearmongering that took place on Fox News in connection to the eclipse, where hosts ominously suggested that the four minutes of darkness across Texas could cause havoc at the U.S.-Mexico border, with Fox’s Bill Hemmer saying the eclipse would provide “a real opportunity for smugglers and cartels and migrants to come right in.”

Stewart countered, “Or they could just wait ’til nighttime.”

“Is there nothing Fox can’t tie to immigration?” he added, wryly mocking: “This here cicada infestation provides perfect cover for Venezuelans.”

And then Stewart turned to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who had been spreading wild scenarios on social media that the eclipse and last week’s earthquake in New Jersey were “signs” that God wanted the nation to “repent.”

“How do you know? How would you know that that is what God meant,” Stewart asked. “Why would God be so obtuse? Why would he do that? Or she? Why would she? Or how crazy would it be if God insisted on they/them?”

Stewart had another question for loose cannons like Greene who love to try and tell us what God expects from us.

“Is this shit really how God works?”