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Jim Jordan Gets Mocked For Telling DOJ To Turn Over Details Of Jack Smith’s Trump Investigation

As so often does, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) made a complete fool of himself today by demanding that the Justice Department share details of the ongoing investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Jack Smith into failed former president Donald Trump with him and the House Judiciary Committee, which he chairs.

According to The Federalist, Jordan sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland “demanding details about the extent of FBI involvement in a special counsel probe run by U.S. Attorney Jack Smith.”

Jordan’s letter also contained this: “The extent of the FBI’s bias and reckless disregard for truth, which Special Counsel John Durham laid out in painstaking detail, is nothing short of scandalous.”

Of course, that has zero to do with the investigation being conducted by Smith, and Jordan has absolutely no right to demand anything from Garland or the DOJ when it comes to an ongoing probe. No member of Congress has that power, no matter what committee he or she may chair.

And yet, Jordan made it sound as if he had the right to know everything regarding Smith, the FBI, and the Justice Department:

“Explain whether any FBI employees who have worked on Special Counsel Smith’s investigation previously worked on any other matters concerning President Trump, and explain whether Special Counsel Smith’s investigation relies on any information or material gathered exclusively by the FBI prior the Special Counsel’s appointment.”

In other words, Jordan knows that Smith is close to indicting Trump on multiple charges, including violating the Espionage Act and obstructing justice, and he wants to try and stick his nose into the investigation so the disgraced ex-president and his attorneys will know what to expect.

The Ohio Republican got a well-deserved mocking on Twitter:

Jordan won’t get a damn thing from Garland because DOJ policy is clear when it comes to ongoing investigations by the Justice Department: There will be no discussion of the matter, not even with Congress, until the investigation is completed.

Nice try, Gym, but once again you failed.

For more on the Smith investigation, watch this video from MSNBC:


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FBI-Biden Documents GOP Is Demanding Likely Came From A Conspiracy Cooked Up By Rudy Giuliani: Report

For weeks now, Republicans in the House and Senate have been demanding that FBI Director Christopher Wray “hand over” documents that allegedly mention a bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden that supposedly took place when he served as vice president in the Obama administration.

But those documents — which Wray has refused to provide but made clear can be viewed at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. — appear to have a genesis in one of the most notorious liars on the planet: Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has also served as an attorney to failed former president Donald Trump, according to CNN.

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday offered to let House Oversight Chair James Comer view an internal law enforcement document at FBI headquarters that Republicans believe will shed light on an allegation that then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a criminal scheme with a foreign national, the chairman said in a statement.

The document has origins in a tranche of documents that Rudy Giuliani provided to the Justice Department in 2020, people briefed on the matter said.

The allegations of wrongdoing by the then-vice president, many originating from sources in Ukraine, were dubious enough that Attorney General William Barr in early 2020 directed that they be reviewed by a US attorney in Pittsburgh, in part because Barr was concerned that Giuliani’s document tranche could taint the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation overseen by the Delaware US attorney.

More specifically, the documents in question appear to be what are known as 1023s.

A 1023 is standard among federal law enforcement. It lists whatever claims being made by an informant, but it doesn’t provide any evidence that the claims might be true or supported by evidence. It’s a bit like going to the police and telling them you think your neighbor is running a meth lab. Your report isn’t based on facts or evidence, so it’s just an allegation, the sort of thing that anyone can make, especially in order to harm someone they don’t like.

You may recall that during the 2020 election, Giuliani freely admitted that he had traveled to Ukraine on numerous occasions in order to obtain dirt on Joe Biden in an effort to help Trump win reelection. Of course, Giuliani spews so much bullshit that he’s not taken seriously by anyone that isn’t willing to suspend disbelief when he starts talking, so his “proof” was little more than second-hand utterances from questionable characters, many of whom had ties to Russia.

And then today we learned that Republicans aren’t even interested in determining if the accusations in the documents are real, with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) admitting, “Let’s put it this way, there’s accusations in it. But it’s not for me to make a judgment about whether these accusations are accurate or not.”

If Republicans think some document that originated with Rudy Giuliani is the proof they need to impeach President Biden, then they’re even more delusional than Rudy himself.


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Chuck Grassley Says He Doesn’t Care If Bogus Accusations Against Joe Biden Are True Or Not

Just how worried are Republicans that President Joe Biden will win a second term in office come 2024? So much so that they’re now saying the quiet part out loud and admitting that they don’t give a damn if their spurious accusations against the president are true or not.

During an appearance on Fox, Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley was asked about a document in the possession of the FBI that House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) claims is proof of criminal activity by Biden when he was vice president in the Obama administration.

Lawmakers can review the document at FBI headquarters if they want, but Comer and Grassley are demanding that it be given to them, which would be a violation of Bureau policy.

“Well, it’s not good enough for me,” Grassley said. “We asked for the document a month ago, it has been subpoenaed. We’re doing the constitutional job of oversight. I have read that document. If he would read it and it is an unclassified document, he admits it exists and we aren’t interested in whether or not the accusations against vice president Biden are accurate or not. We are responsible for making sure the FBI does its job, and that’s what we want to know.”

It should be noted that Grassley refused to say what findings might be made from the document or what crime it would prove.

“If he (Wray) would read it, he would know that all the excuses he is giving us that he wants to protect sources, and that’s important to protect sources, but that’s not an issue with this document the way I read it,” Grassley claimed. “He ought to come forth. They’ve got to produce this document. They are up against what the Durham report has said about the shortcomings and political bias of the FBI this is just one more example of them not being forthcoming to the public because the public’s business ought to be public. and there is no reason for an unclassified document to be held in secret.”

Does the document prove any wrongdoing by Biden? Grassley admitted that it’s not “damning,” but added, “Let’s put it this way, there’s accusations in it. But it’s not for me to make a judgment about whether these accusations are accurate or not, it’s up to my job to make sure the FBI is doing their job, and that’s what this is all about as far as I’m concerned. Public’s business ought to be public.”

The GOP is in full spin mode because they know their savior, Donald Trump, is about to be indicted for espionage and other crimes. They want to try and chum the waters so they can suggest that anything Trump might have done are no worse than the imaginary “crimes” they want accuse Biden of committing.

It’s not just pathetic, it’s downright comical.


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Lauren Boebert Says She Hates When ‘Positive’ Voters Call Her Office – Prefers They Be Angry

Today’s Republican Party has absolutely no interest whatsoever in actually governing or doing anything to actually help the people they represent.

Instead, the GOP is now a party of performance art and grievance, with their elected representatives engaging in stunts, angry posts on social media, and the constant need for attention.

The perfect example of that can be found in the person of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), whose vapid statements and tweets are routinely mocked online because for being moronic and fact-free.

If you doubt that Boebert seeks confrontation instead of governing, consider something she told convicted felon and former Trump administration official Steve Bannon Wednesday..

According to HuffPost, during an appearance on Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, the Colorado Republican said she prefers when her constituents call her office and they’re angry.

“I kind of get sad when it’s the positive ones. I was like, ‘Man, I was looking forward to a fight here.’ And uh, you know, I’m like, ‘Oh, this is a real one.'”

Boebert’s admission set off plenty of chatter on Twitter.


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GOP Senator Gets Righteously Mocked For Saying He Wants ‘Jesus’ Instead Of ‘Reality’ In Children’s Books

Unless you live in the state of Oklahoma or are a U.S. Senate junkie, you’ve probably never heard of Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), but after today, you may never forget his name or the ridiculous things he said at a hearing on the banning of children’s books.

During a hearing of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, Mullin asked a witness if she thought a children’s book about race entitled Our Skin contained a better lesson on race than the well-known Christian church tune for kids, “Jesus Loves Me.”

Mullin began by reading a section of Our Skin which states that white people created a thing called “race” and then sorted humans based on their color.

“If you don’t want to answer my question, that’s fine. Let’s move on down the panel. Which one is better to be taught? This book or the ‘Jesus Loves Me’ lyrics, that say everybody’s skin doesn’t matter. They’re all precious in his sight,” Mullin angrily demanded.

Cheryl Morman, president of the Virginia Alliance for Family Child Care Associations said she agreed that Jesus was important, but Mullin cut her off to continue his ranting.

“So, which one is better?” he asked.

“But the reality is —” Morman began to respond, only to be interrupted by Mullin yet again.

After being admonished by committee chair Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to let the witness answer, Mullin started up again: “That doesn’t answer my question. You’re not answering my question. If you don’t want to answer my question, that’s fine,” he said in a shout.

Morman: “The reality is —”

“I don’t want reality! I’m asking the question! Which one is better? That’s exactly what it is,” Mullin thundered.

Committee members began laughing and one could be heard to say, “Got it on tape.”

Backing down from the reality statement, Mullin suggested he had misspoken, but added, “Jesus is always first.”

Jesus is always first, Senator Mullin? But what if the child was raised in an agnostic or atheist household? What if the child is Muslin, or Jewish, or another denomination that doesn’t accept Jesus as savior? Are we supposed to force-feed Jesus to them? And if so, does that mean that next week we can require the Koran be read by all students? What about the Book of Satan? Will we also put that on school reading lists?

Religion has it’s place. But that place is NOT in a public school, no matter what Jesus freaks like Sen. Mullin say.

Mullin was also mocked on Twitter: