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Lauren Boebert Gets Hit With A Lawsuit That Could Expose All Of Her Dirty Secrets

This has been the proverbial Week from Hell for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

On Wednesday, a new poll showed that Boebert and her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, are statistically tied in the latest poll taken in the state, meaning that she could be facing losing her seat in Congress after just one term.

And now Boebert is being hit with a defamation lawsuit that threatens to expose all of the darkest secrets from her past, including some she has denied for years.

David Wheeler, co-plaintiff and president of the American Muckrakers PAC, has filed suit in a North Carolina court, alleging that statements he made about Boebert were indeed truthful and her attack on him constitutes defamation, according to the Smoky Mountain News.

In June, the PAC published scandalous allegations against Boebert, accusing the Christian conservative of formerly being an unregistered escort, and of having had two abortions — allegations, according to the lawsuit, that Wheeler and American Muckrakers believe to be true.

The four-count lawsuit alleges that Boebert told Hannity days later that there was no evidence to back up Wheeler’s claims, that the claims are false and that Wheeler knew the claims were false when he published them. Boebert also threatened legal action, called Wheeler a “hack” and blamed “radical Democrats” for an effort to remove her from office.

Wheeler alleges that the PAC suffered a 92% decrease in revenues after Boebert made her remarks, plummeting from “an average of $20,000 a month to around $3,800 a month.”

Now that the defamation suit has been filed, discovery could potentially open up all of Boebert’s life, including the accusations made by American Muckrakers. Even if none of them prove to be true, it could still expose Bobert to unwanted attention right as she’s trying to convince voters in her district to give her another term in office.

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WATCH: Conservative Tries To Justify Voting for Herschel Walker And Gets Slammed By CNN Panel

CNN political commentator Alice Stewart got hit with a heavy dose of criticism when she tried to defend the indefensible actions of Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker and suggest that he’s still the beset person in the race.

Recent revelations about Walker — including his allegedly paying for a girlfriend to have an abortion and physically abusing his family — won’t matter to voters in the Peach State, Stewart suggested, because they are focused on on issues such as inflation and crime:

“We’re seeing character and ethics are not a qualifying factor for elected officials anymore. It’s unfortunate but it’s actual reality… But conversations in my home state of Georgia, they’re not concerned with what Herschel Walker did in 2009.”

That led CNN Senior Political Analyst John to counter with this reminder:

“What we’re saying is character doesn’t count. That’s what’s really dangerous. If you go down that slippery slope and say that character doesn’t count, confidence doesn’t count, telling the truth doesn’t count, what you’re really saying is, ‘Party above country, power above everything.'”

When Stewart said that voters would still support Walker due to his conservative policy positions, commentator S.E. Cupp pounced:

“I don’t see conservatism in a lot of this, I don’t see policies, principles, ideas. I see people like Herschel Walker and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert and Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz vice-signaling to their base. And all they’re voting for now is, ‘Who do they hate and are they the same people I hate?'”

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Jim Jordan In Danger Of Losing Reelection As Sex Abuse Survivor Group Resurrects His Ugly Past

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) may think he won’t have any trouble winning another term in the House of Representatives, but a group of survivors who say they were sexually abused by a team doctor while Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, are trying to derail the congressman’s bid for reelection.

According to WCMH-TV, the group says Jordan’s failure to report what was happening makes him unfit for any elected office.

Some survivors of sexual violence at the hands of former Ohio State University physician Richard Strauss have taken their advocacy to Ohio’s 4th U.S. House District race, where Democratic hopeful Tamie Wilson faces an uphill struggle against incumbent Republican Jim Jordan.

Abused by the team doctor under the guise of medical exams from 1978 to 1998, the survivors – some of whom donned “#MeToo Jordan Knew” T-shirts outside Ohio Stadium on Saturday during an Ohio State football game – argued Jordan’s failure to protect them from a predator makes him unfit for office.

Jordan’s Democratic challenger, Tamie Wilson, had this to say about the incumbent congressman:

“Character matters. If this guy is going to be a part of sexual abuse, he’s not going to defend the Constitution or our country.”

For his part, Jordan says any allegations against him are unfounded and not supported by some who have reached out to him.

“The number of wrestlers who have reached out to me, who’ve said this is complete baloney. We’ve got statements that have been sent to us, people willing to help and tell the truth. We’ll continue to get that information out.”

And yet, dozens of former student athletes report that Dr. Strauss, between the years of 1979 to 1996, performed medically unnecessary genital exams, which they reported to university officials, including Jordan. Yet nothing was reported by those officials and Strauss continued to molest young boys.

Strauss survivor Tom Lisy notes:

“His coverup of the OSU sexual assault is the real crime, the real slight. There’s guys I know who trained with him every day and they went through a journey together and he has completely turned his back to them.”

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DeSantis Claims The Media Wanted Hurricane Ian To Hit Tampa To ‘Advance Their Agenda’

According to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), what he calls the “national regime media” wanted Hurricane Ian to hit Tampa because he would help to “advance their agenda” and “they thought that would be worse for Florida.”

They. Them. The other. The enemy.

Can you see the right-wing game that DeSantis is playing? Whenever a Republican doesn’t want to answer a question or is caught in a lie, he or she will try to blame someone or something else. That way they don’t have to accept any responsibility.

DeSantis made those remarks to Florida’s Voice, a right-wing website, according to Mediaite.

“Quite frankly, you have national regime media that they wanted to see Tampa, because they thought that would be worse for Florida. That’s how these people think.

“They don’t care about the people of this state. They don’t care about the people of this community. They want to use storms and destruction from storms as a way to advance their agenda. And they don’t care what destruction’s in their wake. They don’t care about the lives here. If they can use it to pursue their political agenda, they will do it.”

In other words, if anyone was harmed or killed as a result of Hurricane Ian, it’s all the media’s fault, because DeSantis certainly isn’t going to accept any of the blame. How typical.

Remember when failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump was asked if he accepted any of the blame for the massive U.S. death toll from COVID?

“I don’t take responsibility at all,” Trump said defiantly, pointing to an unspecified “set of circumstances” and “rules, regulations and specifications from a different time.”

Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk while he was president that read, “The buck stops here.”

But Truman was a Democrat and an adult who could admit and accept his own failings. Today’s Republicans don’t have the spine for such accountability.


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Pete Buttigieg Hilariously Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene For Her Ignorance About Electric Cars

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg masterfully trolled the perpetually clueless Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for comments she made recently about electric vehicles.

During a Tuesday appearance on Fox News, Buttigieg was asked by host Neil Cavuto about a quote from Greene:

 “Mr. Buttigieg is trying to emasculate the way we drive” by encouraging Americans to drive electric vehicles.

“What did you think of her wording?”

Buttigieg responded:

“I literally don’t understand what that means.

“I mean, my sense of manhood is not connected whether my vehicle is fueled by gasoline or whether it’s fueled by electricity.”

Cavuto then inquired if Buttigieg was “offended” by what Greene had said, adding:

“Because even people who share her politics didn’t share that view.”

That’s when the Transportation Secretary masterfully (and hilariously) trolled Greene by noting:

“It was a strange thing to say. To be honest, there are other members of Congress that I pay more attention to when I’m thinking about opinions that really matter.”

Greene is probably trying to distract from the news that her husband, Perry, has filed for divorce. And while Perry had originally asked for the proceedings to be sealed, he has now changed his mind, which could be a major problem for the congresswoman as the divorce will now be a matter of public record.

Greene has a sordid history, including allegations that she cheated on her husband more than once.

Controversial conspiracy congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene cheated on her husband with a polyamorous tantric sex guru, has learned.

Then after ending her affair with him, the mom-of-three moved on to a gym manager behind her husband’s back.

But despite the tawdry flings, Taylor Greene stuck with her husband Perry as she made her unlikely rise that has turned her into the most talked-about Republican in Washington, D.C.

As if that’s not bad enough, Margie is also clueless about electric cars, along with at least 10 million other topics.