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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is In A World Of Trouble

There was a time not so long ago when Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was seen by many in the GOP as a rising star who might even have a chance at one day becoming president of the United States.

But those days are long gone. DeSantis has repeatedly mishandled the COVID pandemic in his state, causing his support among senior citizens (a key voting block in the Sunshine State) to wane right as he’s gearing up to seek a second term in office next year.

And now more bad news has arrived for DeSantis in the form of a poll from St. Pete Polls which shows him running dead even with the likely Democratic nominee, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.

According to the poll — which was commissioned by Florida Politics — DeSantis looks vulnerable:

“The poll found the incumbent Republican Governor and the potential Democratic challenger both taking about 45% of the vote. A close look shows DeSantis winning 45.2% to Fried’s 44.6%, a difference far smaller than the survey’s 2.2% margin of error.

“The poll finds DeSantis holding 76% Republican support, while Fried has less than 72% among Democrats, showing the incumbent performing better with his own base. But 46% of independents favor Fried, compared to 42% who prefer DeSantis.”

In a closely divided state like Florida, independent voters are the key to winning, and they favor Fried, which is very bad news for DeSantis, who has also been an ardent and vocal supporter of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump. Trump is not seen positively in much of the country, especially among independent voters or the elderly. That raises a larger question: With Trump now calling Florida his home and holed up at Mar-a-Lago, could DeSantis’ connections to the former president be politically detrimental to him as he seeks reelection?

If Fried does indeed announce a run for governor and become the Democratic nominee, she would be a formidable opponent for DeSantis, whose popularity is falling.

Even though the 2022 election is still over a year and a half away, polls are clearly showing that DeSantis can be beaten. And given his own propensity for making the wrong decision no matter the issue, his popularity will likely continue to decrease.

Florida may be on the verge of turning blue. That’s very bad news for the entire Republican Party.


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MAGA Faithful Have An Online Meltdown After A Poll Shows Americans Consider Trump A Failure

It seems that everyone except Donald Trump’s deranged supporters know that the current president is a massive failure who didn’t win a second term, was impeached, and is leaving the White House in disgrace, the most disliked American head of state since Richard Nixon.

Proof of that arrived courtesy of a USA Today/Suffolk University poll which shows that 50 percent of those surveyed say Donald Trump is indeed a failure:

“Fifty percent of Americans now predict history will judge him as a ‘failed’ president.

“The survey, taken in the waning weeks of his administration, shows the risks of actions he is contemplating on his way out the door. Americans overwhelmingly say issuing a preemptive pardon for himself would be an abuse of presidential power, and an even bigger majority, including most Republicans, say he should attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration to demonstrate the peaceful transfer of power.”

The overall breakdown of responses in the survey are telling:

“Asked how history would judge Trump’s presidency, 16% predict he will be seen as a great president, 13% as a good president, 16% as a fair president, and 50% as a failed president. Five percent are undecided.” 

Trump’s numbers are also significantly lower than those of his predecessor, Barack Obama:

Then, a USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll found that half of Americans predicted history would view Obama in a positive light, with 18% calling him a great president and 32% a good one. Twenty-three percent called him a failed president.

That poll was all it took for the MAGA minions to lose their tiny minds on social media, where they proved just how clueless they truly are:

What’s going to be even more fun is in a few years when Trump gets ranked by historians as the worst president in American history. The Trump worshipers will probably demand that all the history books be burned. (Yeah, as if they could read them.)


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Melania Trump Just Became One Of The Most Despised First Ladies In History

What is it with Melania Trump?

When her husband became president, she announced that her focus as first lady would be cyberbullying, which is certainly a noble cause that needs to be addressed. And yet she’s never once mentioned the fact that the guy she’s married to is one of the biggest bullies on social media.

There was also the infamous jacket Melania wore when she went to visit a detention center for immigrant children. It read: “I really don’t care, do u?”

All of this has led Americans to decide they’ve had quite enough of the current first lady, and they’re making their views known in a new poll conducted by CNN:

“Melania Trump will be exiting the White House with the lowest favorability rating of her tenure as first lady, according to a new CNN poll.

“At 47%, more people have an unfavorable view of the first lady now than at any point since CNN first asked about views of her in February 2016. The poll, conducted by SSRS for CNN, puts Trump’s favorable rating at 42%, with 12% of those asked answering they are unsure of their feelings about the first lady.

“Trump’s highest favorable rating was in May 2018 at 57% according to a CNN poll taken at the time, which came on the heels of the first state dinner and Trump’s attendance at the Texas funeral of the late first lady Barbara Bush. Trump went to the funeral without President Donald Trump.”

How, you’re probably wondering, does Melania’s pathetic favorable rating compare to her predecessor, Michelle Obama?

“In comparison, former First Lady Michelle Obama had a 69% favorability rating when she departed the White House in 2017.”

Yep, Michelle’s numbers were 27 percent higher than Melania’s. And that’s as it should be, especially since Mrs. Obama never plagiarized Melania when writing a speech.

It may sound harsh, but it needs to be said: Melania Trump is despised by a large percentage of the American public. And considering who she’s married to, that should surprise no one. Not even her.


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Democrats Now Have An 83.5% Chance Of Retaking The Senate As Support For The GOP Collapses

For just a moment, imagine the United States Senate no longer under the control of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Republicans. Legislation would move forward and the upper chamber of Congress would finally work for the people once again instead of merely serving as little more than a judge-confirming rubber stamp for the executive branch.


According to Newsweek, Democrats are now on the verge of retaking control of the Senate and are projected to have an 83.5 percent chance of doing so:

“Democrats are being touted for a clean sweep of the House, Senate and the White House in a series of election forecasts.

“At the time of writing, forecasts from Decision Desk give the Democrats an 83.5 percent chance of winning a majority in the Senate, an 83.6 percent percent chance of defeating President Donald Trump, and a greater than 99 percent chance of keeping the House.

“According to those predictions, the party could be in command of all three of these cornerstones of power in the United States following the upcoming elections.”

The Decision Desk forecast isn’t an outlier, either. It closely mirrors another projection from FiveThirtyEight:

“At the time of writing, its analysis suggests that in 68 of 100 scenarios the Democrats would take control of the upper chamber.”

Just last month, Cook Political Report said eight incumbent senators were considered to be in danger of losing their seats when the ballots are counted in November. That trend has continued:

“Two Republican seats are now ‘lean’ (competitive races in which one party has an advantage) Democrat, six seats are ‘toss-ups’ and two are lean Republican. Three further are rated ‘likely’ Republican and 10 ‘solid’ Republican.”

On the Democratic side of the ledger, only one Democratic-held Senate seat (Doug Jones of Alabama) is rated as now leaning to Republicans.

Overall, Democrats only need to win a net of three seats if the Biden-Harris ticket is successful and beats Donald Trump and Mike Pence. In a tie Senate vote, Kamala Harris would cast the tiebreaking vote in her role as president of the Senate.

A Democratic clean sweep would be a huge blow to Republicans, who just four years ago controlled the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. And the main reason the GOP is facing such a massive blowout is due to their unflagging support of Donald Trump. They have cast their fortunes with him and may soon have to pay the price for that fealty.


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Fox News Polling Analyst: Trump’s Base Is Deserting Him And His Reelection Is In Serious Trouble

With just 21 days remaining until the 2020 election, President Donald Trump can see that he’s a full 10 percentage points behind Democratic challenger Joe Biden, and now there are signs that even Trump’s famed “base” of support is crumbling, which could lead to a landslide victory for Democrats.

Arnon Mishkin, a polling analyst for Fox News, notes that the numbers suggest Trump is on the verge of being blown out when the ballots are counted:

“There’s an old adage in polling: ‘The incumbent gets what the incumbent is getting.’ It means that when analyzing polls, don’t look at the difference between the two candidates — just look at the incumbent’s number. That’s essentially where voters will land on Election Day.

“If that’s the case, this year’s presidential race will certainly be one of the contests when the rule works. It’s basically a referendum on Trump.

“And if you look at the statewide public polling, there’s evidence that Trump is not just in trouble nationally. He’s not doing as well in some of the ‘safe Republican’ states where no one really thinks he’s likely to lose.”

Consider this map from Mishkin, which is very bad news for Trump:

“The states in red are the ones where the polling shows Trump at 60% or higher in a matchup against Biden. The states in blue are the ones where Trump is at 40% of below. The other states are shaded based on how close to 40 (blue), 50 (white), or 60 (red) Trump is running. Trump’s number is shown in each state. No polling data is available in Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.”

Those states that are still in question or where the race could go either way are especially troubling for Trump, because they show his base supporters are also walking away from him. What are the chances he gets them all back in the next three weeks? Slim to none, especially since millions of Americans are already voting and most voters aren’t likely to change their minds this late in the game.

Over 215,000 Americans are dead from Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. 11 million are out of work. And worst of all for Trump is that his own battle with COVID-19 has made him look weak and raised new questions about his mental and physical health.

The 2020 blue wave is building. If we vote in record numbers, it could become a blue tsunami.