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Legal Scholar Explains Why Trump And His Children Will Be Indicted By The Fall Of This Year

The indictment of the Trump Organization by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. was a disappointment to some because it didn’t include the names of the former president or any of his three eldest children, all of whom are top executives for the company.

But just because there were no charges against any of the Trumps, that doesn’t mean they’re in the clear, according to noted legal scholar Jennifer Taub, who has carefully dissected the indictment and predicts members of the Trump family are far from in the clear.

Writing in Washington Monthly, Taub lays her cards on the table in the very first paragraph:

“Subtle hints in and surrounding this document foreshadow future legal trouble for Mr. Trump himself. With the grand jury expected to meet three times per week for much of the year, we should expect a superseding indictment by fall, one that could include other executives in the Trump Organization including the president’s sons, Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump, as well as the former president himself.”

Taub also explains how she arrived at her prediction of charges being just months away and carrying the name “Trump” without “corporation” immediately following it:

“The very first overt act that seems to indicate the ex-president’s involvement was Donald Trump on behalf of the corporation entering into a lease around March 31, 2005 for an apartment in Manhattan on Riverside Boulevard (the Trump Place building). That lease had a rider that permitted only Allen Weisselberg and his wife to occupy the apartment and to use it as their primary residence.

“Why is this lease rider important? Well, it communicates that the grand jury knows that Donald Trump knew Weisselberg was living in the apartment on the company’s dime.”

In other words, there was a conspiracy. Two or more people were involved in a scheme to break the law. That makes it a conspiracy. If they even planned to commit a crime, that alone is a conspiracy. And Thursday’s indictment makes it clear that the failed, one-term for president would have known all about the tax avoidance schemes Weisselberg was charged for.

The Trump children, as top corporate officers, are also part of a criminal conspiracy, meaning they can expect to see their names emblazoned on future indictments.

All of this, Taub concludes, means that we need to sit tight and wait a while longer, because the “big fish” are about to get their share of karmic justice, too:

“It might be a huge psychological hurdle to ask the men and women of a grand jury to indict a former president. Perhaps the first step of charging his businesses will make them comfortable when they are later given evidence of Trump’s connection to the same or similar fraudulent schemes.

“Who knows for sure? But, what I am certain of is this. For Trump, the worst is yet to come.”

Remember how Weisselberg was shown being marched into the DA’s office in handcuffs yesterday? Trump was reportedly apoplectic when he saw that. Just imagine how upset he’ll be when the cuffs are on his own wrists.


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New Court Filing From Trump’s Attorneys Shows They Expect He’ll Be Indicted BEFORE The Election

Even though we know there’s a grand jury already impaneled in Manhattan under the direction of the city’s district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., to investigate possible crimes by Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, it remains unclear how far along their deliberations are or whether they’ll be issuing indictments anytime soon.

But based on what attorneys for the president had to say in filings and arguments before a federal appeals court on Monday, it certainly sounds like the Trump team is convinced indictments will be handed down before the election, and that’s why they’re trying so hard to keep Vance’s grand jury from getting eight years of Trump’s tax returns, CNN reports:

In their filing Monday, Trump’s attorneys also warned that the President would suffer “irreparable harm” if the stay isn’t granted, arguing that “while destruction or return of documents can provide a ‘partial remedy’ for the ‘invasion of privacy,’ … the harm the President seeks to prevent is use of these records to engage in a bad-faith fishing expedition. The Court ‘cannot unring that bell’ even if the subpoena is eventually invalidated.”

Be sure and note the use of the words “irreparable harm” and “cannot unring that bell.” What does it matter if the grand jury gets the tax records or they leak after the election and Trump is reelected? At that point, any information the tax data provides would be little more than an embarrassment for him. But he’d still be president for another four years.

However, if the returns or details from them become part of the public record before the election, that could seal Trump’s fate and cause him to lose his dreams of a second term. And if the information is damaging enough and indictments are handed down against the president and/or his company, that could lead to calls within the GOP for him to resign in an last-ditch effort to mitigate Republican losses in November

On Tuesday, the appeals court held off on letting Vance have the tax returns at the moment, but scheduled another hearing on September 25, when they’ll make a final determination on the matter. And if, as expected, they order the returns released (in accord with a July ruling from the Supreme Court), indictments could possibly be issued out of Manhattan before November.

One thing’s for sure: When even your attorneys admit they’re worried, you know things aren’t going well.

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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Trump Biographer: Donald Will Be Indicted Once New York Has His Tax Returns

Now that the U.S Supreme Court has ruled Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance can indeed be given eight years of Donald Trump’s tax returns as part of an ongoing investigation being conducted by Vance’s office for which a grand jury has already been empaneled, the question remains: What will the end result of that grand jury’s findings be?

According to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and biographer David Cay Johnston, who has written extensively on Trump, the next logical step is an indictment against the president.

During an appearance on MSNBC Saturday, Johnston noted:

“Donald Trump has already had two income tax fraud trials by the state of New York and the city of New York. They were civil fraud, not criminal fraud. The New York Times in October of 2018, in this brilliant project on Trump’s taxes based on records we know came from his niece — without question, he and his siblings are major-league tax cheats.”

Be sure and note that Johnston pointed out the two previous trials against Trump were for civil fraud, but he now believes the president will be criminally charged:

“What the district attorney is seeking is the business records, the accounting records, the banking records to 2011. If those deviate from what Donald trump put on the tax returns, I expect they’ll indict Donald Trump for criminal tax fraud.”

Johnston also made it clear that there’s no way Trump can weasel his way out of state charges, unlike being charged by federal authorities:

“Let’s assume Donald Trump has the audacity to resign as president, Mike Pence sworn in, and Pence pardons [him]. The state charges are completely different. The only involvement in the federal government is challenging to seek his remedies in federal court … Donald Trump is going to be indicted if the business records do not match up. They won’t match up. Trust me. I have a lot of his records. They won’t match up.”

And one more thing that many have been asking: When will this all happen? It could well happen before the election, depending on how quickly Vance and his grand jury move. Since the grand jury is already seated, it shouldn’t take long for them to issue an indictment once they have Trump’s taxes in hand.

The wheels of justice sometimes move slow, but as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once told us, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

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Michael Cohen Will Testify Before A New York Grand Jury Investigating Trump’s Financial Crimes

Karma is starting to catch up with Donald Trump, and now there’s even more bad news for a president who is already facing impeachment, removal from office, and falling poll numbers as more details of his high crimes and misdemeanors come to light.

According to CNN, Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, is returning to New York in the weeks ahead to testify before a grand jury that is considering issuing indictments against Trump:

“Michael Cohen, the former attorney and fixer for President Donald Trump, is expected to be brought back to New York for a meeting with state prosecutors where he’s expected to tell them everything he knows, a law enforcement official tells CNN.

“The information, if deemed credible, could result in Cohen testifying before a grand jury, the official said.”
The meeting will reportedly happen later this month and will reportedly be held “at the district attorney’s office in Lower Manhattan with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s general counsel and the head of the economic crimes bureau.”

Prosecutors with the Manhattan DA’s office previously met with Cohen in September at the federal prison in Otisville, New York, where Cohen is serving a three-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to various charges, including campaign finance violations he engaged in on Trump’s behalf. Those actions included paying off two women who say they had affairs with the president a decade ago.
Also, it should be noted that Trump cannot claim Cohen is cooperating with prosecutors in Manhattan in order to lessen his own time behind bars, CNN notes:
“Cohen is not looking to trade information for a lighter sentence, the official said. He is coming forward with information and meeting with officials without any limitations, the official said.”

Cohen knows a lot about Trump’s dirty laundry, including affairs he may have had and possible financial crimes that may have been committed by both the president and the Trump Organization, which is currently being run by Trump’s two eldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric, both of whom could also be facing indictment if they played a role in any of those crimes.
With each day, more bad news arrives for Donald Trump. He’s now looking at being removed from office and arrested the second he walks out of the White House.
As Trump is learning the hard way, karma is a one hell of a cruel mistress.