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Michael Steele Drags Jim Jordan For Feigning Amnesia: ‘You Know, B**ch, What Time You Called’ Trump!

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has had quite enough of the lies from failed, one-term former President Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress, especially Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who admits he spoke with Trump on January 6, but claims he can’t recall whether it was before a mob of domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol.

When he was asked this week about exactly when he did talk to Trump on that fateful January day, Jordan remarked:

“Yeah, I mean I speak, I spoke with the president last week. I speak with the president all the time. I spoke with him on January 6th. I mean I talk with President Trump all the time. And that’s, that’s, I don’t think that’s unusual. I would expect members of Congress to talk with the President of the United States when they’re trying to get done the things they told the voters in their district to do. I’m actually kind of amazed sometimes that people keep asking this question. Of course, I talk to the president all the time. I talked, like I said, I talked with him last week.”

If you gave a response like that in court, a jury would take about two minutes of deliberation before they found you guilty as homemade sin and sent you to prison for a few hundred years.

Steele saw the video of a very nervous Jordan and told Lincoln Project TV it pissed him off. He didn’t mince words when he laid out his reaction:

“I can tell you the time, the date, the place, I’ve had every conversation with every president of this country. Period, going back to Bill Clinton. I can tell you where I was. I can tell you what was said. This son of a bitch is up there acting like, I don’t know if it was before. I don’t know if it was after. Oh, lordy. Jesus. I gotta look at my notes.

“You know, bitch, what time you called the president, and you know what you said! You’re a grown ass man, stop acting like you’re ten years old and you got caught masturbating by your mama, stop it.”

Yes, yes, and hell yes! Thank you for saying what we were all thinking, Michael.

Jim Jordan (just like his tangerine messiah) has been lying his entire life, and now he’s facing serious consequences for his role on the Capitol riots that left five people dead. He’s a disgusting piece of dung who needs to be flushed into the sewer of historical traitors.


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Trump’s Former Chief Of Staff Says The Failed Ex-POTUS Is Meeting With His ‘Cabinet Members’ In New Jersey

According to former White House Chief of Staff, who served under the failed leadership of one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, the ex-president is now meeting “with his cabinet members” at Bedminster Country Club in New Jersey, even though Trump is no longer president and his “cabinet members” are nothing but private citizens who no longer run any federal agencies or departments.

Meadows made his comments during an appearance the Newsmax show “Cortes & Pelligrino,” telling host Steve Cortes:

“Well, we met with several of our cabinet members tonight, we actually had a follow-up member, meeting with some of our cabinet members, and as we were looking at that, we were looking at what does come next. I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you this, Steve. We wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way, with President Trump at the head of that ticket.”

Does Mark Meadows not realize that Trump is no longer president? And what’s with the cryptic bullshit about “plans to move forward in a real way”? Is that a warning that another insurrection is being planned? Or is Meadows just repeating what he’s been told to say by Trump so the failed POTUS can try and pretend he’s still relevant politically?

Donald Trump isn’t and never will be president of the United States again. He’s a washed-up retiree who’s trying to scam as much money as he can to try and pay his legal bills, which are mounting and probably run in the millions of dollars already.

Mark Meadows, on the other hand, is just a delusional sycophant who probably fantasizes about one day returning to the White House and trying to destroy the country in new and dangerous ways.

Wanna know who Trump is really meeting with? The dude who works for him and serves him his lunch each and every day and the losers he plays golf with when he’s not taking a nap or having his diaper changed.


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Ted Cruz Tried To Troll Joe Biden By ‘Driving’ A Truck – It Backfired Badly On Him

Poor Ted Cruz. The Texas senator wants so badly to pretend that he has a sense of humor and is a master of internet trolling, but the problem is his efforts at trolling always come back to slap him right upside his moronic grin.

This time Teddy decided he’d try to make fun of President Joe Biden, a man who has accomplished more in his life than Cruz ever will.

Cruz saw a posting on the right-wing website The Daily Caller referencing Biden saying that he had once had the honor of driving an 18-wheel truck. Rather than just letting that pass, Teddy thought he’d post a photo of himself sitting in the cab of a truck with the caption: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

That’s the best Cruz can do? No wonder his Senate colleagues reportedly hate him. He’s a douchebag with no sense of humor who thinks he’s superior to everyone else.

It didn’t take long before Twitter gave Cruz a giant dose of internet karma:


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Asking Price For Trump Condos Is Plummeting And Tenants Are Refusing To Live In Them

As he faces legal problems in several states and his name continues to be associated with the hatred, violence, and cruelty he inflicted on the country during his four years in office, Donald Trump is also watching as his business begins to circle the drain.


The Associated Press reports that Trump condos in several cities are selling for one-third of their original value, a stunning reversal of fortune for a man who built his brand and name on luxury at any price:

“An Associated Press review of more than 4,000 transactions over the past 15 years in 11 Trump-branded buildings in Chicago, Honolulu, Las Vegas and New York found prices for some condos and hotel rooms available for purchase have dropped by one-third or more.

“That’s a plunge that outpaces drops in many similar buildings, leaving units for sale in Trump buildings to be had for hundreds of thousands to up to a million dollars less than they would have gone for years ago.”

Some of the reduction in value may be attributable to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit real estate hard, but the bad associations of anything carrying the Trump name aren’t helping, especially since many people recall the insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 shortly after the former president urged his supporters to march on Congress:

“After Trump was accused of whipping up the mob that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, things got really bad. Banks vowed not to lend to him, the PGA canceled a tournament at his New Jersey golf course, and New York City fired him as manager of a public course in the Bronx. Several brokers say many potential buyers won’t even look at Trump buildings now.”

In Chicago and Las Vegas, the fall in Trump property values has been even more dramatic:

“In Las Vegas, prices at Trump’s hotel have fallen 4% since he took office four years ago, while average prices for three dozen other hotels in the city that also sell condominiums and rooms rose 14%, according to data collected by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices broker Forrest Barbee. Since the Trump building opened a dozen years ago, prices per square foot have fallen 66%.”

Ondel Hylton, senior content director at CityRealty, had this to say about what’s happening with Trump-branded properties:

“I have never seen buildings plummet so dramatically. It seems like this is a bottom.”

Donald Trump probably thought being president would be a boon to his company. But it turns out his father was right: He’s a failure, no matter what he attempts.


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New Questions Arise About Trump’s Pledge To Donate His POTUS Salary To Charity

During his time in office, failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump absolutely loved to brag about how he was donating his $400,000 a year presidential salary to charity, with the White House announcing every few months where the money had gone.

But did Trump actually donate four years worth of salary? That’s the question being asked by Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, who says he’s been unable to determine where some of the money went:

“Donald Trump promised to give away his $400,000 presidential salary. And he kept that promise, publicly announcing each gift — at least, for his first 3½ years in office.

“Then, in the middle of last year, the announcements stopped.

“Trump’s White House never said where — or even if — he donated the last $220,000 of his salary, covering the final six months of 2020 and the first 20 days of 2021.

“Now, six months after he left office, it’s not clear where Trump donated that remaining salary — or if he donated it at all.”

Of course, it was established years ago that Trump is a lifelong grifter and pathological liar, so it wouldn’t exactly come as a surprise if he had pocketed some or all of the money he claims he gave away. After all, this is the same Trump who stole money from a charity that bore his name and later had to shut down that charity or be charged with criminal behavior by the Attorney General of New York.

Even though the Post contacted people working for Trump to inquire about if he had donated the last part of his salary for 2020, no one actually got back to the newspaper to confirm or deny those donations had been made.

As the old saying goes, Grifters are gonna grift, and that’s been the case with Donald Trump since he first entered the business world decades ago.