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Trump Releases Statement On VA Governor’s Race That May Doom The GOP Candidate

For months now, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has been trying to distance himself from failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump because he doesn’t want to be directly associated with a man as controversial and tarnished as the Donald.

And yet, on the eve of the election in the state, Trump decided he’d tie himself to Youngkin with a statement that could well doom the Republican when voters go to the polls tomorrow.

Politico reports that the Trump statement — released via his spokesperson — makes it clear that the ex-president sees Youngkin as a carbon copy of himself:

“The Fake News media, together with some of the perverts doing ads ad nauseam on primarily Fox (Fox shouldn’t take those ads!), are trying to create an impression that Glenn Youngkin and I are at odds and don’t like each other.

“Importantly, this is not true, we get along very well together and strongly believe in many of the same policies.”

That statement is exactly what Younkin’s Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe, has been saying for months now and reiterated shortly after Trump sent out his statement:

“Since launching his campaign, Glenn Youngkin has made it clear he is running for governor for one person and one person only: Donald Trump. Now, with less than 24 hours until Election Day, Trump is helping Glenn close his campaign and rewarding his total allegiance for the last eight months.”

Quite simply, Trump may have just doomed Glenn Youngkin. The election will likely come down to turnout, but Trump’s enthusiastic embrace of the Virginia Republican could turn off lots of independent voters who haven’t yet made up their minds about how they’ll cast their ballot on Tuesday.

If you watch election returns Tuesday evening, keep a close eye on Northern Virginia. That’s where Democrats get their biggest share of votes in the state, and that’s where Youngkin will probably come up short, if only by a few points.

But in a race as close as the one between Youngkin and McAuliffe, a few points may be the margin of victory. And having an albatross like Trump around your neck is not something any candidate wants the day before votes are cast.

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McCarthy And Scalise Directly Implicated In The Plot To Overturn 2020 Election

The more we learn about the elaborate plan to make sure Donald Trump remained as president, the clearer it becomes that numerous individuals at various levels of the federal government were involved in an attempt to overturn the will of the voters and carry out a coup.

According to attorney Sidney Powell, both House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) were part of the plot, which also involved a court challenge that would be heard by one of the most conservative justices on the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito.

Powell was a guest on “The Stew Peters Show,” and she revealed that McCarthy and Scalise had been tasked with denying Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from filing an amicus brief in the case which would have argued that the election was valid and should be certified by Congress:

“There had been inside goings-on in Congress whereby I believe it was Steve Scalise and McCarthy kept her from being an actual party. She wanted to work her way into the case, but somehow that didn’t happen. She got notice when we made our filing. She wanted to file an amicus brief, and then everything broke loose, and she had to speed up reconvening Congress to get the vote going before Justice Alito might issue an injunction.”

Powell even explained why Alito would be the judge in the case, which would eventually have been heard by the full Supreme Court if those loyal to Trump had been successful:

“Justice Alito was our circuit justice for that. And we were suing the vice president to follow the 12th Amendment as opposed to the Electoral College Act.”

Granted, Powell is not exactly the most reliable of sources considering the lies she’s already told about her role in the conspiracy to deny Joe Biden the presidency. But her accusations can easily be confirmed by a close look at both McCarthy and Scalise’s phone and email records. Those have been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

Records from the Trump administration will also soon be in the hands of the House committee because President Joe Biden has made it clear he will not cite executive privilege to keep them hidden. Those, combined with the records from members of Congress who coordinated with Trump and his associates, will provide concrete proof of who was involved in the conspiracy.

Powell’s remarks are also more evidence that can be used by the Justice Department to charge those involved with federal crimes, including election interference and sedition.

Every single person who tried to keep Trump in office is part of a criminal conspiracy. They need to be charged, prosecuted, and given long sentences if they’re found guilty. That’s how we protect our republic and send a message to anyone who might think of trying something like this in the future.


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Going Down: GOP Support For Trump To Be 2024 Nominee Plummets 24%

Despite the fact that most Republican political figures continue to kowtow to failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, it turns out that many GOP voters don’t think the disgraced former chief executive would help them retake the White House.

A new poll from CNN has bad news for Trump as he flirts with running again in 2024:

“Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say, 63% to 37%, that Trump should be the leader of the Republican Party. But they are about evenly split over whether having the defeated former President back on the ticket in 2024 would be an advantage: 51% say that Republicans have a better chance of retaking the presidency if Trump is the nominee, with 49% saying the party would be better off with a different nominee. That’s a very different landscape from 2019 when more than three-quarters of Republicans said their party had a better shot in 2020 with Trump as their nominee than they would with a different candidate.”

The numbers are even worse for Trump among college educated voters and independents. Independent voters broke for Trump in 2016 but abandoned him four years later, casting their ballots for President Joe Biden:

“Trump’s support isn’t equally distributed throughout the party: 69% of Republicans without a college degree think Trump should head the party, compared with 49% of those who hold a college degree. A 72% majority of conservatives say Trump should head the party, compared to 49% among the smaller bloc of moderates in the party. And 71% of self-identified Republicans want Trump to lead the party, compared with 51% of Republican-leaning independents who say the same.”

Those numbers don’t bode well for Trump or the GOP, according to a panel of experts who appeared on “Inside Politics” Sunday, with CNN analyst Jeff Zeleny noting:

“That is fascinating there and not a good trajectory and what has happened during this period? Former president Trump has been sticking his head up more and been more active– not like he’s sitting on the sidelines. This isn’t happening in a vacuum. As I travel around the country and talk with Republicans and voters and other rank and file folks, there is, even among Trump supporters, not a lot of unanimity about they want him to come back.”

That led CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins to add:

“You wonder if it only goes down further what does it change going forward. Part of it said that 58% of the Republicans without a college degree thought their chances would be better with Trump. But when you ask college grads, only 34% thought they would be better with Trump as the leader.”

Zeleny agreed, concluding:

“We’re seeing a delicate dance here and everyone waiting for him to disappear. The former president says he keeps teasing he’s going to have an announcement shortly — I don’t think it’s coming shortly at all. He’s going to draw that out in the next season perhaps. But this is not necessarily great news for Donald Trump, especially that declining number — that’s a fascinating number.”

Sounds like many in the Republican Party know that Trump is a loser. And with legal problems piling up against him, even if he does decide to run again, he could be doing so while under indictment, which isn’t exactly going to draw independent voters to him.

Here’s the video from CNN:


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DeSantis And Trump In Angry Showdown Over Donald’s Planned Florida Rally This Weekend

As he always does, Donald Trump is once again proving that there is no one he won’t toss overboard in his effort to promote himself and satiate his maniacal narcissism.

This time, however, the conflict between Trump’s need to be adored and the potential political blowback it could cause for a rising star in the Republican Party is more pronounced than ever because it includes a body count.

The failed one-term former president has a rally planned this weekend in Sarasota. But the state of Florida is currently in the middle of a horrible human tragedy: The collapse of a high-rise condominium in Surfside.

Each day, more people are confirmed dead in the condo collapse, and over a hundred or more are still missing and feared dead. So it would seem the wrong time to hold a rally, wouldn’t it?

Yet despite that, Trump is refusing to heed the pleadings of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is seen as a major contender for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump and his staff won’t even consider delaying the rally:

“DeSantis’s office has ‘made a direct plea’ to the former president’s team, calling on it to postpone the Saturday event in Sarasota. One Florida Republican bluntly said Trump and his team need to ‘read the room.’

“‘The governor is getting tested here as to how far he’s going to be pushed before he breaks ranks with President Trump. And he has to be very careful because this is Trump country,’ this source said. ‘The base loves the president. But they equally love Ron. It’s a showdown going on right now.’

“For now, the Trump camp is holding firm. ‘Nobody wants to cancel,’ a source close to Trump told the Washington Examiner.”

Nobody wants to cancel because no one wants to be the person that has to tell Trump he can’t go to Sarasota and lie for 90 minutes about how the election was stolen from him. That’s all he does now, and that narrative isn’t exactly good for DeSantis, who is in Trump’s shadow whether he realizes it or not.

And yet, DeSantis could truly make a name for himself if he insisted that Trump not show up. He could refuse to grant space for Trump’s rally. And he’d probably get tremendous bipartisan support if he did.

But like nearly every chickenshit Republican, DeSantis is terrified of what happens if he crosses Trump. It could cost him a second term as governor and destroy his chances of ever running for president.

Will Ron DeSantis grow a pair and put his foot down when it comes to Trump? Of course not. He doesn’t have a set of balls and like every other Republican in the Age of Trump, even if he did have stones, he’d gladly put them in a plastic bag and and hand them to his orange Lord and Savior.

No matter what DeSantis does, he’s screwed. That’s what happens when you sell your soul to the devil and get nothing in return for it but a fading MAGA cap.


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Senate Republicans Are Now Refusing To Fund The Capitol Police Force

Republicans love to pretend they support the police across the nation, even going to far as to attach themselves to the “Blue Lives Matter” movement which began in 2014 and remains a national force today.

And yet, when it comes time to put action behind the slogans, we Republicans in the current Congress refusing to meet with hero officers who protected them on January 6 and even refusing to shake the hand of Capitol Police officers who helped repel the pro-Trump rioters who were determined to subvert the will of the American people.

As if that hypocrisy isn’t bad enough, now Senate Republicans are refusing to join negotiations that would provide funding for the Capitol Police Force. Instead, Republican senators want to go on recess starting next week. The Capitol Police Force runs out of funding in August, the very same time Congress will again be in recess.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-CT) noted Monday that Republicans seem utterly disinterested in making sure the security officers who protect each and ever member of Congress have the funds they need to continue doing their jobs:

“The January 6 insurrection left a path of destruction through the seat of our democracy and left our Capitol Police force overburdened and under-resourced resulting from unanticipated costs associated with the attack, including significant overtime duty and the need for retention bonuses.  For 32 days, Senate Republicans have refused to join bipartisan negotiations to address these urgent security needs, and now the Capitol Police risks running out of funding this summer.  I am committed to moving a bill in the Senate to address these important needs and prevent this self-made crisis; it must be done.”

Will Senate Republicans come to their senses and do their jobs, or will they leave the Capitol Police on the verge being unable to pay salaries of the officers who so capably protect the people we elected to represent us?

There’s an old saying that perfectly describes the modern-day GOP when it comes to their “commitment” to the police: They’re all hat and no cattle.