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Obama Unplugged: Tells Donors Trump Is ‘Corrupt’ And A ‘F**king Lunatic’

Admit, it. You’ve always wondered what former President Barack Obama thought about the clown who took over in 2016 and quickly set about ruining the American economy, failing to contain a deadly pandemic, and turning the United States into a global pariah.


And now, thanks to an excerpt from a soon-to-be published book by Edward-Isaac Dovere entitled Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Donald Trump, we know that in private Obama let it rip and tol Democratic donors exactly that he thought about his successor.

The Guardian published the excerpt from Dovere’s book, and it makes clear Obama had zero respect for the inept Trump:

“He’s a madman,” Dovere reports Obama telling “big donors looking to squeeze a reaction out of him in exchange for the big checks they were writing to his foundation”.

“More often: ‘I didn’t think it would be this bad.’ Sometimes: ‘I didn’t think we’d have a racist, sexist pig.’ Depending on the outrage of the day … a passing ‘that fucking lunatic’ with a shake of his head.”

But perhaps the strongest remarks from President Obama were made when reports surfaced that Trump was talking to foreign leaders — including Russian President Vladimir Putin — about the investigation conducted into the 2016 election and Trump’s possible connections to the Kremlin. Even worse, Trump had those conversations without a single White House aide on the call:

“That corrupt motherfucker.”

Yep. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Even worse is that Obama is 100% right. Trump is indeed a madman, a lunatic, and a corrupt mofo.

Trump will probably read those Obama quotes and want to respond on Twitter. But he can’t, because he’s banned for life. So that means Obama gets the last word, and that’s certain to enrage Trump even more.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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