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White House Throws Major Shade At Trump With Statement On Release Of Joe Biden’s 2020 Tax Return

Monday was officially Tax Day for American taxpayers. Millions of us had to make sure we got our returns into the IRS before the midnight deadline.

As you might expect, the tax deadline also applies to the president of the United States, but during the Trump administration there was a running joke that even if the Donald did actually file a return, he probably did so under protest and may have even taken Internal Revenue to court in order to avoid having to fork over the money.

That’s what makes the statement from the Biden administration regarding the current president’s tax returns even more brilliant in the way it’s clearly meant to throw some epic shade at the previous head of state. Just take a look at this:

Now THAT’S what you call professional trolling, and it was an enormous hit on social media, where you could almost hear people standing and applauding:

Kudos to the White House. Well done.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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