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White House Throws Major Shade At Trump With Statement On Release Of Joe Biden’s 2020 Tax Return

Monday was officially Tax Day for American taxpayers. Millions of us had to make sure we got our returns into the IRS before the midnight deadline.

As you might expect, the tax deadline also applies to the president of the United States, but during the Trump administration there was a running joke that even if the Donald did actually file a return, he probably did so under protest and may have even taken Internal Revenue to court in order to avoid having to fork over the money.

That’s what makes the statement from the Biden administration regarding the current president’s tax returns even more brilliant in the way it’s clearly meant to throw some epic shade at the previous head of state. Just take a look at this:

Now THAT’S what you call professional trolling, and it was an enormous hit on social media, where you could almost hear people standing and applauding:

Kudos to the White House. Well done.


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GOP’s Pathetic Attempt To Troll Biden With ‘E.T.’ Meme Winds Up Biting Them Right On The A*s

Republicans are not good at humor. They never have been and they never will be. When was the last time you heard a really good joke or barb come from a member of the GOP? You haven’t.

So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that a Republican attack meme aimed at the Biden administration’s proposal to raise taxes on the big corporations and the richest 1% of Americans fell flat on its face, partially because the meme’s creator didn’t even understand the movie he or she built the meme around.

Here’s the meme sent out by RNC Research:

Maybe it’s been awhile since you last viewed the movie “E.T.,” but Elliott and the extraterrestrial shown in the iconic bike scene (which now features President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the lead roles) were the heroes of the movie. So apparently raising taxes on the rich is a heroic thing to do. How backasswards is that?

The mockery began almost immediately:

The GOP meme makers must have graduated from Trump University.


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Right-Wing Host: Raise Taxes On The Poor – The Rich Pay All The Taxes!

If you’ve ever been brave enough to watch a few minutes of Fox News, Newsmax, or other right-wing networks, then there’s an good chance you’ve seen Ben Shapiro, who is listed as the “editor emeritus” of the extremely conservative website The Daily Wire, which pumps out all sorts of lies, disinformation, and conspiracy theories that the tinfoil hat wearing crowd laps up like honey.

Shapiro (along with some other deplorable right-wing asshats) watched President Joe Biden’s speech to a join session of Congress on Wednesday evening and was outraged by the fact that the president has plans to fund some of his programs for infrastructure and education by raising taxes on large corporation and the richest Americans.

According to Shapiro, the rich already pay too many taxes:

 “I was screaming at the television when he’s talking about taxes. Because what he is saying is so obviously asinine. When he says that rich people don’t pay their fair share in this country, that is just an abject disgusting lie. It is a lie. The top ten percent of income earners in this country pay all net taxes. Not some of the taxes, all of the net taxes – because net taxes are defined as what you pay into the government, minus what you get back from the government.”

Shapiro’s co-host, Jeremy Boering (never has a person had a more appropriate last name), then joined the conversation, gladly seconding what Shapiro had said and then going further:

“The people who don’t pay their fair share in this country are the poor. We need to raise taxes on the poor. I’m not joking. I’m not joking. The poor in this country pay zero. The lower middle class in this country pay net zero. So we have a group of people who pay no taxes, a group of people who pay no net taxes, a group of people who pay all the net taxes, and his argument is that it’s category three who don’t pay their fair share. Fair share means your percentage of taxes. We’ve determined that there are some people who shouldn’t pay any percent of taxes. The only fair taxing system is one in which everyone pays.”

As you’d expect, what Shapiro and Boering said is complete bullshit.

The poor are taxed very heavily. It’s just that their tax burden is on items they buy to survive: Food, housing, medicine. Oh, and there’s also the payroll tax that comes out of paychecks. And to top it all off, many lower income Americans also wind up paying income taxes too, usually at the federal and state level.

It’s no surprise that right-wing douchebags want to make sure the rich get richer. They’ve been playing that same tune for decades, but their dreams of a trickle-down economic miracle never pan out. Why? Because supply side economic policy doesn’t work and never will.

The real reason people like Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boering don’t want to raise taxes on the well-to-do is simple: They’re greedy assholes with a massive sense of entitlement.

Want to see the vast majority of Americans stand up and cheer? Raise the top tax rate on the richest to 75% and tell the millionaires and billionaires that if they don’t like it, intercontinental flights are leaving every hour from the nearest airport.


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Ronna McDaniel Gets Destroyed On Twitter For Claiming ‘82% Of Americans’ Make $400K A Year

Just how out of touch and full of crap are Republicans? Well, according to Ronna McDaniel, chairperson of the Republican National Committee, the vast majority of Americans are rolling in the dough and make well over $400,000 a year.

McDaniel tweeted out a video on Sunday from a right-wing media group which falsely claimed that under Joe Biden’s tax plan, “82% of Americans” will see an increase in their taxes, despite the fact that Biden’s tax proposal plainly states that only those who earn over $400,000 will have an increase in their federal tax bill:

Ronna’s tweet begs the question: How many of you reading this article are making $400K or more a year? If you are, you’re probably serving in the Trump administration and robbing the taxpayers blind.

Reaction to McDaniel’s moronic posting was harsh:

Ronna McDaniel, much like her president, is a perfect example of lies and the lying liars who tell them.

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Here’s How Donald Trump Bribed GOP Senators Into Protecting Him During Impeachment

Despite the blockbuster report from the New York Times that former National Security Adviser John Bolton asserts in his soon-to-be released book that President Donald Trump did indeed withhold military aid to Ukraine unless they agreed to announce investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, the GOP-controlled Senate is set to acquit Trump later this afternoon.

Why, you may ask, would Republicans be willing to go to such incredible lengths to protect a man who only cares about himself and appears to be guilty as homemade sin?

As it turns out, the answer is just as selfish as you’d expect. You see, it’s all about money.

Salon writer Sophia Tesfaye reports that Trump’s massive tax cut was especially beneficial to lots of GOP politicians in Washington:

“According to a Center for Public Integrity analysis, several Republican members of Congress directly cashed in on the multibillion-dollar windfall from the corporate tax cuts the GOP pushed through on a party-line vote. With the lowest effective tax rate in the last 40 years, America’s largest corporations proceeded to pour $1 trillion not into increased wages for workers but buybacks of their own stocks, causing stock prices to soar. Coincidentally, many Republican lawmakers who voted for the largest tax cut signed into law by Trump personally owned some of the same stocks whose values significantly increased as a result.”

In case you were wondering, some of Trump’s most eager Senate defenders benefited the most from the tax cut, which you may recall was a campaign promise the president made sure to keep so he could buy the affections of those greedy Republicans:

“Republican senators in purple states, like Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and David Perdue of Georgia, have personally reaped hundreds of millions from the tax law and are repaying the president by serving as his impeachment propaganda machine rather than impartial jurors — even as half of registered voters and a majority of independents in a Fox News poll released on Sunday said the Senate should convict Trump.”

And now Trump is pushing more tax cuts for the rich, just in time for the 2020 election and also so he can again pay off his GOP Praetorian Guard after they vote to exonerate him and keep him in office.