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Stephen Miller Royally Owns Himself By Whining That Joe Biden Is Mean

Other than Donald Trump himself, few people who were once members of the previous administration were as patently malevolent and downright menacing as White House adviser Stephen Miller, who was the key architect of the policy which took immigrant children from their parents and placed them into modern-day internment camps. Tens of thousands were separated; hundreds have yet to be reunited with their families.

So it seems more than a tad ironic that Miller would try and suggest that the current president, Joe Biden, is mean to staffers when they make mistakes.

Miller got the ammo for an attack on Biden from a report that appeared in the New York Times. That article alleged:

“What emerges is a portrait of a president with a short fuse, who is obsessed with getting the details right — sometimes to a fault, including when he angered allies and adversaries alike by repeatedly delaying a decision on whether to allow more refugees into the United States.”

Heaven forbid a president get the details right, huh? Donald Trump couldn’t even manage to comprehend how a worldwide pandemic was a threat to every single American, so maybe it’s time we have a head of state who sweats the little stuff.

That led Miller to try and make a sarcastic “joke” at Biden’s expense:

Right, Stephen. You worked for the biggest, most narcissistic douche to ever step foot in the Oval Office. Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists and frequently attacked anyone who disagreed with him in childish and offensive ways.

It didn’t take long before Miller got hit with major karma on Twitter:

Poor Stephen Miller. All he has left now is his own hatred, which is clearly eating away at the tiny sliver of what he calls a heart.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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