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Biden Masterfully Trolls Republicans By Wearing A (GASP!) Tan Suit To Honor Obama

On Friday morning, President Joe Biden appeared before the news media at the White House to make remarks about the latest job creation numbers (which were spectacular; nearly 1 million jobs created in one month!), and the first thing most people focused on was the suit he was wearing:

It was almost seven years ago to the day that former President Barack Obama wore a tan suit and had Republicans freaking out, The Hill recalls:

“Obama sparked controversy in 2014 when he went viral for wearing a tan suit during a press conference addressing the nation on Russia and ISIS.

“His wardrobe of choice shocked several pundits and media outlets, sparking a polarizing conversation on presidential attire.

“Former Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) slammed the choice at the time, saying that suit showed a ‘lack of seriousness.’

‘There’s no way I don’t think any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday,’ he said of the tan suit.”

Biden’s choice of a tan suit is not merely a coincidence, especially since President Obama turned 60 on Wednesday. This was clearly meant to be a jab at anyone who didn’t care for Obama’s tan suit. Call it Biden’s way of putting it back in the faces of the clowns who were so offended by Obama wearing one.

It didn’t take long before social media lit up with kudos for President Biden and his sly sense of humor:

Thank you, Mr. President, for giving us all a hearty chuckle. You are indeed Joe Cool and the Master of Shade.

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Trump Is Reportedly ‘Thrilled’ By Trump Org. Indictment Because He Thinks It Will Hurt Biden

Failed, one-term former President Donald Trump is reportedly “thrilled” that the Trump Organization and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg were indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. because he believes the move will hurt President Joe Biden.


Politico reports that during a conference call with his advisers, Trump sounded delighted by the upcoming indictments:

“The former president was on a conference call with his advisers Monday discussing his favorite topic — revenge — when he was interrupted with an update on the Manhattan D.A.’s investigation. He would not be personally indicted, Trump was told — only Weisselberg and the Trump Organization would be. Trump was thrilled by what he saw as light charges, and according to one of the advisers on the call, his mind raced to 2024.

“’Just wait until 2024, you’ll see,’ Trump said. The former president implied that the legal case would be seen as a political witch hunt that would backfire on Democrats. ‘This is going to hurt Sleepy Joe.’

“The adviser had the impression that Trump, who was already coming off a high from the large crowd at his rally in Ohio last weekend, was emboldened by the news. ‘Now he’s definitely going to run for president” again,’ the person said.”

Of course, it pays to remember that this is the very same Donald Trump who thought being impeached would help him get reelected and also told advisers that his response to the COVID-19 pandemic had been exceptional.

Perhaps Trump thinks he won’t be indicted. If so, that proves the depths of his self-delusion. Someone inside the company is going to agree to testify against him, and if he filed tax returns with his signature on them, he’s screwed.

As for Trump running in 2024, that’s going to be difficult to pull off from a prison cell.


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Heartless Trumpers Mock The Bidens For Daring To Mourn The Passing Of Their Dog

If you’ve ever loved a pet — be it a dog, cat, bird, or whatever — then you know the bond between you and that animal was just as real and deeply felt as any you’ve ever had for a human being.

So when President Joe Biden announced Saturday that his beloved German Shepherd, Champ, had passed away and crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13, there was an outpouring of sorrow and sympathy for the Bidens because they had quite literally lost a member of their family.

The president expressed how he and his family felt perfectly, writing:

“Even as Champ’s strength waned in his last months, when we came into a room, he would immediately pull himself up, his tail always wagging, and nuzzle us for an ear scratch or a belly rub. Wherever we were, he wanted to be, and everything was instantly better when he was next to us.

“We love our sweet, good boy and will miss him always.”

But for some, the death of Champ was a reason to mock and taunt the Biden family, posting heartless and disgusting words on social media for the world to see and to cement their place in the world as heartless assholes:

RIP, Champ. You were a very good dog.

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Don Jr. Has An Online Meltdown Over Reports That Joe Biden Lifts Weights

Donald Trump Jr. is absolutely apoplectic that the White House has revealed President Joe Biden lifts weights and works out on a stationary bike to stay in shape.

Apparently, if you’re not an overweight blob of hamburger grease and KFC crumbs, there’s something wrong with you in the eyes of the failed, one-term former president’s son.

Junior referenced remarks made by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday about President Biden when she told reporters:

“I can tell you traveling with him a fair amount, sometimes he’s hard to keep up with.”

That was all it took to trigger Don Jr. in a major way, as he posted a video of him raging:

“Really, Jen? He can’t walk up the stairs of Air Force One without falling over! Now, if you said that he’s hard to keep up with because you have no idea what the hell he is saying when he’s speaking, that I would understand. But if you’re going to tell me that he’s hard to keep up with physically when we don’t see him doing anything early, we see lids being called in the middle of the day, you don’t see him doing anything late.”

Junior, on the other hand, apparently loves to do things “late,” possibly because he’s up all night thanks to some chemical enhancement. (Toot toot!)

However, Don Jr. was just getting warmed up, continuing his deranged ranting:

“I mean, does anyone really believe he’s hard to keep up with? You and I and any reasonable being with a brain has no idea what he’s saying. But these are the hard-hitting questions from the media. I mean, oh, we’re blowing it out. This is journalism. They’re asking all the tough questions! What the hell are you asking about?”

Of course, there had to be the obligatory comparison between Biden and Junior’s old man, who could barely manage to golf without getting winded:

“The president rides a stationary bike. Oh, that’s wonderful!

“You think that would happen with Trump? The world is on fire and we’re pretending everything is just fine. Joe Biden is riding a bike and he’s weightlifting! He’s a strong and viable leader! You can’t make it up, folks. So we’ve got to push back. We’ve got to call it out.”

The world is on fire? Really? As for pushing back and calling things out, the Trumps sure did hate it when anyone criticized the words or actions of their tangerine mound of Big Mac drippings. That’s different, of course, because Don Jr. and his siblings are dependent upon their daddy for a paycheck since none of them are talented enough to get a real job.

Thankfully we now have a president who takes care of himself. That’s a good thing no matter what Traitor Tot says.


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Conservatives Have An Online Hissy Fit After Their Favorite Poll Shows Biden’s Approval At Record High

Conservatives love to cite polls from the right-leaning Rasmussen Reports as evidence that their candidates are more popular than other polls indicate, considering it to be the “gold standard” of public opinion polls. Hell, even failed, one-term former President Donald Trump was fond of praising Rasmussen as “proof” that he was going to win a second term in office.

So it comes as a very bitter pill that Rasmussen has just released a new poll showing President Joe Biden’s approval rating at an all-time high in their survey, standing at 54% approval and 43% disapproval.

In comparison, at this point in his presidency, Trump’s approval rating was a pathetic 39%, which means he was badly underwater even though he was still supposedly in the “honeymoon” period of his administration.

It should also be noted that Trump left office (after inciting a riot at the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead), with an approval rating of 34%, according to Gallup. The average of his presidency was 41%, a record low, and a full four points lower than any other president when departing the White House.

The Rasmussen poll didn’t sit well with those who voted for Trump twice, so they had a hissy fit on Twitter, accusing the polling firm of being biased, denying reality, and making other outrageous claims, much like their orange god. Take a look:

Ah, the tears of right-wing snowflakes are so damn sweet.