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Matt Gaetz Gets Masterfully Trolled – Crowd Begins Singing, ‘She Was Just Seventeen…’

To put it mildly, things are not going well for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who is under federal investigation for allegedly sexually trafficking an underage girl and other disgusting shenanigans that could send him to prison for 10 years to life.

Recently, we learned that Gaetz’s longtime friend Joel Greenberg has agreed to enter a guilty plea on charges of sex trafficking and was now cooperating with federal prosecutors in exchange for leniency when sentence is handed down.

And then reports came out that Gatez’s ex-girlfriend is also working with the feds to bring the Florida Republican to justice, with CNN reporting:

“The woman, a former Capitol Hill staffer, is seen as a critical witness, as she has been linked to Gaetz as far back as the summer of 2017, a period of time that has emerged as a key window of scrutiny for investigators. She can also help investigators understand the relevance of hundreds of transactions they have obtained records of, including those involving alleged payments for sex, the sources said.”

Clearly, this has been the weeks from hell for Matty, and he probably didn’t think the situation could get any worse or more humiliating for him.

Until it did.

While he was in Ohio trying to pretend he’s not on the verge of being hit with indictments, Gaetz got trolled by some in the audience who began singing:

“She was just seventeen…”

Now that is some epic trolling, and it set off laughter all over Twitter:

Matt Gaetz is indeed in a world of shit. And he deserves to be laughed at. So let’s make sure we share that video all over social media so it can go viral and humiliate Matty even further.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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