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Ted Cruz’s Warning To Texans About Hurricane Beryl Comes Back To Bite Him Right On The A*s

Bless his atrophied heart, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) just couldn’t resist humiliating himself for the entire internet to see with a tweet he sent out urging Lone Star State residents to stay safe as they prepare for Hurricane Beryl.

According to HuffPost, Cruz made his comments in response to another social media posting.

The Donald Trump loyalist on Sunday shared a video from Jim McIngvale (aka “Mattress Mack”), the founder of Gallery Furniture in Houston, offering help “if things get bad” when the storm hits.

“Mack is an American hero,” wrote Cruz. “Stay safe & avoid high water as the hurricane makes landfall.”

Of course, being that this is the same Ted Cruz who abandoned the state he supposedly represents in the Senate during a massive 2021 winter storm and headed to Cancun for a mini-vacation with his family, Twitter users quickly reminded him of his cowardly actions three years ago and how the irony in his pretending to care was just too damn much.

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Texas Comedian Reveals Ted Cruz’s Favorite Curse Word – And It’s Even Worse Than You Can Imagine

Ted Segura is a comedian who lives in Texas, and not so long ago he says he found out that one of his neighbors is none other than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Granted, that’s bad enough, but Segura recently revealed that what makes living so close to Cruz even worse is that he’s obsessed with one curse word and constantly asks him about it.

According to HuffPost, Segura spilled the dirt on Cruz in his latest special, “Sledgehammer,” which you can watch on Netflix.

“I walk past his house, he comes outside. I don’t say anything, right? But he yells out — he goes, ‘Hey, are you the comedian,’” Segura said.

After Segura confirmed his identity, the senator asked him a bizarre question without even saying “hello,” the comedian said.

“He goes, ‘Where do you think the term motherfucker comes from?’” Segura recounted.

Segura said he replied that he didn’t know, leading the senator to ask, “You think it’s from people doing that?” and ”How many people do you think do that?” ― to which Segura replied, “More than you want it to be.”

Pretty weird, huh? But Cruz refused to let it drop from there, again chatting Segura up on the word.

“He goes, ‘I thought about it. And a motherfucker is not somebody who fucks their own mom,’” Segura said. “He goes, ‘A motherfucker is someone who fucks your mom. That’s the most disrespectful thing anyone can do. So if somebody is particularly rude, you call them a motherfucker.’”

Segura said he told the senator, “Wow! I am so impressed that you put that together so quickly. I can see why you may or may not be Ted Cruz.”

Wow! That’s one hell of a story.

However, it should be noted that Segura lives in Austin. Cruz owns a home in Houston.

Also, reached for comment, Cruz denied he had ever met Segura:

“It’s utterly bizarre. I have no idea who that guy is….I’ve never spoken to the man in my life.”

Of course, we all know that Ted Cruz lies like a motherfucker, so his denial carries little to no weight.


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Texas Senate Gives Gov. Greg Abbott The Authority To Overturn Elections

The Texas Senate has given the power to overturn elections in the state to one man, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The bill which passed is aimed specifically at Harris County, which is home to the state’s most populous city, Houston, which is majority Hispanic and black.

HuffPost reports the move is unprecedented, even in state like Texas.

The legislation penalizes county officials for running out of ballot paper at some voting sites in the 2022 election, the Houston Chronicle reported. Still, more importantly, it gives Republican Gov. Greg Abbott “precedent-setting” power to undo election results.

The measure would give Abbott’s appointed secretary of state the authority to hold a new election in the county if it runs out of paper at 2% or more of its polling sites for more than an hour, the newspaper noted.

Harris County, it should be noted, votes largely Democratic, and voted 56% for Joe Biden in 2020. Both Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz (R) also lost Harris County when they ran for reelection.

Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas) noted, “You want to vest in a political appointee the ability to make a decision as to whether or not an election should be overturned and reheld?”

And Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee said the bill was “about targeting the largest county in the state, which is led by people of color.”

The bill now goes to the Texas House, where it’s likely to pass, meaning that one man would have the right to tell voters in the state’s largest county that their ballots are not going to be counted.


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Crowd At Trump’s Texas Rally Began Leaving After 30 Minutes: Report

Based on the behavior of the crowd that showed up for failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Waco, Texas, the 2024 race for the White House could wind up being a rocky one for the disgraced ex-president.

According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, large numbers of the MAGA faithful began heading for the exits after just 30 minutes.

Trump arrived shortly before 6 p.m., his plane circling the airport as attendees intently looked to the heavens. He wrapped up at 7:32 in the evening, though quite a few fans did not last that long.

About 30 minutes into the rally, the crowd began to thin, with people getting a head start on the walk back to the parking lots, designated and otherwise. Several leaving early said they accomplished what they wanted to achieve by showing up for the rally, enduring traffic and long lines. Some said after hours on the tarmac, they were tired, hungry or both and wanted to get home.

Since when are the Trump fanatics thinking about being tired or hungry when their tangerine savior is speaking?

Then again, maybe it was the speech itself, which was a litany of worn-out grievances and racist tropes, including the usual bullshit about how the 2020 election had been stolen (minus any tangible proof) and anyone who tries to indict him is actually attacking his supporters.

But it sounds like much of the fervor for Trump and his noxious rhetoric has begun to die down. Maybe because people are sick and tired of the same old shit. Or maybe because even he doesn’t actually have his heart in another run for president. After all, the only reason he’s running is so he can try to forestall the inevitable prison terms that are on the way.


Texas GOP Lawmaker Proposes Legislation To Allow The ‘Bounty Hunting’ Of Drag Performers

A Texas Republican lawmaker says he will introduce legislation that would allow for the “bounty hunting” of drag performers in the Lone Star State with massive fines that can be collected if any resident wants to sue a person performing where a child might see them.

The Advocate reports:

Houston-area state Rep. Steve Toth filed HB 4378 on Thursday. He seeks to define “a cause of action for drag performances performed in the presence of a minor.”

According to the bill, “An individual who attends a drag performance as a minor may bring an action against a person who knowingly promotes, conducts, or participates as a performer in the drag performance that occurs before an audience that includes the minor….”

A winning plaintiff can expect to be paid actual damages, attorney’s fees, and statutory damages of $5,000.

Such legislation, however, would only serve to place a “target” on transgender people, according to LGBTQ advocates such as transgender rights activist and reporter Erin Reed, who warns, “These bounties can easily be turned against trans performers. It could ban a trans person singing karaoke. It could ban pride.”

Toth’s bill is just the latest attack on the LGBTQ community by Republicans in conservative states, according to Bloomberg.

State lawmakers in the US have already introduced more anti-LGBTQ bills this year than in the past five years combined.

At least 385 anti-LGBTQ laws have been introduced at the state level in a majority of US states as of March 3, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. By comparison, lawmakers introduced 162 anti-LGBTQ bills last year, 19 of which were signed into law. Between 2018 and 2022, state legislators introduced at least 361 anti-LGBTQ bills total.

Gillian Branstetter of the ACLU remarked, “These bills represent an effort to purge transgender people from the law and from public life. Even if only ten percent of those bills become law, it represents a massive rollback of freedoms every person deserves.”