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Ted Cruz’s Warning To Texans About Hurricane Beryl Comes Back To Bite Him Right On The A*s

Bless his atrophied heart, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) just couldn’t resist humiliating himself for the entire internet to see with a tweet he sent out urging Lone Star State residents to stay safe as they prepare for Hurricane Beryl.

According to HuffPost, Cruz made his comments in response to another social media posting.

The Donald Trump loyalist on Sunday shared a video from Jim McIngvale (aka “Mattress Mack”), the founder of Gallery Furniture in Houston, offering help “if things get bad” when the storm hits.

“Mack is an American hero,” wrote Cruz. “Stay safe & avoid high water as the hurricane makes landfall.”

Of course, being that this is the same Ted Cruz who abandoned the state he supposedly represents in the Senate during a massive 2021 winter storm and headed to Cancun for a mini-vacation with his family, Twitter users quickly reminded him of his cowardly actions three years ago and how the irony in his pretending to care was just too damn much.