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Former FBI Terrorism Expert Calls Josh Hawley An ‘Inspirer’ Of Domestic Terror Attacks

With one gesture — an upraised fist — Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley made it clear that he stood with the thousands of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 and caused the deaths of 5 people, including a police officer.

And with that gesture, according to former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts, Hawley let it be known that he has no problem being an “inspirer” of domestic terrorist attacks.

Appearing on MSNBC Sunday, Watts was asked by host Jonathan Capehart:

“What can we do? We know that domestic terrorism is a grave threat –what can we do to stop it?”

Watts replied:

“So there are several things that we don’t have for domestic terrorism that we did have for the international terrorism over the last 20 years. One is we developed an entire architecture that was focused on a group or relatively defined group, I should say, al Qaeda and then it spawned the Islamic State, so we had a terrorist designation. That we just do not have in the domestic space and it perplexes our ability because that brings up laws and procedures.”

Watts also noted that the larger question is what we do with those who incite crowds to commit violent acts:

“It’s been the crux of the debate since January 6th; what are Americans, you know, willing to let American law enforcement do to protect them? It’s just not very clear. Separately, this is empowered by political leaders, just like during the Al Qaeda-ISIS era, we looked at people like [Osama] bin Laden — he wasn’t a fighter, he was an inspirer.”

The fact that Hawley is an elected official, Watts concluded, means the threat is even more acute than the one we faced from foes such as Al Qaeda or ISIS:

“We have that today except it’s our elected officials. It’s our political leaders that are doing this more than domestic extremists. What you see right there President Trump told them they were going to the Capitol that day. They didn’t pick the Capitol, he said it, his organizers they promoted it, his fellow congressmen in the GOP, they promoted it.

“It was Josh Hawley out there fist-bumping the crowd, right? Before it went in. That’s the thing we look for to see, hey, where are they tipping to. For the most part, the groups aren’t picking the targets. It’s the elected leaders.”

To borrow a phrase from a well-known horror movie, the call is coming from within the house. Even worse, it’s coming from the very people who are supposed be guarding the house.

Here’s Clint Watts on MSNBC:


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DOJ Warns: Sept. 18 MAGA Rally Is Part Of An ‘Ongoing Threat’ From Domestic Terrorists

The MAGA faithful are planning a return visit to Washington, D.C. on September 18, and the Department of Justice is already warning the planned rally could present a genuine threat to the U.S. Capitol.

According to NPR, the “Justice for J6” rally already has law enforcement on high alert:

“Due to increased security concerns over a September rally planned in support of the people arrested for storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, the Metropolitan Police Department will activate its entire force for that day. WUSA9 first reported the news Friday.

“In response to a request for details about the department’s security plan, an MPD spokesperson confirmed that the department will activate its force for the Sept. 18 rally — meaning sworn officers who typically have Saturdays off will be on-duty.”

That tracks with what the Justice Department said about the planned gathering, Scott McFarlane of NBC 4 notes:

“The ongoing threat to the U.S. Capitol is not hypothetical,” writes the DOJ. “The group organizing the rally is promoting the idea that the hundreds of people charged in the January 6 insurrection are political prisoners. Congress is scheduled to be in session during that time.”

Be sure and note that the rally organizers also claim the domestic terrorists who were arrested and charged for their part in the Jan. 6 riots which led to the deaths of five people are “political prisoners.” Apparently, when you try to overthrow the elected government of the United States, that doesn’t make you a criminal, it makes you a dissident.

The threat from those who refuse to accept the results of the 2020 election is indeed real and ever present. The Department of Homeland Security has classified them as the single-greatest terror threat we face in this country.

Let them have their rally later this month. But if they so much as step over a single line or wander into a restricted area, they should be met with overwhelming force and taken to the nearest jail.


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Right-Wing Extremist: The Taliban Can Be A ‘Model’ For MAGA Takeover Of The United States

A man attending a rally in Iowa for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan that the Taliban’s successful and rapid takeover in Afghanistan can easily be used a a “model” for “patriots” to overthrow the elected government of the United States.

O’Sullivan was interviewing attendees of the rally when one man began spouting some terrifying predictions of what he sees happening in the United States:

“There’s millions of guns here. You know, it took eleven days for them to take over Afghanistan. Just ask… how many days it’ll take for the patriots to take over this country.”

That led O’Sullivan to ask:

“You don’t want that to happen here, do you?”

The man replied:

“I don’t want it to happen! But if our country and our government and our Congress and Biden don’t get their heads out of their butts, it’s going to happen! I assure you, it’s coming!”

The man is right about there being “millions of guns” in the United States, but not all of them are in the hands of those who want to stage a coup. Liberals and progressives own guns, too, and the government has unlimited power and weapons to counter with.

That doesn’t mean right-wing extremists aren’t a threat. They are, as we learned on January 6th. Even the Department of Homeland Security says domestic terrorism is the biggest threat to the country.

But there’s another threat, too: The rhetoric and vitriol being spewed out by people like Marjorie Greene, Donald Trump, and others. They’re also dangerous, and they need to be treated as such.


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Rep. Mo Brooks Says He Sympathizes With The Capitol Bomb Suspect

Once again today, the nation saw yet another example of domestic terrorism as a man identified by authorities as Floyd Ray Roseberry of North Carolina, parked a pickup truck near the U.S. Capitol and began live streaming a message on social media in which he ranted:

“I have no fear. None. That crack in my voice is from the passion for the land I love. Somebody needs to tell Joe Biden we here. Fucking revolution starts today, Joe Biden, and before you go crackin’ any pops on me you better get your military experts out and ask them what a seven-pound keg of gunpowder would do with two-and-a-half pounds of tannerite will do, motherfucker! You know what else? I’m not going to light it. I’m going to give Joe Biden the option to.”

And yet, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) wants the country to know that while he doesn’t condone what Roseberry did, the specter of “dictatorial Socialism” is driving people to take drastic actions:

Just in case Brooks decides to take his tweet down (or Twitter does it for him), here’s a screenshot of the congressman’s statement:

Brooks, of course, also had this to say at the January 6 rally that preceded the Capitol insurrection:

“Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.”

The tweet and statement from Congressman Brooks was met with anger and disgust on social media:

It would be nice if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would come out and denounce what Brooks tweeted. He could also call for a censure vote to punish Brooks when Congress returns next month.

But of course we won’t hold our breath waiting for any Republican to do the right thing. They haven’t yet, so why would they start now?

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Terrorism Expert Says He Fears QAnon Crazies Are Preparing To Try And Touch Off A Civil War

Think forward to a month from now. It’s August 5 and Donald Trump still hasn’t been “reinstated” as president the way the MyPillow moron, Mike Lindell, has been promising. Instead, the failed, one-term loser former president has been indicted (or soon will be), and Joe Biden remains president of the United States.

What happens next? Does Lindell move the goalposts again? Or do the pro-Trump crazies who also subscribe to the bizarre QAnon view of the world decide to take matters into their own hands and try to start a conflagration in major cities across the country?

That’s the concern of terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance, who said Monday evening during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Reid Report” that he believes the QAnon goons may well be the biggest threat the U.S. faces when it comes to domestic terrorism, remarking:

“Anyone that can see with their eyes understands what is going on here. We are in a neofascist era in personal politics. Back in 1939, 1940 there was a formal fascist movement, which openly supported Adolf Hitler and called for American independence and isolation away from Europe’s war, which Hitler had just invaded, called the America First movement.”

The “America First” movement that took place in the United States as Hitler rose to power was led by a name you’ll probably recall from your history classes: Charles Lindbergh.

Nance continued:

“They had a rally in Madison Square Garden where George Washington was juxtaposed with Adolf Hitler. These people were fascists. What we’ve seen is after World War II when they were essentially run to the ground, there was a rise in the 1950s and ’60s of these very small fascist groups that turned into terrorist groups like the Christian Identity movement.”

Nance also warned that the post-August period could wind up being one filled with the sort of horror we cannot possibly imagine:

“It’s the post-August period that I would really be watching as a terrorism professional because Donie O’Sullivan did some interviews with these people and they said if Trump is not reinstalled, then they’re going to have to start talking civil war. I’ve been monitoring their communications since last December. These people are already, many of them, committed to the concept of overthrowing American democracy and inciting civil war.”

We have got to be on the alert for what some of these domestic terrorists have planned if Trump isn’t installed in the White House the way they’re expecting. They are a clear and present danger to the United States.