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The January 6 Committee May Have Its Sights Set On Ted Cruz And Rand Paul: Report

The first subpoenas from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S Capitol will likely be issued “within a week,” according to Rep. Bennie Thompson (MS) the Democratic chairman of the committee, who remarked:

“We will probably as a committee issue subpoenas either to witnesses or organizations within a week.”

Though Thompson refused to provide any hints about who might be included in that first batch of subpoenas, many legal experts say former President Donald Trump, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and possibly Rudy Giuliani could be called for testimony.

And you can add two U.S. Senators to that potential list, according to Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA), who told MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on “Deadline: White House” Tuesday that she believes Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) also need to be subpoenaed:

“Oh, I certainly do. I have long thought that anybody that had any interest or anything to do with what happened on January 6th, any communication with the president, with the president’s legal teams should absolutely be before the committee to let us know their role. To let us know what they know. This reporting will go a long way to offer a summons, but the committee has the power of subpoena and gathering more. I want to say all the more reason why we have to move forward with a bill that was introduced today protecting our democracy.”

As we learned earlier today, one of Trump’s attorney’s, John Eastman, laid out a six-point plan for Mike Pence to follow when it came to not certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election:

Under Eastman’s scheme, Pence would have declared Trump the winner with more Electoral College votes after the seven states were thrown out, at 232 votes to 222. Anticipating “howls” from Democrats protesting the overturning of the election, the memo proposes, Pence would instead say that no candidate had reached 270 votes in the Electoral College. That would throw the election to the House of Representatives, where each state would get one vote. Since Republicans controlled 26 state delegations, a majority could vote for Trump to win the election.The plan was first proposed to Pence when Eastman was with Trump in the Oval Office on January 4, during one of Trump’s attempts to convince Pence that he had the authority to stop the certification of the election.

Paul waffled on whether or not he would certify the electors but eventually agreed to do so. Cruz, on the other hand, voted not to accept the electoral results from the states.

And there are others in the both the House and Senate who need to be subpoenaed, including Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who was giving tours of Congress prior to the rioting and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who has sounded and acted like an insurrectionist since she was elected.

In the Senate, along with Cruz and Paul, there’s Josh Hawley (R-MO) who gave a raised fist salute to protesters just hours before a crowd of thousands stormed the Capitol, resulting in the deaths of five people.

The greatest threat to this country is from within. And those who played any role in the Jan. 6 rioting — no matter their title or office — need to be exposed and charged with crimes against the United States.

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Rand Paul’s Bizarre ‘Gun Wall’ Tweet Backfires Badly On Him

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is a very strange man.

He claims to be an eye doctor, but isn’t certified by any recognized board of certification in his state.

He pretends he’s a libertarian, but often sounds like little more than an obsequious butt weasel for failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump and an apologist for whatever multinational corporation donates the most to his campaign.

Oh, and Rand Paul also thinks he’s some sort of intellectual, and yet he posts shit like this on Twitter:

What in the hell?! Joe Biden hasn’t banned any guns since taking office, as HuffPost notes, Paul’s tweet is factually inaccurate in other ways:

“Critics accused Paul of fearmongering over Biden’s bid to ban assault-style weapons, saying few of the weapons on display would actually be prohibited.”

Others also had some thoughts on the senator’s absurd tweet:

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Jake Tapper Shreds Rand Paul For Urging People To Use A Drug Meant For Cattle

Supposedly, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is a doctor. An ophthalmologist, to be exact. And yet we can’t exactly verify that because Paul only has the accreditation of an agency that he created because he refused to submit his credentials for accreditation by an independent board.

But even if Paul is indeed a doctor, he’s certainly been providing some very questionable medical advice lately, suggesting that ivermectin, a drug used to deworm cattle, may have benefits for combating COVID-19.

Keep in mind Sen. Paul has no scientific evidence that ivermectin is beneficial when it comes to battling coronavirus, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the drug should not be taken by humans under any circumstances:

“Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by FDA for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel has also determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19. has listings of ongoing clinical trials that might provide more information about these hypothesized uses in the future.

“Adverse effects associated with ivermectin misuse and overdose are increasing, as shown by a rise in calls to poison control centers reporting overdoses and more people experiencing adverse effects.”


And yet, Sen. Paul had this to say about ivermectin during an interview just last week:

“The hatred for Trump deranged these people so much, they’re unwilling to objectively study it. So someone like me that’s in the middle on it, I can’t tell you because they will not study ivermectin. They will not study hydroxychloroquine without the taint of their hatred for Donald Trump.”

But that’s complete BS. Paul’s hysterics are merely an attempt to curry favor with the extreme right-wing Trump contingency that appears to still have a stranglehold on the Republican Party.

One person who isn’t buying Paul’s crap parade is CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who called the Kentucky senator out on Twitter:

There is no great conspiracy to keep a COVID “cure” from the American public. There are, however, vaccines, masks, and social distancing, all of which have been shown to greatly reduce the spread of the deadly disease. Maybe “Dr.” Paul should be promoting those instead of pushing people to take drugs meant for horses.


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Rand Paul Says Migrant Children Are Being Used To ‘Seed’ New Diseases In The US

Even though he’s supposed to be an eye doctor, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul certainly loves to spread false medical information in a pathetic attempt to minimize the dangers Americans face from the new delta variant of COVID which is putting thousands of people in the hospital, especially in states (Alabama, Florida, and Texas) where large parts of the population remain unvaccinated.

During an appearance on Fox News Thursday, Paul began by attacking millions of Americans who are vaccinated, telling them to “mind your own business” instead of trying to encourage the unvaccinated to do the right thing and get the vaccine:

“The bottom line is for those who are saying, ‘I won’t go to a restaurant unless we force everybody to be vaccinated,’ if you’re vaccinated you are overwhelmingly safe from hospitalization and death. Mind your own business.”

While it’s true that those who are vaccinated are relatively safe from hospitalization and death, COVID can still make those who have had the vaccine extremely ill, and they can also transmit the virus to others, especially to children under the age of 12 who cannot safely be vaccinated.

But it was what Paul said next that was beyond the pale.

According to the senator, Democrats are “plucking” migrant children who have crossed the border and using them to “seed” new variants of COVID in the U.S.:

“They’re taking kids from down at the border who may have it, and they’re plucking them up and putting them all over the United States, as if they’re wishing to see the country with a new variant. It’s an awful thing to do.”

Of course, Sen. Paul didn’t bother to provide any proof of his allegation, probably because he has none. But his pathetic attempt to change the topic of the debate was met with anger and disgust on Twitter:

Rand Paul is up for reelection next year. Please, Kentucky, get rid of this human syphilitic pustule.


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Sherrod Brown Says What We Suspected About Rand Paul: ‘He’s Kind Of A Lunatic’

If we’re being completely honest, we’ve all thought at one time or another that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) isn’t quite right.

Now, however, we have confirmation that Paul is indeed off-kilter, and it comes to us courtesy of a colleague of his in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

AlterNet reports that during a mass vaccination event in Columbus, Ohio, Brown remarked:

“He’s kind of a lunatic. He thinks he wants to be different, but it doesn’t serve the public interest.”

Just a couple of months ago, Paul clashed with Dr. Anthony Fauci during a Senate hearing on COVID-19. He insisted that it was “theater” for those who were already fully vaccinated to still wear a protective mask. Fauci disagreed and let the senator know just how ignorant he sounded saying such a thing. He also explained why it’s a good idea to wear a mask even after one has been vaccinated:

“The expert immunologist has warned that although the COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer and others offer major protection, it is still possible for someone who has been fully vaccinated to be infected and spread COVID-19 to others — and for that reason, Fauci recommends wearing masks as an added precaution.”

There was also this confrontation between Paul and Fauci back in June of last year:

Did you wonder why there were fewer cases of the flu last year, especially during peak flu season? Because so many of us were wearing masks! Maybe we need to do that every year when it’s flu season if only to save lives. Why does this have to be controversial? We should all be willing to do what’s best for others and not just what makes us feel good. That’s what it means to be a member of a civilized society.

But there’s something more at play here: Rand Paul is a dick. Plain and simple. He knows he is, and he plays it up because he thinks that’s what his constituents want to hear. Maybe he’s right, but he’s still a lunatic and a douchebag.