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Lauren Boebert Proves She Knows Nothing About The Constitution In An Absurd Fox News Op-Ed

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) thought she’d try to explain her thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine mandates, protective masks, and the rights of individuals as laid out in the U.S. Constitution, but only succeeded in proving her complete ignorance of the law and how pandemics are controlled.

In an op-ed she wrote Fox News that was published on the network’s website, Boebert argued that vaccinations were a matter of personal choice and masking mandates are what she called “anti-American bullcrap.”

“For those that want the vaccine and believe it works, take it and don’t be so concerned about those who made the decision not to. For those choosing not to, make sure it is an informed decision with your doctor. 

“For those deemed most at-risk, please seek medical advice from a doctor on how best to protect yourself. That does not mean forcing the rest of us from living our lives, shutting down our businesses, closing our schools or forcing us to wear masks and stripping away our right to health care privacy.”

Of course, the more people who refuse to get the vaccine, the less chance we’ll all have to live our lives and move forward to herd immunity, but the congresswoman conveniently neglected to mention that.

Proving that she only cares about herself and no one else, Boebert quickly shifted the focus of the op-ed to herself:

“So far, my family and I have personally experienced all of that and think it is anti-American bullcrap. 
“They started by giving us good advice to wash our hands, avoid touching our faces and keep distanced from those that were sick for a couple of weeks.”

What’s really bullcrap is putting yourself above others and refusing to do what you can to help control a public health crisis that has so far killed over 615,000 Americans and is once again filling up hospitals with new patients who are infected and near death.

Boebert was quickly hit with backlash, with many readers telling her she clearly has no idea what the Constitution actually says.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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