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NRA Chief Hid On A Yacht After The Sandy Hook And Parkland Shootings: Court Deposition

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has a saying they’re fond of spouting whenever there’s a mass shooting in the United States: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

However, the NRA doesn’t actually believe that platitude. It’s just a slogan they use to get donations that they later waste on bullshit like fancy office buildings, mansions for their leaders, massive campaign contributions, and other perks.

So what does stop a bad guy with a gun? Well, based on a court deposition released Tuesday, it seems that the best way to avoid getting shot is to go into hiding on a luxury yacht owned by one of your filthy rich friends.

According to the New York Daily News:

“NRA leader Wayne LaPierre says he faced an unprecedented ‘security threat’ in the wake of bloody rampages at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and a Parkland, Fla., high school — and had to seek refuge aboard his Hollywood producer pal’s 108-foot yacht.

“In a chutzpah-rich deposition, the politically powerful gun-rights advocate said the fancy vessel christened ‘Illusions’ was one of the few places he felt safe from the national outrage that erupted after the slaughter of innocent children with military-grade firearms.”

Why didn’t LaPierre just arm himself with an AR-15 rifle and wait for the bad guys to show up? Does he actually know how to fire a gun, or is that just a bullshit line he uses to drum up new members who are gullible enough to give him access to their credit card number?

LaPierre tried to justify his actions thusly:

“They simply let me use it as a security retreat because they knew the threat that I was under. And I was basically under presidential threat without presidential security in terms of the number of threats I was getting. And this was the one place that I hope could feel safe, where I remember getting there going, ‘Thank God I’m safe, nobody can get me here.’ And that’s how it happened. That’s why I used it.”

Couldn’t the NRA bigwig have called some NRA members and had them come serve as his private security force? Or was he afraid he’d have to pay them out of his own pocket?

Bottom line: The NRA is all about the grift. They don’t give a damn about the Second Amendment or your right to own a gun. They only care about lining their own pockets and buying members of Congress by the bushel basket. That’s why we have so few common sense gun laws on the books.

Wayne LaPierre is a gutless coward. When you’re under threat, you call the police. Wayne goes for a cruise on a yacht. See the difference?


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Ted Cruz’s Solution To The Mass Shooting Problem: Imprison The Mentally Ill

Now that the problem of mass shootings and gun violence are back on the front page as a result of what transpired in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday, the debate has begun once again on the issue of sensible gun control.

During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, there was a great deal of talk about possibly banning assault weapons such as the one used by the Boulder shooter, strengthening background checks for gun buyers, and other reforms that have sadly been discussed thousands of times before whenever innocent people are slain by a weapon of mass murder.

But something Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said during the hearing was especially chilling, not only because it suggested just how deeply in debt Cruz is to the gun lobby, but also because it called for putting people with mental illness into prison if they are caught with a gun.

Specifically, Cruz remarked:

“The senator from Connecticut knows that is false, and he knows that’s false, because Sen. [Chuck] Grassley and I together introduced legislation … targeted at violent criminals, targeted at felons, targeted at fugitives, targeted at those with serious mental disease to stop them from getting firearms and put them in prison when they try to illegally buy guns.”

So now mental illness will be a crime instead of a disease? On antidepressants? You can buy a gun, but you’ll be sent to prison if you do under Cruz’s deeply flawed logic.

Also, Cruz’s comments completely ignore the real problem that exists in this country: There’s too many damn guns! Does anyone actually believe that more guns is the answer to the problem of gun violence? That’s absurd! It makes no damn sense whatsoever. But it does allow Cruz and his GOP colleagues to continually suck on the teat of big gunmakers who are only too happy to buy U.S. senators if that’s what it takes for them to remain in business. Apparently, money trumps human life when it comes to Cruz and his ilk.

If Republicans cannot rationally discuss the gun problem in this country, maybe it’s time we make them the permanent minority party.


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges More Guns In Schools On Anniversary Of Parkland Shooting

Today marks the third anniversary of the Parkland school shooting which took the lives of 17 people and wounded 17 others. To commemorate the day, President Joe Biden issued a statement calling for stronger gun control laws:

“In seconds, the lives of dozens of families, and the life of an American community, were changed forever. We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change. The time to act is now.”

But Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) thought it was the perfect time to call for more guns in schools, tweeting out:

Greene was quickly met with push back from others on social media:

The next time there’s a mass shooting, maybe we can send Ms. Greene in and let her play Rambo. Bet she’d piss herself and run away in a few seconds.

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The NRA’s Latest Legal Problems Could Doom Many Republican Candidates

Four years ago, the National Rifle Association (NRA) was the single-largest donor to the campaign of Donald Trump, spending more than $30 million on behalf of Trump and nearly $55 million total on candidates (mostly Republicans) who promised to help protect their interests and vote the way the gun lobby wanted.

But with the announcement from New York Attorney General Tish James on Thursday that she will sue the NRA and seek to have it utterly dissolved as an entity, the longtime player in national politics is facing an existential threat like never before.

Bloomberg reports that the bad news from New York isn’t just a problem for the NRA. It also threatens many in the GOP who depend on the organization for campaign funds:

“‘The legal battles will hurt the NRA politically in the next three months’, said Daniel Kurtz, an attorney at Pryor Cashman LLP who represents non-profit organizations. ‘It will diminish its direct influence because they’re going to have to be in defense mode,’ Kurtz said.

“GOP politicians, from Trump to down-ballot candidates, have much to lose, as polls suggest some congressmen and senators are facing surprisingly strong challenges for seats previously considered safe. In past elections, the Republican party has benefited as the NRA energized its base, got people to the polls and funded its campaigns.”

Even before AG James made her move against the NRA, the gun lobby was already having to dial back its political contributions, with giving records making it clear the NRA won’t be a major player in the 2020 election:

“So far, the group and its political action committee have spent $901,119 on the 2020 federal elections, Center for Responsive Politics data indicates. It has also reserved $3.6 million of advertising time in the coming weeks, according to Advertising Analytics. Those figures compare to $54.4 million in all that the NRA spent on federal elections in 2016, the Center for Responsive Politics says. There wasn’t a ready comparison to this point in the last election cycle.”

There’s an old saying in politics that holds true to this day: Money is the mother’s milk of any campaign. The NRA, however, seems on the verge of running out of milk or even surviving. If the gun lobby group does indeed go belly up, that’ll be one less crooked organization to funnel blood money to Republicans.

In other words, good riddance to bad trash.

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NRA Shill Dana Loesch: MLK Jr. Would Be Alive Today If He’d Owned A Gun (VIDEO)

Just when you think the NRA and those who gladly sell their souls to represent the gun lobby cannot possibly stoop any lower in their craven desire to be complete and total whores for those who manufacture weapons of mass murder, along comes Dana Loesch.

A day after the country reflected on the 50th anniversary of the death of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Loesch went on the air at NRA-TV and declared that if Dr. King had been carrying a concealed weapon, he might be alive today.

Referring to an article by New Yorker writer Rich Benjamin, the perpetually angry Loesch told viewers:

“Despite his attempt to make King’s death a failure of gun control policies at the time, he finds no room to mention that King himself had sought to own a weapon, for his own self-defense, and he was denied.”

What Loesch neglected to mention is that King was probably denied because he was a black man, and back in the Sixties, most African-Americans had no rights of any kind at all.

While we’re honoring Dr. King, Loesch went on to add, we need to realize that gun owners are now the victims of discrimination:

“I really think a lot of people are forgetting in our current era, with all of the discussion and all of the politics, is that spirit of nonviolence. Have you noticed that people can’t even have a conversation anymore without launching into ad hominem? People can’t even have a conversation without hoping that something horrible will happen to your family or you.”

As usual, the solution for the NRA, Loesch, and those who want to carry their guns openly anywhere they damn well please is to have more guns in order to help stem the growing tide of gun violence in this country. Because more guns have gotta mean more safety, right?

Just in case you aren’t yet offended by Loesch’s remarks, she also tried to claim Dr. King’s mantle and pretend that gun owners are the true heirs to the King legacy:

“Everyone wants to be right so bad that no one wants to understand why they’re wrong, and why it’s better for them maybe, perhaps, to have a public engagement of ideas instead of screaming at everyone that you’re terrorists or murderers. That’s one of the things — as a kid — that I took away from what Dr. King did in the nonviolent movement.”

Here’s the patently ridiculous equation being put forth by Ms. Loesch and the NRA:

More guns = Nonviolence.

If that was actually the case, this country would be a freaking utopian paradise by now.