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WATCH John Kirby Swat Down A Fox Host For Saying Al Qaeda ‘Feels Pretty Good’ After Drone Strike

National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby gave Fox News host Brian Kilmeade a lesson in foreign policy and how to fight terrorism during an interview on the network Tuesday.

Kilmeade began the interview by trying to downplay the killing of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri by a drone strike in Afghanistan:

“I do think that one would believe if the leader of the Taliban — excuse me — the leader of Al Qaeda is not in a cave or hiding out in the mountains of Pakistan. That he’s on the balcony in the capitol, that Al Qaeda feels pretty good about their presence in that country and there’s more than just one guy.”

“But that’s not good news for us.”

Kirby, a retired Navy rear admiral, responded:

“I’d actually throw that back a little, Brian. I don’t think they’re feeling too good about being in Afghanistan right now.”


“Really? If they were worried about it, they would be hiding in Pakistan where we couldn’t even find them.”

And that’s when Kirby took Kilmeade to school and gave him a lesson in how to fight terrorism abroad:

“I mean, I don’t think Al Qaeda can look at what happened over the last 48 hours and feel like Afghanistan is going to be much of a safe haven for them. We have proven that over-the-horizon counterterrorism capability works.”

Al Qaeda is on the run and trying to find a new leader. Their power and reach are greatly reduced, and we are all safer as a result.

If Trump had killed Zawahiri, Fox would be ready to hold a ticker tape parade. But because Joe Biden pulled it off (much the same way former President Barack Obama sent Osama bin Laden to a watery grave), Brian Kilmeade is trying to make sure the current president doesn’t get any credit. It’s the same old shit from Fox.

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Don Jr. Compares American Teachers To Terrorists In Disgusting Fundraising Email

It seems that anyone with the name “Trump” is capable of just about any malign or malicious act or utterance you can conjure up from the darkest corners of the human psyche, and now we have further proof that the Trump family is indeed a malignant tumor on the United States.

As part of a fundraising email sent out to MAGA faithful by the 1776 Project PAC, Donald Trump Jr. begs for money to help fight against the teaching of “critical race theory” in schools, asserting that anyone who would dare to share the ugly racial history of this country to a child is no better than a terrorist, Salon reports:

“There are people out there in the far-off corners of the world who hate everything that the United States of America stands for — and they have made it their life’s work to destroy our country. But they’re not who I’m worried about. I’m worried about the people right here in our own backyards who share the same hatred for our country as the terrorists hiding in the caves of Afghanistan.”

Oh, and there was also this bit of incredible irony as Junior begged for bucks despite the fact that he and his father had urged their supporters to stage an insurrection on Jan. 6 at the Capitol:

“Because when President Lincoln said ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside … if we lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves’ he was RIGHT. The most dangerous threats to our republic aren’t hiding in caves — they’re hiding in plain sight in our K-12 classrooms.

“They’re training the next generation to hate our country, hate our freedom and hate our Constitution. Because they know the generation taught to hate our country from kindergarten to college will be the one that destroys it, and surrenders us to socialism once and for all.”

Can you tell what Don Jr. is driving at? He’s calling anyone who disagrees with him or his father the enemy, which is also a call for violence, Chauncey Devega warns:

“Donald Trump Jr.’s fundraising email for the 1776 Project PAC is not a version of stochastic terrorism. It is something worse and more dangerous. That email is an explicit encouragement to engage in acts of right-wing terrorism and other violence against ‘the enemy.’ The encouragement is working: Public opinion polls and other research have shown that a large percentage of Republicans and other self-identified Trump supporters and ‘conservatives’ increasingly view political violence as an acceptable means of winning, holding and expanding political power.”

Why are Republicans resorting to such language? Because they know it works with their already radicalized core audience. It pushes all the wrong buttons, which is precisely what the extreme right-wing in this country wants. They want to turn their acolytes into soldiers who will kill or die for a false narrative. And as we saw yesterday at the Library of Congress and in January at the Capitol, it’s working.

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Trump Privately Hoping For Terror Attack Right Before Midterms: REPORT

The latest poll numbers are dismal for Republicans, with the so-called “generic ballot” showing Democrats with a double-digit lead over their GOP opponents if the midterm elections were held today.

But the news may be even more dire for President Trump. If Republicans lose control of both houses of Congress and Robert Mueller returns a report that proves the Trump team conspired with Russia to rig the 2016 election, Trump will likely be facing impeachment.

Party leaders have been trying to put a happy face on the midterms, with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) noting:

“Who knows what 2018 will be like? Nobody called 2016, right? Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to get elected and that Chuck Schumer was going to be the majority leader. And none of that turned out to be true.”

But as a recent report from The Washington Post reveals, Trump himself seems to be entertaining a much different scenario:

“In private conversations, Trump has told advisers that he doesn’t think the 2018 election has to be as bad as others are predicting. He has referenced the 2002 midterms, when George W. Bush and Republicans fared better after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, these people said.”

You read that right: Trump is referencing September 11 and seems to be suggesting that a similar terror attack on the United States would pay political dividends for him and his party, meaning that even a damaging report from Mueller would be survivable. How twisted is that?

Matthew Yglesias, who writes for Vox, took the entire matter to its dark but logical conclusion, writing:

“If the president and his top staff are not so concerned with democracy but purely political power, that’s a terrifying proposition. And given Trump’s willingness to put his own interests before democratic norms — from keeping his business interests, to firing his FBI director to protect a friend — the absurd idea feels almost plausible.

If Trump thinks a terrorist attack would serve his political interests — either through a blind rally ‘round the flag effect or by specifically validating anti-immigrant demagoguery or what have you — how hard is he really working to keep the country safe?”

Is Trump capable of such a sick, depraved outcome in order to save himself? Of course he is.

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Gorka ‘On Thin Ice At White House,’ Likely To Be Next To Get The Ax (DETAILS)

With Steve Bannon now just a bad memory at the White House, it appears that Chief of Staff John Kelly is determined to get rid of every staffer who has ties to the alt-right, which means that deputy assistant to the president Sebastian Gorka is likely to be next to get the boot.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is hearing that Gorka is on shaky footing:

During a segment Friday evening on CNN, several counterterrorism experts noted that Gorka pretends to be fluent on the topic of terrorism, but is little more than a “fake terrorism expert.” Mia Bloom, a professor of Middle East studies at Georgia State University said no one takes Gorka seriously and recalled that when she was on a panel with Gorka at the Defense Intelligence Agency, he made numerous glaring mistakes:

“He was making basic errors––errors about the Arab Revolt that all you would have to do is see Lawrence of Arabia to know they were mistakes. We all looked at each other like, ‘Is someone playing a joke?’”

Senior Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin commented that he had spoken with experts in the field of fighting terrorism and they all said Gorka:

“Lacks practical experience in government, is not an expert on terrorism, and has never served in a diplomatic agency.”

What function does Gorka serve if he doesn’t even have any expertise in the field he supposedly gives advice to the president on? Griffin noted that Gorka’s main role is to “defend… the president on TV” and fuel “right-wing media with talking points the alt-right craves.”

Sebastian Gorka is a disgusting right-winger who only contributes hatred and lies. He is also known to wear a medal from the Hungarian nationalist organization Vitezi Rend. Vitezi Rend was founded in 1920 and is known to be sympathetic to the cause of Nazism in Europe. It’s founder, Miklos Horthy, once commented:

“I have always been an anti-Semite throughout my life.”

Gorka maintains he wears the medal to honor his father, but his association with the ousted Bannon could indeed mean that his days in Washington are numbered. If so, few will mourn his leaving.

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Senior White House Adviser: There’s No Such Thing As Right-Wing Terrorists (VIDEO)

Ever since Donald Trump became president, members of his administration have been all over cable news telling us about the tremendous danger posed by Islamic terrorism, both at home and around the world. Granted, it is indeed a problem, but is it the only form of terrorism we have to be on the lookout for in the United States?

According to White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, we have nothing to fear from right-wing acts of terrorism, because right-wing terrorists don’t exist.

During an appearance on MSNBC Tuesday, Gorka said only Muslim extremists had carried out terrorist acts in America, adding:

“There’s no such thing as a lone wolf, you do know that. That was a phrase invented by the last administration to make Americans stupid.”

Whereas Gorka and the White House he works for came to us already stupid.

When host Stephanie Ruhle tried to ask a question, the always rude Gorka interrupted her:

“Let me finish. There never been a serious attack or a serious plot that was unconnected from ISIS or al-Qaeda, at least through the ideology and TTPs, tactics and training and techniques and procedures, that they supply through the internet — never happened, it’s bogus.”

That’s total bullshit. Apparently Gorka has never heard of Oklahoma City, where 168 people–including 19 children– were murdered by right-wing extremist Timothy McVeigh. Or what about Dylann Roof, who gunned down nine people at a Bible study just because they were African-American? Both acts are the very definition of terrorism.

Gorka then went on to beat the drum for what the administration is supposedly doing to defeat terror around the world:

“This is an international global threat. What we have to do now is is not only destroy organizations like ISIS, which we are doing — they will be annihilated — but also delegitimize the ideology so it will be become as heinous and reject as fascism and Nazism is today. That black flag of ISIS has to be globally rejected like the swastika and we’ll work with Muslim partners to overtly and covertly delegitimize their message. That’s the definition of victory — when people don’t want to become jihadis, that’s when we’ll have one.”

Asked about a recent attack on a mosque in Minnesota, Gorka downplayed the incident:

“There’s a great rule (that) all initial reports are false. You have to check them, you find out who the perpetrators are. We’ve have a series of crimes committed, alleged hate crimes by right-wing individuals, in the last six months to that turned out to have actually been propagated by the left, so let’s wait and see — let’s allow the local authorities to provide their assessment and then the White House will make its comments.”

Sure they will. Don’t expect to hear a damn thing from Gorka, Trump, or anyone else in this administration. Because according to their perverse logic, a Muslim can only be a suspect, not a victim.

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