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Jim Jordan Gets His A*s Handed To Him At Hearing For Defending ‘Degenerate Spoiled Brat’ Trump

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was thoroughly humiliated at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee when Democratic Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (VI) accused him of holding a hearing on the “weaponization” of government by the Biden administration for one purpose: To protect failed former president Donald Trump from his dozens of alleged crimes.

“Why are we back this time?” Plasket asked. “We’re here because former President Trump is on trial in New York. That’s why we’re here.”

“On Monday and Tuesday of this week, his former attorney Michael Cohen delivered devastating testimony implicating former President Trump in a hush money payment scheme,” she continued. “We all know that the former president exacts loyalty from all of his followers and especially GOP officials and those that work for him. Blind loyalty.”

Plaskett also mocked Republicans who “hightailed it to New York City to show him that they are with him.”

“And Trump, in turn, demands that every Republican official serve him like the incorrigible, degenerate, spoiled brat that he is and use their positions to aid his criminal defense.”

The congresswoman accused Jordan of holding the hearing to placate right-wing media figures such as Fox’s Maria Bartiromo and ex-Trump administration adviser Steve Bannon, who now hosts a podcast.

“We’re here at the beck and call of Trump fanatics and talking heads on cable and internet talk shows in the MAGA world who, like Bartiromo and Bannon, have goaded this committee to act.”

Of course, the congresswoman is absolutely right. Jordan and his ilk are desperate to cover Trump’s tracks and divert attention away from the 88 criminal charges he’s facing for allegedly interfering in the 2020 election, inciting an insurrection, and stealing classified documents.

But those who try and excuse the depraved acts of a lifetime criminal like Trump are in many ways just as guilty as he is and deserve to be voted out of office and charged for their crimes, too.

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WATCH A Democrat Shred Jim Jordan For Defending Jan. 6 Rioters: ‘They’re Criminals!’

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) verbally excoriated Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his Republican colleagues at a House hearing today as they attempted to downplay the horrific January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

During a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, Plaskett responded to opening remarks from Jordan.

“At the end of the day, the purpose of this hearing is to minimize what happened on January 6th and the lawful prosecution of individuals who were engaged in that practice,” she said. “The chairman wants us to believe that people are being persecuted for their political conduct rather than their criminal behavior.”

“So basically, he’s trying to tell us that everyone who’s been indicted and prosecuted for January 6th did not engage in criminal conduct,” she continued. “That’s the logic of what he’s saying, and we’ve just come so low in this House.”

However, Plaskett was just getting warmed up, noting that many in the GOP don’t view Jan. 6 defendants as criminals, although they have been charged and sentenced as such.

“When it’s people who fit your political agenda, they’re not criminals anymore They’re patriots. They’re victims.”

“They’re not! They’re criminals! And a jury of their peers found that when so many of them have been prosecuted in our court of law, not by brown shirts, not by Nancy Pelosi, not by Biden’s Justice Department, by a jury of their peers.”

Plaskett concluded her remarks by suggesting that the hearing was little more than a sop to failed one-term former president Donald Trump, who has also been charged for his role in Jan. 6.

“Unfortunately, many of my colleagues on the other side know the truth, but they’re still seeking shelter from Donald Trump’s hordes. They’re still seeking shelter from the truth.”

“They want to protect not just themselves, but their political careers, their jobs. They’re hiding behind lies for that.”

January 6 will be an issue in the November election, and it damn well should be. The man who urged his supporters to march on the Capitol because he lost in 2020 will once again be on the ballot. Here’s hoping he’s rejected the same way he was four years ago and eventually put behind bars for what remains of his pathetic life.

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Democrat Humiliates Jim Jordan For Refusing To Admit The Threat Posed By Another Trump Presidency

A Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee lit into Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) for accusing the Biden administration of “weaponizing” the Justice Department yet failing to admit that a second Trump presidency would be the very definition of an out of control DOJ.

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) noted that Jordan and the GOP’s so-called “hearings” are merely an attempt to “ramp up their own misinformation campaign before the 2024 election.”

“They want to distract from the actual threat of the weaponization of government on the American people. That is Donald Trump,” she continued. “He has vowed to use the Department of Justice to investigate his political enemies. He has said that those who oppose him should be executed for treason. He has called his political opponents cockroaches, vermin, said that immigrants are poisoning American society.”

Plaskett added that Trump’s recent online threats about how he will punish his enemies if he gets another term in office sound like something straight out of Nazi Germany.

“And every American should be outraged at this committee by not having hearings on that. Many want to shield a man who, as many experts have identified, is spouting rhetoric cribbed from the Nazi regime, calling his enemies cockroaches and vermin, saying that those who oppose him are poisoning the blood of America, and even calling for the execution of people who simply speak out against him.”

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the American republic even when it isn’t in office. And if he returns to the presidency, this country will be utterly destroyed. He’ll see to that.


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WATCH A Democratic Congresswoman Clap Back At A ‘Mansplaining’ Republican

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, a Republican member of the panel got his head handed to him when he attempted to mansplain something to one of the Democrats on the committee.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) made a last-minute request to enter into the record a letter on the topic of “political violence” from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, which led Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) to respond, “Another thing we can’t examine because he’s not here.”

Committee Chairman Jim Jordan snapped back, “You can examine it; it’s a document.”

Plaskett countered, “No, examine him for what he wrote and the intent behind it.”

Johnson walked the letter over to Plaskett, which led to her almost throwing the document at him and noting that she didn’t him “mansplaining” things to her.

The clip has since gone viral on Twitter, and once you see it, you’ll know why.


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WATCH: Democratic Congresswoman Shreds Jim Jordan For His ‘Playbook Of Lies’

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) used a hearing of the House Oversight Committee to take Ohio Republican Jim Jordan to task for his “playbook” of lies and misinformation about the 2020 election and the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of failed one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.

The hearing was to discuss what Jordan and his GOP colleagues call the “weaponization” of the U.S. government, and Plaskett called Jordan out for only allowing access to documents and other information just minutes before the hearing began, comparing his actions to those of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who handed over thousands of hours of video from the Jan. 6 attack.

“This is unacceptable. I’m ready for it. I don’t know if a lot of other people are, but just as it was unacceptable for Kevin McCarthy to provide 41,000 hours of sensitive security footage to a biased talking head in an effort to rewrite what happened on January 6th.

“This is a new Republican playbook, apparently. Risk American safety and security to score political points.”

A Republican on the committee then demanded that Plaskett’s remarks be stricken from the record: “The gentlelady’s words should be struck. That is out of line and outside the rules of this committee.”

Plaskett continued her verbal destruction of Jordan and the GOP.

“This is a false narrative. We’re engaging in false narratives here, and we [Democrats] are going to tell the truth.”

When it was his time to speak, a churlish Jordan said, “You guys don’t care. You don’t care. You don’t want the American people to see what happened. The full video, transparency, you don’t want that.”

He continued:

“And you don’t want [the testimony of] two journalists who have been named personally by the Biden administration FTC in a letter. They’re here to tell their story. And frankly, I think they’re brave individuals for being willing to come after they’ve been named in a letter from the Biden FTC.”


“Is this your question time?” 

The clearly agitated Ohio Republican remarked, “No, I’m responding to your ridiculous statements you made in your in your opening statement.”

But Plaskett was more than equal to the task:

“OK, well, let’s get on with it.”

Jordan: “Oh, now we want to get on with it. So you can say all the things you want?”

The congresswoman had the perfect comeback:

“I did in my opening statement as well as you had an opening statement. You said what you needed to say in your opening statement. And I, as the ranking member, have used my time!”