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Asked About Americans Dying Of COVID, Marjorie Taylor Greene Laughs Maniacally

Based on the things she’s said and done since she first announced she would be running for Congress, there are some things we already know about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA):

  • She’s willfully ignorant
  • She’s a shameless self-promoter
  • She has the common sense of wet burlap
  • She’s fond of conspiracy theories

But based on remarks Greene made Tuesday during a press conference held at her office, we can add another fact to what we know about the Georgia congresswoman: She’s a heartless asshole who doesn’t give two hoots in hell about anyone but herself.

It began when Greene told reporters:

“With 6,000 vax related deaths and many concerning side effects reported, the (COVID-19) vax should be a choice not a mandate for everyone.”

Mediate reports that at Greene’s Tuesday presser, Tim Mitchell of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked her:

“Do you feel any responsibility for keeping people in Georgia safe? There are children, skinny people, who have died of coronavirus. Do you feel any responsibility?”

Greene’s response was to begin laughing. Not just a chuckle, mind you, but a genuine maniacal laugh before she finally managed to reply:

“Gee, you crack me up.

“You know what? I think people’s responsibility is their own to read the information, and it’s everywhere.”

Notice how she didn’t actually answer the question? She has no logical answer or fact to provide, so she resorts to a bullshit response that only serves to prove what a foolish and dangerous person she truly is.

Another reporter asked the congresswoman if she had been vaccinated, and Greene began spouting outright nonsense about how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) prevented her from saying one way or the other on that query:

“(That) is a violation of my HIPAA rights. You see, with HIPAA rights, we don’t have to reveal our medical records and that also involves our vaccine records.”

Not even a little bit true, as Mediate noted:

“Under HIPAA, healthcare providers may not provide medical information about patients to third parties without patient consent. It does not apply to individuals or entities who aren’t healthcare providers. Moreover, it is not a “violation” of the law to ask someone if they have been vaccinated.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a waste of flesh and oxygen. She’s also a heartless ghoul with blood on her hands.

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Marco Rubio Claims Democratic Plans To Expand Voting Rights Are Part Of A ‘Marxist Strategy’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is terrified of what he’s facing when he runs for reelection next year.

Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) has already announced she will seek the Democratic nomination to face Rubio, along with former Florida governor Charlie Crist, who also currently serves in the House. Bothone poll extremely well when pitted against the incumbent Rubio.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, the Orlando Sentinel excoriated Rubio, writing:

“What’s the point of appealing to someone who swore off another Senate run when he ran for president in 2016, then turned around and ran for the Senate? Someone who negotiated a bipartisan immigration reform bill and then campaigned against it?

“We’ve been waiting a decade for Rubio to do the right thing. But the senator is Lucy with the football, and every Floridian who trusts him is Charlie Brown.”

And now the Florida senator is making it clear that he knows if every registered voter in his state casts a ballot next year, he’s going to lose in a landslide.

Speaking with The Floridian, Rubio was asked about legislation Demings will soon be introducing in the House called the “Every Vote Counts Act.” The legislation would federalize elections and supersede laws that have been passed in dozens of states recently, including in Florida.

But to hear Rubio tell it, the bill is a disaster:

“She’s trying to undo what the Florida legislature passed. These guys don’t want there to be any election laws, she’s part of their national Marxist strategy.”

So making it easier for people to vote and guaranteeing that everyone who is eligible can cast a ballot is now Marxist? Karl Marx wasn’t exactly a fan of elections. If you doubt that, take a look at what happened when Marxism was instituted on a national scale in the Soviet Union.

Demings explained the reason she sees the need for her bill, and it completely destroys Rubio’s angry rantings:

“Let’s not be distracted by politically-motivated lies which seek the undermine faith in our elections. The Department of Homeland Security under President Trump reported that last year’s election was the most secure in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, Republicans in state legislatures across the country are seeking political advantage by attempting to stop certain people from voting. When we take away someone’s vote, we take away their voice.”

Republicans don’t want all Americans to have a voice when it comes to elections. They just want their voters to show up and cast a ballot. See, they know they can’t win elections without cheating, so they try to codify their cheating via legislation that restricts the most fundamental right of any representative democracy.

Marco Rubio is a cancer on the Senate. He needs to be booted from office and also needs to go back and take some lessons in history and political science.

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Good News: Obstructionist GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says He May Not Run For Reelection In 2022

For weeks now, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has been claiming that the coronavirus relief bill currently before the Senate isn’t necessary and even trying to delay passage of the legislation by demanding that the bill be read in its entirety on the floor of the upper chamber, which took over 10 full hours, during which time nearly 900 more Americans died of COVID-19.

That’s the bad news, but there’s also some very good news regarding Sen. Johnson, who is making it clear he likely won’t be running for reelection next year, according to the Madison State Journal:

“That pledge (not to run for reelection) is on my mind, it was my preference then, I would say it’s probably my preference now. I’m happy to go home.”

Good news! But as with most things Republicans utter, Johnson then appeared to say exactly the opposite:

“I think that pledge was based on the assumption we wouldn’t have Democrats in total control of government and we’re seeing what I would consider the devastating and harmful effects of Democrats total control just ramming things through.”

But even if Johnson does run for a third term, he won’t have an easy road, as Democrats can sense his weakness and are lining up to challenge him in next year’s election. So far, three have announced they will seat to unseat Johnson, with at least others considering the possibility of entering the race.

Johnson also told the State Journal that he thinks it might have to raise too much money in order to remain in the Senate:

“In the last couple cycles, some of these U.S. Senate seats have cost a hundred million dollars. That is grotesque, it is absurd. It is money primarily all wasted.”

President Joe Biden narrowly won the Badger State in last year’s presidential election, and would love to see Johnson either retire or get beaten. If Senate Democrats can add a few seats next year, it would help make the second half of Biden’s presidency much more productive and all but guarantee that legislation such as a $15 minimum wage, voting rights, and equal rights for the American LGBT community becomes law.

Ron Johnson is a massive hemorrhoid on the Senate. He needs to be removed and replaced by someone who will actually listen to the will of the voters.

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Democrats Are About To Boot Marjorie Taylor Greene Off All Committees – And The GOP Can’t Stop Them

It has been said that Democrats are too nice, too willing to compromise, and too eager to make nice with their Republican counterparts, and there’s certainly evidence to suggest that may well be true.

Now, however, it looks like House Democrats are ready to play hardball and give the GOP a taste of their own medicine.

CNN reports that Democratic leaders in the House are about to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her committee assignments and dare their GOP counterparts to object to the move:

“House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 House Democrat, is planning to deliver an ultimatum to House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy on Greene this week, a source familiar tells CNN. Hoyer is expected to tell McCarthy that Republicans have 72 hours to strip Greene of her committee assignments, or Democrats will bring the issue to the House floor.”

The process would unfold with the House Rules Committee meeting on Wednesday and approve a rule for a resolution condemning Greene and kicking her off the House Education Committee.

That resolution would then be debated on the floor of the House and a vote would be taken. A simple majority would be all that’s needed to make sure Greene isn’t allowed to serve on any committee.

Shortly after catching wind of what will be happening this week, Greene tweeted out an empty threat:

Even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) appears ready to punish Greene, issuing a statement which read:

“Loony lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the Republican Party and our country. Somebody who’s suggested that perhaps no airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were pre-staged, and that the Clintons crashed JFK Jr.’s airplane is not living in reality. This has nothing to do with the challenges facing American families or the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party.”

But it remains to be seen if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will follow McConnell’s lead. So far, he has demonstrated zero evidence of possessing a spine


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GOP Pollster Predicts: ‘The Next 48 Hours Are Going To Be The Worst’ Ever For Republicans

Whatever meager chances Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue had of winning another term in the U.S. Senate were very likely shot to hell the moment Donald Trump began speaking at a rally for the two in Georgia on Monday evening.

For example, Trump was supposedly trying to get Republicans to turn out and vote, but the remarks he made during his speech were anything but supportive of the importance of casting a ballot, with the president declaring:

“There’s no way we lost Georgia… This was a rigged election.”

If elections are rigged in Georgia, why should anyone bother to take the time to vote? It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of democracy when the head of state lambastes the very idea of participating in the most basic tenet of any healthy republic.

Even Republicans are convinced that Trump has destroyed the party with his endless whining, lawsuits, and schemes to subvert the will of American voters, and they’re predicting Loeffler and Perdue are probably doomed, too.

Frank Luntz is one of the most well-known Republican pollsters in the country, and he believes the GOP is about to be handed a complete loss of power in the nation’s capital, telling CNBC on Tuesday:

“There is a greater divide in the Republican Party than there is in the Democratic Party. The party is in the process of tearing itself apart and you don’t do that now, when you’re this close to the most important Senate election, literally, in a lifetime. Democrats are unified, Republicans are not and that’s what gives them the advantage.”

What does that mean when the votes are counted in Georgia and Joe Biden is confirmed as the next president by a joint session of Congress o Wednesday? According to Luntz:

“I think the next 48 hours are going to be among the worst for the GOP.”

All of Trump’s claims of voter fraud, Luntz added, have hurt Republican turnout in Georgia:

“Democrats are voting in record numbers over the last two, three weeks. Republicans are being told to stay home and Donald Trump, when he shows up to deliver that final rallying cry, he spends as much time talking about his own election as he does about the Republicans.”

How do you know when your political party is screwed? When the ostensible leader of it trashes the very idea of participating in self-government.

Everything Trump touches dies. Absolutely everything.