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Lauren Boebert Accused Of Shooting Neighbor’s Dog In Cold Blood

If there’s one thing we know about Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is that she obsessed with guns and firearms because she thinks the Second Amendment is absolute, despite the fact that the it begins, “A well regulated Militia.” Well regulated. Does that sound absolute?

But now Boebert is accused of being the lowest of the low by allegedly shooting and killing a neighbor’s dog in cold blood.

Shooting man’s best friend. Few things are more disgusting.

According to the neighbor, Yaritza Mendoza, Boebert killed her dog, Omega — a husky — because she thought he was “violent.”

Mendoza says the shooting took place in August, but she was afraid to come forward because Boebert is a member of Congress and has power the average American citizen doesn’t.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Mendoza writes:

“I was scared of the arrogance that your head is filled with while you carry a gun. However, I am writing this now to let you know I am no longer scared of you.”

Be sure and note that Mendoza claims Boebert’s son “repeatedly” came onto her property to play with Omega, and was even welcomed into their home:

“We also welcomed him every single time: he even created a friendship with my younger cousins. You were aware of his actions yet never communicated with him to stop.”

Boebert denies the allegation, responding on Twitter:

That may well be true, but why would anyone believe a word that Lauren Boebert says? After all, she lies each and every day, be it on the floor of the House or Twitter. That’s the way Republicans are in the Age of Trump: They lie and then try to slag others when they get caught lying.

Maybe Boebert didn’t kill Omega. But ask yourself this question: Is she capable of such a heinous act?


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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