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Tucker Carlson Mocks Jon Stewart As ‘Really Short’ And Immediately Regrets It When Stewart Claps Back


Fox News host Tucker Carlson thought he’d attack former “Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart over Stewart’s advocacy on behalf of veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

HuffPost notes that Carlson made his hateful remarks Thursday evening on his show:

On Thursday night, Carlson fired off a series of highly personal and deeply weird insults at Stewart for his advocacy of healthcare for U.S. veterans. Stewart, Carlson said, looks “like a guy who lives in the men’s room at your public library, eating imaginary insects out of the air” and “a homeless mental patient.”

“He’s shrieking and disheveled and very short,” Carlson said. “Really short. Too short to date. Was he always that short?”

But someone should have warned Carlson that it’s a bad idea to attack a comedian, especially one as beloved as Jon Stewart, and certainly not when he’s advocating on behalf of veterans.

Stewart quickly clapped back at Carlson.

Others on Twitter then joined the debate and also took turns slamming Carlson.

Memo to Tucker Carlson: You should probably stick to polishing Donald Trump’s butt. At least you’re good at that.

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Tucker Carlson Is Suddenly Calling Kamala Harris ‘Carmela’ And It’s Just Plain Creepy

It’s been clear for quite some time that Fox Host Tucker Carlson is a talentless twit who traffics in bigotry, hatred, and racism for his own personal and professional benefit.

But Carlson also seems to delight in deliberately mispronouncing the names of those he disagrees with politically, the sort of juvenile behavior that you’d see in a third-grader taunting a classmate.

On his show Wednesday evening, Carlson was discussing the future of the Democratic Party, according to Mediaite, when he again resorted to twisting the name of Vice President Kamala Harris:

“The Democratic Party at this point is a cartel that exists only to perpetuate itself and the elderly mediocrities who run and benefit from it. All of them. Carmela Harris is only 57 years old. She’s a child by the standards of her party, but she still talks like a dementia patient, slowly and incomprehensibly.”

Carlson then played a clip of Harris talking about mail-in ballots and followed it by remarking:

“We don’t mean to beat up on Carmela Harris, who’s obviously our favorite for the Democratic nomination next cycle, but she is a perfect distillation of everybody in power in the Democratic Party.”

Carlson has done the same thing with other names, though he seems to do it most often when it involves people of color. For example:

  • Calling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) “Sandy Cortez”
  • Referring to CNN anchor Don Lemon as “Don LaMonne”
  • Deliberately flubbing the name of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and calling her Kentaji Brown Jackson

It seems only fitting that Carlson should get a taste of his own medicine, but how could we possibly mangle his name and make it an epithet? There’s got to be a way we can turn the tables on F*cker Carlson. And F*cker deserves some payback, don’t you think?

If you think of a fitting name for F*cker Carlson, be sure and pass it along so can all enjoy it.

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Visiting Iowa, Tucker Carlson Sounds Like He’s Running For President In 2024

Almost a month ago, when he was asked whether or not he would be seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had this to say:

“Oh, God, come on! That seems like a fun job! No! No!”

And yet, Carlson spent part of Friday in Iowa, where he’s been making the rounds and speaking to Christian conservatives, according to Tom Lobianco of Yahoo News:

Carlson used the event to blast transgender athletes, high energy prices (and wind turbines), make a glancing mention to Jan. 6 (an issue which hasn’t engaged voters on the right), before ultimately pivoting to an attack on corporate America. The speech ultimately focused on the kind of pocketbook issues that have been engaging many voters this year, themes very familiar to his large cable audience.

Carlson also bragged (as politicians so often do) that he had seen much of Iowa over the years:

“I think I’ve done the full Grassley,” Carlson said, referring to long-serving Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, who’s famous for visiting all the state’s 99 counties during his campaigns — an informal check of a candidate’s seriousness in running for president.

So what exactly is going on here? Carlson claims he doesn’t want the job of president, but he acts just like candidates running for office do.

Jon Schweppe, policy director for the social conservative group American Principles Project, thinks he has an idea what Carlson has in mind:

“He’s definitely flirting with it, 100 percent.”

Need further proof that Carlson is indeed weighing a presidential bid? Consider this remark he made while in Des Moines:

“Nobody on either side has an ironclad claim to the nomination.

“I’ve always liked Nikki Haley, I would tell it to her face, ‘I like you, I don’t want you in charge of anything.’ Because the second things get intense … I want a leader who can still think clearly.”

All of this has Republicans wondering exactly who may show up on their primary ballots for 2024. Will Donald Trump run again? How about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? Or could it be someone who appears out of nowhere and sprints to the nomination the way Trump did in 2016?

Once again, Jon Schweppe believes he can sense what Carlson has in mind:

“He has the role that Rush Limbaugh had in the ’90s and he’s very aware of it. Tucker is setting the terms of ’24 right now, he is the moderator. He’ll be hugely influential in terms of setting the topics. He has the bully pulpit.”

If you thought Donald Trump was a disaster as president, imagine the horrors Tucker Carlson would unleash. And even if he doesn’t run, Carlson’s power as a potential kingmaker cannot be overstated.

We are living in perilous times.


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Weed And Women To Blame For Mass Shootings, Tucker Carlson Insists

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says the reason there are so many mass shootings in the United States isn’t because guns are so easily available, but because women lecture men about their “so-called privilege” and also a result of people smoking marijuana.

On his show Tuesday evening, HuffPost reports, Carlson spewed out a bizarre theory of why the U.S. is so violent:

Carlson, who questioned why Crimo didn’t “raise an alarm” on his show, claimed there’s “a lot” of men who look and act like him.

The right-wing commentator blamed social media, porn, video games and drugs for the actions of men accused of mass shootings.

“They are high on government-endorsed weed, ‘smoke some more, it’s good for you…’” Carlson said.

Carlson proceeded to claim that gunmen in massacres think they’ll be “worse” off than their parents.

“And yet the authorities in their lives ― mostly women ― never stops lecturing them about their so-called privilege.”

First of all, as anyone who has ever smoked marijuana knows, it doesn’t make you violent, unless you count how you’re inclined to grab a half-gallon of Breyers and destroy it in one sitting.

As for women “lecturing” men on their privilege, who has more freaking privilege in this country than white men? Answer: No one!

Sure, we’ve always know that Tucker Carlson and Fox are right-wing propaganda, but trying to blame gun crime on puffing a doobie or being told to pull yourself up and get to work is absolutely ridiculous and and irresponsible. Maybe if Tucker would smoke some herb, he wouldn’t be so damn uptight and willfully ignorant.

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Tucker Carlson Pitched An On-Air Hissy Fit During Thursday’s Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

Fox News host Tucker Carlson proved once again Thursday evening that he and the network he works for have zero credibility and are nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the Republican Party and its would-be dictator for life, Donald Trump.

As the first evening of hearings from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol were beginning at 8:00 p.m., Carlson was starting his nightly show, and he made it clear from the get-go that he had no intention of letting any truth into his broadcast:

“This is the only hour on an American news channel that will not be carrying their propaganda live.

“They are lying, and we will not let them do it.”

HuffPost notes it wasn’t just Carlson’s ranting that was completely fact-free and at times hysterical:

He and his producers plastered hysterical chyrons across the screen for their millions of viewers to see: “JAN 6 CMTE FUELS FALSE NARRATIVES AS SHAM INVESTIGATION DRAGS ON.” “LEADERS WILL SPEND 90 MINUTES GIVING MORAL LECTURE.” “OUR LEADERS ARE FOCUSING ON JAN. 6 WHILE IGNORING THE REAL THREATS.”

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, Carlson also suggested that investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection might just led to another insurrection, which is ironic since he insisted there had been no insurrection in the first place:

“This was not an insurrection, but you know what will give you an insurrection? If you ignore legitimate concerns of a population. If you brush them aside like they don’t matter when gas goes to $5 and say ‘Buy an electric car.’ When cities become so filthy and dangerous that you can’t live there. When the economy becomes so distorted your children have no hope of getting married and giving you grandchildren. When you don’t care at all about any of that and all you do is talk about yourself, nonstop, you might get an insurrection if you behave like that, speaking of insurrections.”

Is that right, Tuck? Well, at least the FBI will know who to visit if and when that happens.