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Vladimir Putin Mocks Tucker Carlson To His Face And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

In a blatant move meant to blunt criticism of his ongoing attacks on Ukraine, indicted war criminal Vladimir Putin agreed to sit down for an extensive interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who was dumped by the network in part for his lies about the 2020 election.

The interview, which lasts two hours, is little more than Putin trying to explain history to Carlson from the perspective of a Russian dictator who thinks he’s entitled to attack any country he wants and then claim self-defense.

One portion of the Putin-Carlson conversation has drawn the most interest because in it the Russian dictator clearly mocks Carlson, according to HuffPost.

In the conversation that dropped on X, formerly Twitter, Thursday, Putin had already blathered on about Russia and Ukraine’s history when he brought up the 2014 ouster of Kremlin-backed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych after mass protests.

“With the backing of whom?” Carlson asked.

“With the backing of CIA, of course, the organization you wanted to join back in the day, as I understand,” Putin responded. “We should thank God they didn’t let you in.”

“Although it is a serious organization, I understand,” he added.

Be sure and check out the look on Carlson’s face when Putin reminds him that he was rejected by the CIA. Some have described it as one of constipation.

Those who viewed the video on Twitter/X delighted in the burn Putin inflicted on Carlson.


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Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Video Views Plummet As He Discovers Fox Is What Made Him A Star

After he was fired from Fox in the wake of a massive $787.5 settlement to settle a lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems, host Tucker Carlson announced that he would be doing weekly broadcasts on Twitter.

The first video from Carlson was a huge success, garnering 120 million views, which led some to suggest that “legacy media” was dying and totally irrelevant in the age of social media.

But subsequent episodes of Carlson’s Twitter broadcasts have not been nearly as successful, according to The Guardian, which reports that it appears Fox was exactly what made Carlson a star in the first place and continues to pursue legal actions against him for breach of the non-compete clause in his contract with them.

Fox has struggled to fill a hole in its primetime schedule as guest hosts try to replicate or replace Carlson’s blend of preppy ties and hard-right invective. But on Twitter, viewer numbers have fallen for Carlson too. Carlson’s most recent episode, on Hunter Biden’s plea deal on tax and gun charges, attracted fewer than 15m views.

From 120 million views to 15 million in a matter of weeks. That’s some major disinterest, and it suggests that Carlson and anyone else who tries to fight against the established news media model is facing a possibly intractable problem, according to Brian Stelter, the former host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” Fox has all the leverage while Carlson has none.

“I think it’s very clear that Fox would like to keep him off the air … for as long as they contractually can. That is not always how these things go. There’s often a compromise between network and talent. Instead of being benched for two years, he might accept one year. But I think from the tea-leaf reading, Fox wants him benched for the entire rest of the contract.”

“There’s a long history in TV news of anchors being put on the proverbial bench,” Stelter added. “It’s called pay or play. A network [doesn’t] have to play you, it can choose to just pay. [In Carlson’s case], they are paying him but they don’t have to play him.”

So where does that leave Carlson? Simply put, in a no-win situation with diminishing returns that fail to even help him get another position with any other networks as long as he’s still tied to Fox.

In other words, Tucker Carlson is quickly becoming irrelevant, and for a person who gets paid to broadcast their opinions, that’s the worst fate imaginable, though it’s certainly the one he deserves.


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Ilhan Omar Gives Tucker Carlson A New Nickname He’s Sure To Despise

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is glad to see former Fox News host Tucker Carlson among the ranks of the unemployed, and she’s also unveiling a new moniker she came up with for him.

Speaking with Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC on Tuesday, according to HuffPost Omar destroyed Carlson.

“I can’t tell you just how both relieved and terrified I am of where he might end up, and the kind of platform he might end up having,” she continued, adding it’s “hard not to make people understand just how dangerous this man was and how many lives he risked with his hateful rhetoric on a daily basis.”

And that’s when Omar dubbed Carlson the “king of hate.”

When he was still on the air, Carlson often attacked Rep. Omar, calling her “loathsome” and “a symbol of America’s failed immigration system.” He also said she was “living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country.”

But she’s having the last laugh, because she’s still got her job and King of Hate Carlson is looking for a gig. Don’t you just love when karma catches up with assholes?

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Constitutionally Clueless MT Greene Says Firing Of Tucker Carlson Is The ‘End Of The First Amendment’

Proving that she’s just as utterly ignorant about the Constitution as she is of nearly every subject under the sun, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is now claiming that Fox News’ firing of primetime host Tucker Carlson on Monday is the “end of the First Amendment.”

Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of The Balance on Newsmax, Greene told host Eric Bolling, “I think it was devastating to our First Amendment. Our First Amendment is free speech, but it’s also freedom of press.”

Oh, and Carlson’s firing was also due to wokeness, Greene claimed: “They literally fired him because they caved to the woke mob. What we’re seeing is the end of the First Amendment.”

Later in the discussion, Bolling claimed that Fox was now pro-transgender:

“Fox is almost promoting it. They were pushing that agenda and here we are about a year–less than a year later and Tucker gets fired on the heels of a massive pushback against the trans Bud Light scandal that’s going on.”

It’s a giant conspiracy! That’s always the fallback position for right-wingers when they don’t get their way.

Greene joined the anti-trans diatribe, telling Bolling, “This is a very serious issue. Fox News shouldn’t be pushing the radical left’s trans agenda on children. That’s so wrong and now they fire Tucker Carlson? Yeah, the writing is on the wall for Americans. We completely understand what we’re seeing from Fox News. But I think it should concern everyone.”

It’s fact-check time.

The First Amendment doesn’t mean a media company can’t fire an employee for cause, which is the reason Carlson was terminated. Specifically, he was referring to female co-workers as “c*nts.” That is unacceptable in any workplace and will get you fired in a heartbeat no matter where you work.

Also, the First Amendment protects free speech by anyone from censorship by the government. Any publication, broadcaster, or online news site can censor whatever they want to. No one made Fox terminate Carlson. He did that to himself with his disgusting choice of words.

It really should be illegal for people as stupid as Marjorie Greene to hold office in this country.


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Clause In Tucker Carlson’s Fox Contract May Leave Him No Option But Running For President In 2024

Social media is filled with speculation today on the topic of where former Fox News host Tucker Carlson will soon be employed. Might he sign with a right-wing network such as Newsmax or One America News? Or will he decide to do a strictly online show and broadcast that way?

Before you believe any rumors about where Carlson is headed, consider that it’s likely his Fox contract contains what’s known as a non-compete clause, which is defined by Reuters as “contracts between an employer and an employee that are typically signed at the start of their business relationship. Essentially, a non-compete agreement prohibits the employee from competing with the business directly or indirectly for a specific duration of time after their employment has ended.”

In other words, Carlson may be banned from starting or joining any entity that competes directly with Fox, meaning he would be in violation of an agreement he signed his name to when he first joined the network. That means he would forfeit the money Fox agreed to pay him in the contract.

And that, according to former GOP strategist Rick Wilson, suggests that Carlson may find the only option he has is running for office, including a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Wilson shared his thoughts on Twitter, writing, “The shock of this will ripple through the enormous right-wing media ecosystem for ages to come. He was the big goal for MAGA activists: the Tucker Hit. Consider this: Ron DeSantis predicated his entire campaign on winning the ‘Tucker Primary.'”

That led Wilson to go one step further.

“Many people on the right have adopted a position that may be wishcasting; ‘Tucker will be back on a new streaming channel tomorrow and you’ll rue the day, libtards!’ Maybe not. Fox probably has a pretty stiff noncompete in his contract, so I wouldn’t count on the Tucker Carlson White Power Hour on the Blaze or Daily Wire any time soon. TBD, of course, but Fox will leak those details soon enough to chill the waters.

“Which leads us to a fascinating prospect…”

“What if he runs? He’s rich enough. He’d instantly have an online fundraising juggernaut second only to Trump, and perhaps surpassing him. He’s polarizing, terrible, and utterly amoral…in short, better than Ron DeSantis for the base. I’d argue he’s the only Republican who presents a material danger to Donald Trump in a primary. Celebrity, money, mental acuity, cynicism, pro-Putin isolationism, and an overt love of authoritarianism are a pretty strong secret sauce for the MAGA base. Celebrity got Trump the WH.”

“It could certainly do the same for Tucker. And spare me your ‘That could never happen. Even Trump’s GOP would never vote for a former TV host pushing white replacement theory.’ That’s PRECISELY who they’d vote for.”