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WATCH NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell School Jim Jordan On The First Amendment

Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan got his head handed to him on Wednesday by National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell when Jordan tried to trip up Goodell on the subject of the First Amendment and free speech.

Specifically, Jordan said he was upset that Goodell had fined Washington Commanders Jack Del Rio for downplaying the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot that left five people (including a Capitol Police officer) dead.

Jordan began with a confrontational tone, asking Goodell:

“You made this statement. ‘We the National Football League encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest.’ Did you really mean that when you said, Mr. Goodell?”

Goodell replied:

“Yes, I think people are responsible for what they say and what they do. Yes.”


“When you said you encourage all to speak out, you meant all, not just some?”

And that’s when Goodell reminded Jordan that the First Amendment isn’t absolute:

“That’s correct, congressman, but you are responsible for what you say. There are consequences for what you do, and say, and write.”

Jordan’s wan response was “Yeah.”

Keep in mind this is the same Jim Jordan who spoke via phone with failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump as the attack on the Capitol was taking place and may have also helped plan the attack.

Also, Jordan has steadfastly refused to give testimony to the January 6 committee unless they agree to show him all of the evidence they have in advance. Sounds like the sort of thing a guilty person would demand, doesn’t it?

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Trump Gets Supremely Mocked For Saying He’ll Be Making A ‘Major Announcement’ About The First Amendment

Even though he hasn’t been president for nearly six months now, failed, one-term former President Donald Trump seems to be under the mistaken impression that he can still change things by making speeches or firing off press releases.

The latest proof that Trump is living in an alternate reality where he’s still head of state comes in a tweet sent out by his “spokesperson,” Liz Harrington:

So next Wednesday in New Jersey, Donald Trump is going to regale us all with his “efforts to protect Americans’ First Amendment rights.”

Donald Trump and the First Amendment don’t exactly go together. After all, he spied on reporters while serving as head of state and suggested that Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms be shut down when the put warnings on his postings. In other words, Trump is the last person to protect the right to free speech and a free press, establishment of religion, or the right to assemble.

Remember when protesters were in Lafayette Park and Trump ordered them teargassed so he could go hold up a Bible in front of a church? How about when he called members of the news media “enemies of the people”?

The only person Trump thinks the First Amendment applies to is him or one of his demented surrogates. If he’d gotten a second term in office, the right to free speech would have been destroyed by his Justice Department and his handpicked asspuppet, William Barr.

Let the online mockery begin!

Don’t be surprised if Trump’s big “announcement” turns out to be him whining about being banned from Facebook and Twitter. He’s so damn pathetic.


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WATCH Robert Reich Turn Ann Coulter’s Whining About ‘Free Speech’ On Both Her And Trump

Conservatives like Ann Coulter love to complain that those who disagree with them want to violate their free speech rights, even though right wingers are notorious for urging curbs on the First Amendment when someone dares to express an opinion they deem as unacceptable.

Coulter has been in the news this week because she was scheduled to give a speech at the University of California, Berkeley, but some of the Berkeley students didn’t want her on their campus. So This Week host Jonathan Karl had Coulter on his show Sunday morning, along with Robert Reich, who is a professor at Berkeley.

Karl began by asking Coulter if  Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on the media also set a dangerous precedent for free speech. Rather than respond to that, Coulter replied:

“Universities ought to be places where I am not the only conservative most students will hear in four years of college. This whole incident shows the radical insulated left on the college campuses. And the entire left wing, including President [Barack Obama] and Bill Maher, are on the other side.

“And what useless institutions our universities are. The lefties are on the side of the thugs. They’ve taken over the universities. I don’t think anyone learns anything at college anymore. It’s a four year vacation. And I think that’s what people ought to be looking at because the taxpayers are supporting these universities.”

That’s when Reich entered the debate and turned Coulter’s words on both her and the so-called head of state:

“The libel laws should not be widened [as Trump has suggested]. We really do need a free press. One thing that concerns me about the present administration is the willingness of the administration to not only talk about widening the libel laws and also criminal laws — flag burning — but even the president of the United States, last night, using a [rally] in Harrisburg to summon his supporters and criticize the press once again.

“This is dangerous. I mean, if we believe in the First Amendment, we believe in a free and independent press.”

It’s also interesting to note that Coulter used the word “thug” in her little unhinged rant. The biggest thug of them all is Donald Trump himself. He must have learned that from his good friend Vladimir.

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