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Trump’s Current Legal Team Features A Former Right-Wing TV Host And A Lawyer For A Parking Garage Company

Now that he’s facing the greatest legal jeopardy of his entire life on multiple fronts (including from the Justice Department, which almost always wins), failed, one-term twice-impeached president Donald Trump’s so-called legal team is composed of a former right-wing TV host who lost her television gig when her network went belly up and a lawyer who represents a parking garage company.

In other words, Trump is screwed, and it’s all a result of the fact that he doesn’t like to pay his attorneys and is considered to be a “difficult” client.

The Washington Post has a fascinating report on Trump’s lawyers, and they note that most reputable and competent attorneys won’t even take Donald’s phone calls:

Ordinarily, the prestige and publicity of representing a former president, as well as the new and complex legal issues at stake in this case, would attract high-powered attorneys. But Trump’s search is being hampered by his divisiveness, as well as his reputation for stiffing vendors and ignoring advice.

“In olden days, he would tell firms representing him was a benefit because they could advertise off it. Today it’s not the same,” said Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for Trump who was convicted of tax evasion, false statements, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress in 2018. “He’s also a very difficult client in that he’s always pushing the envelope, he rarely listens to sound legal advice, and he wants you to do things that are not appropriate, ethically or legally.”

So who exactly has been Trump been able to get to represent him? It’s almost laughable when you hear the pathetic credentials of his current defense team:

People familiar with the search for legal help said the effort includes Susie Wiles, a close adviser to Trump, and attorney Christina Bobb, who was present at Mar-a-Lago during the search and signed for the list of documents taken. Former campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn is taking a prominent role, and former White House aide Kash Patel is advising informally. Patel is raising money for a “legal offense” fund by selling merchandise such as tank tops and beanies emblazoned with the logo “K$H.”

“You get these guys who just live to be around him, and mistakes get made,” a lawyer who isn’t part of the team said. “These guys just want to make him happy.”

Here’s the Trump “dream team,” which sounds a hell of a lot more like a nightmare:

  • Christina Bobb: “Bobb was previously a host on the far-right, pro-Trump television network One America News. At OAN, Bobb covered the Arizona Republican Party’s review of 2020 ballots — which ultimately confirmed Joe Biden’s win in the state — while also raising money for the effort and conferring with Trump advisers.”
  • Lindsey Halligan: “Whose practice, according to a professional biography, focuses on insurance claims at residential and commercial properties. She was admitted to the Florida bar in 2014.”
  • Alina Habba: “Leads a three-attorney firm with an office near Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J. Her professional experience includes serving as general counsel to a parking garage company.”

Former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz says he’s worried Trump isn’t properly represented:

“Good lawyers should have been working on this case for months. He needs a big and good and very experienced defense team with experience trying cases.”

Problem is, “good lawyers” don’t want a client like Donald Trump. And that could wind up leading to a long prison stay for the disgraced ex-president.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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