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GOP Congressman: I’m Convinced Lauren Boebert Knew About The Jan. 6 Attack In Advance

A member of the House Republican caucus is speaking out and letting it be known that the GOP in its current form has utterly capitulated to the lies and lunacy of former President Donald Trump, and that he cannot sit still and watch as his party is destroyed without sounding an alarm.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has long been a critic of Trump, but remarks he made to The New York Times Magazine are some of the harshest yet, with the Illinois congressman noting:

“I made the decision early in my career that I would be willing to take a potentially career-ending vote. But I thought that vote would be for something like a Social Security reform bill. I never thought it would be for defending democracy.”

The vote Kinzinger took to defend democracy was when he voted to authorize the creation of a bipartisan commission to examine what happened on January 6 and who is responsible for the Capitol insurrection which left five people dead.

Kinzinger was especially critical of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA):

“Kevin gave a great speech the week after that, and then he went to Mar-a-Lago and charged the paddles and brought Trump back to life. That’s the moment when I realized, Oh, man, this is a problem. You come to understand that when the party and party leaders talk about unity, and in the same breath, say that Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party, what they’re talking about isn’t unity. They’re talking about capitulation. When under the guise of unity, you act like Jan. 6 was just whatever you want to make of it, that is capitulating to a false narrative and to a dangerous attack on democracy. I will certainly talk to Kevin if he wants to. But I don’t see how we’re ever going to come eye-to-eye on this until there is a recognition that we can’t be the party of insurrection.”

And yet the GOP has indeed become the party of insurrection, with almost no Republicans being willing to say what needs to be said: That what transpired on Jan. 6 was a direct attack on the United States and an abomination that must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

Of special concern to Kinzinger is the fact that he suspects there are current Republicans in Congress who knew what was going to take place on the fateful January day, yet didn’t say a word or warn their colleagues or the authorities:

“I will say, if you just looked at Twitter — the whole reason I brought my gun and kept my staff home and told my wife to stay in the apartment was looking at Twitter. I saw the threats. When Lauren Boebert — I will call her out by name — tweeted ‘Today is 1776,’ I don’t know what that meant other than this is the time for revolution. Maybe it was a dumb tweet that she didn’t mean. Fine. I’ll give her that credit for now. But if you have members of Congress who were involved in nurturing an insurrection, heck yeah, we need to know.”

Fortunately, a select committee has now been created to sort out what happened on Jan. 6. And if it finds that some members of Congress did indeed have advance knowledge of the attack, they need to be booted from their seats and handed over to the Justice Department for prosecution.


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There’s About To Be A ‘Significant Amount Of Subpoenas’ From The Jan. 6 Committee: Report

The select House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is wasting no time getting to the task set before them and is expected to start issuing a “significant amount” of subpoenas, according to one member of the panel.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is one of two Republicans on the committee, along with Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, and he said Sunday that he fully expects the committee will compel “a lot of people” to testify, adding:

“I would expect to see a significant amount of subpoenas. It’s going to be a thorough investigation for sure.”

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” the Illinois Republican noted that “We want to do this expeditiously. … What led up to it, what really happened and what happened in the aftermath.”

Politico reports that Kinzinger also hinted at who he expects will be subpoenaed by the committee:

“On the potential for subpoenaing prominent Republicans including former President Donald Trump and those who spoke to him on Jan. 6, such as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Kinzinger said: ‘I would support subpoenas to anyone that can shed light on that. If that’s the leader, that’s the leader.

“‘I want to know what the president was doing every moment that day. … I want to know if the National Guard took five or six hours to get to Capitol Hill. Did the president make calls? If he didn’t, why?’ Kinzinger said.”

But what might happen if someone refuses to comply with a subpoena? Kinzinger was asked. He replied that would be a matter for attorneys working for the select committee, noting:

“If anybody is scared of this investigation, I ask you, what are you afraid of? If you think it wasn’t a big deal, you should allow this to go forward. We may not have to talk to Donald Trump. … If he has unique information that’s one thing. There’s a lot of people around him that know something.”

Kinzinger was also asked what he thought about remarks made by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is to blame for what transpired on Jan. 6. To that query, he replied:

“To me it’s mind-blowing and shows the desperation to derail this. The speaker and I don’t get along on a lot of things. On this, we do. Blaming what happened on Jan. 6 on the security posture, that’s like blaming someone for being a victim of crime.”

Kinzinger and others on the committee do indeed need to press for testimony from anyone who played even the smallest role in the Capitol insurrection. Those that try to refuse a subpoena clearly have something to hide and should be charged with contempt of Congress. If they still refuse, they should be censured and threatened with expulsion from Congress.

Here’s the video from ABC News: