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Jared Kushner Is Asked If He’d ‘Work For Trump Again’ – His Response Is Incredibly Revealing

You’ve probably heard or read that former Trump administration senior adviser Jared Kushner (a.k.a) Mr. Ivanka Trump has a “memoir” out about all of the great things (ha!) he accomplished while serving in the White House.

In order to sell more copies of his book, Jared showed up on Fox News for an interview with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino and was posed this question:

“Would you work for Trump again?”

If you think you’ve heard non-responsive replies before, you ain’t heard nothing until you get a load of the word salad that came from Jared:

“Working for him was an honor. I write in the book about how it was a different experience. I’m very proud of the things I got done. It is a big toll, working in Washington…I don’t want people who are from the private sector to be scared to go to Washington. I think that that’s what our founders wanted. They wanted people to leave their farm, go and serve, then go back to their farm. It takes a big toll, but you can get a lot of things done…”

What?! Even Bill Hemmer couldn’t resist reminding Kushner:

“That is not an answer.”

And that led to even more bullshit from Jared, who opined on the matter with this:

“We need not the career political class who have been doing it for 30 years. We need people with different perspectives, outsider approaches, people with real life business experience coming to Washington. That’s what President Trump did. He brought a lot of people like him, but now he’s got a lot of very qualified people with him who I think could help him do things in ways he didn’t have in the beginning of his first term. So for me right now, I’m enjoying my life in the private sector and loving the time with my kids.”

Even Perino seemed tired of the back-and-forth at that point, remarking:

“I’m taking it as a no.”

About the only work Jared, Ivanka, or any of the other Trump family members will likely be for the old man in the future is making sure he has some money in his commissary account so he can buy Little Debbies and ramen soup kits at whatever federal prison he’s shipped to.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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