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As Gas Prices Fall, Fox News Is Suddenly Worried It May Harm ‘Mom-And-Pop Gas Stations’

For months now, Fox News has bemoaned the high price of gasoline and the economic impact on Americans, which they maintain is the fault of President Joe Biden, despite the fact that no president has the ability to control the price of fuel or any other commodity.

Gas prices are now falling across the country, and the price per gallon has dropped over the past month from highs of $5+ a gallon to below $4 in some states.

Is Fox celebrating the decrease in gas prices? Of course not! Now they’re whining that the downturn in pump prices could be bad news for “mom-and-pop gas stations.”

Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast notes that “America Reports” co-hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts were discussing the downturn in gas prices Monday:

Co-anchor John Roberts finally broke the news to Fox News viewers that the price of gas was “creeping back down” near his home. His colleague Sandra Smith, however, suggested that this may not be entirely a good thing.

“It is. It is,” she noted. “And the point was made over the weekend, I believe it was the Wall Street Journal, that gas prices are actually coming back down historically faster with the price of oil than usual.”

Smith continued: “And it just goes to show you what an incredible risk-reward calculation has to happen on the part of those small—independently owned, most of them—mom-and-pop gas stations. It’s a struggle for all of them!”

The Wall Street Journal article Smith referred to was almost as alarmist as the gang at Fox, reporting that gasoline prices quickly falling is “creating new headaches for the mom-and-pop entrepreneurs and other independent operators who run roughly half of U.S. gas stations,” adding that station owners risk “losing money on every new fuel order” they place.

Considering that those same gas stations have been making record profits for close to year now, it’s kind of difficult to feel the least bit sorry for them now that they’re seeing the laws of supply and demand hit them in the pocket the way they have consumers.

How long will it be before Fox is complaining that the sky’s too blue and puppies are way too cute?


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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