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Trump Says He’s The Perfect Person To Negotiate A Peace Deal Between Russia And Ukraine

Disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is now proposing that he head a U.S. delegation to negotiate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

A day after reports that explosions had damaged and disabled the Russian Nordstream pipelines in what European leaders are calling sabotage, the failed ex-president went on his failing Truth Social site and posted this message:

U.S. “Leadership” should remain “cool, calm, and dry” on the SABOTAGE of the Nord Stream Pipelines. This is a big event that should not entail a big solution, at least not yet. The Russia/Ukraine catastrophe should NEVER have happened, and would definitely not have happened if I were President. Do not make matters worse with the pipeline blowup. Be strategic, be smart (brilliant!), get a negotiated deal done NOW. Both sides need and want it. The entire World is at stake. I will head up group???

Despite suspicions that Russia disabled the Nordstream pipelines, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Tuesday evening on his show that he believes the Biden administration might be responsible, according to Mediaite:

Recent explosions that reportedly disabled the pipeline did not earn much coverage in the United States until Carlson opened his top-rated show covering it and pointing the finger at the Biden administration for what he suggested was a climate catastrophe.  Given Carlson’s documented proclivity for supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Trump’s doing the same, it might be wise to keep powder dry on laying blame on anyone at this point, but it is definitely a story to continue to track.

By all means, let’s send a man who repeatedly kowtows to Putin on every issue to sell out our Ukrainian allies. What could possibly go wrong, other than Trump helping to craft a “deal” that would result in Ukraine having to give up 90% of its territory to the mass murdering megalomaniac who may have dirt on the former president?

Here’s some of the reaction on social media to Trump’s ludicrous offer to help:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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