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John Fetterman Just Commented On Lauren Boebert’s Theater Antics – And It’s PERFECT

Over the few days, it seems Republicans have been much more offended, upset, and downright apoplectic about the fact that the Senate dress code has been relaxed than one of their own, Rep. Lauren Boebert, (R-CO) being ejected from a Denver theater for vaping and engaging in sex play with her boyfriend even though there were children in the audience.

Of course, that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention over the past several years (especially since Donald Trump appeared on the national political scene), because today’s GOP is a party of massive hypocrisy on so-called “moral” issues regarding freedom and sexuality.

Today, however, some equilibrium was restored to the political universe with a tweet sent out by Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), who has been shamed by Republicans for not wanting to wear a business suit to perform his duties as a member of the Senate.

Here’s how Fox News breathlessly reported on Fetterman and the new relaxed dress code:

DRESS TO IMPRESS?: People are furious after the Senate dropped its dress code requirement — and they’re saying there is only one lawmaker to blame. Why the bar is being “lowered”

People are furious? What people? Republicans, of course. Most Democrats aren’t upset, and, truth be told, if indeed clothes make man, how does the GOP explain that the person their party worships is a convicted sex abuser who has lusted after his own daughter and is now facing 91 criminal charges? He almost always wears a suit, but he’s still a disgusting pervert and scumbag.

What we need here is some levity and sanity to make the debate more palatable, and that was provided by none other than John Fetterman himself, who fired off this:

“I figure if I take up vaping and grabbing the hog during a live musical, they’ll make me a folk hero.”

Even though the posting was on social media, you could almost hear the applause across the digital ether.


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Lauren Boebert May Be Charged With A Sex Crime Under Colorado’s Lewdness Statute

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s lewd behavior at a Denver theater performance of a musical last week may soon result in her being charged with a sex crime under Colorado law.

According to Newsweek:

Colorado law states that public indecency is committed when a person performs certain acts in a public place, or in a place where the public is likely to see, including lewdly fondling or caressing another individual. Sexual intercourse; lewd exposure of the body but not the genitalia, with the intent to arouse or satisfy a sexual desire; and knowingly exposing one’s genitals to the view of another, under the circumstances in which such conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm, are considered public indecency, as well.

According to statute 18-7-301 of the Colorado criminal code, public indecency is a petty offense sex crime punishable by fines and up to six months in prison for more serious offenses. It tends to carry lighter penalties, though, such as 10 days in jail and/or up to $300 fines, in addition to potential probation, community service or mandatory counseling.

Boebert and her date were caught on video sexually fondling each other, with the man grabbing at her breasts while the congresswoman placed her hand on his crotch.

Does their behavior fall under the Colorado statute? Possibly, but Denver defense attorney Matthew Hand says the indecency law is “vague and overreaching.”

“To be blunt, not all intimacy is intercourse, and lewdness is in the eye of the beholder.”

Even if Boebert isn’t formally charged, the political price she’ll have to pay may be the final straw in what was already projected to be difficult reelection bid for the Colorado Republican, with polls showing her losing favor among voters in her district.

Ironically, Boebert’s ex-husband was convicted of a sex crime in 2004 after he exposed his penis to two underage girls in bowling alley.

In January 2004, when Jayson Boebert was 24, he was arrested for exposing himself to two young women at a Colorado bowling alley. His future wife Lauren Roberts (as she was then known), who was 17 at the time, was also present and was told she was no longer welcome at the bowling alley.

Jayson Boebert pled guilty to “public indecency and lewd exposure” after that incident, according to The New York Post, and was sentenced to four days in jail with a subsequent two years on probation.

No wonder Lauren fell in love with Jayson, huh?


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Court Allows Ohio State Sex Abuse Suits To Proceed – That’s Bad News For Jim Jordan

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan (R) may be even angrier and more on edge than usual in the days ahead as the result of a Supreme Court ruling handed down today that leaves in place a prior decision allowing over 230 men to sue Ohio State University for sexual abuse committed by Richard Strauss, a deceased former doctor who was employed by the university.

According to the Associated Press:

Two cases involving the abuse were on a list of many cases the court said it would not hear. And, as is typical, the court did not comment in saying it would not hear the cases.

Ohio State University had urged the court to review a ruling by the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that revived lawsuits that had been dismissed. The men who sued are among hundreds of former student-athletes and other alumni who say they were abused by Strauss, who worked at the school from 1978 to 1998.

They say university officials failed to stop him despite complaints raised as early as the late 1970s. Many of them allege Strauss abused them during required physicals and other medical exams at campus athletic facilities, a student health center, his home and an off-campus clinic.

Jordan’s connection to the scandal involves his role as an assistant coach for the OSU men’s wrestling team during the time of the alleged sexual assaults.

Six former wrestlers say Jordan knew they were being abused by Dr. Strauss but did nothing to stop or even report what was taking place.

As CNN noted in 2020, the wrestlers allege that “Jordan heard or responded to sexual misconduct complaints about team doctor Richard Strauss. Eight others say Strauss’ inappropriate behavior was an open secret in the athletic department and that Jordan, among others, must have known about it.”

Jordan has repeatedly denied he knew anything about the abuse, but one of the former wrestlers, Tito Vasquez, says the congressman is lying:

“When these complaints come and he pretends now that he had no knowledge of it, that’s betrayal in the highest level.”

The Supreme Court decision could also have repercussions for Jordan, if only by placing the matter back in the public eye with the congressman seeking reelection 2024 and drawing strong criticism for his hearings on what he calls the “weaponization” of the FBI and Justice Department by the Biden administration.

Additionally, Jordan is facing the prospect of being further damaged by an upcoming HBO documentary being compiled by actor George Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures, with Clooney remarking, “It’s a devastating story about people in power abusing and then covering up their criminal actions against students. The fact that it hasn’t been resolved as of yet is deeply disturbing.”

Be afraid, Gym. Be very afraid.


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House Ethics Committee Investigating Matt Gaetz For Sexual Misconduct And Illegal Drug Use


Though he managed to not be criminally charged for allegedly engaging in the sexual trafficking of underage girls, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is once again under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for possible sexual misconduct and illegal drug use.

CNN reports the committee’s investigation — which started in 2021 — has been revived after it was shut down when Republicans narrowly took control of the House of Representatives after the 2022 midterm election.

A source familiar with the House panel’s work told CNN that the Justice Department’s decision not to bring charges against Gaetz does not impact what the committee will and won’t investigate. The committee plans to examine the same allegations they were looking into when they opened the investigation in 2021, the source told CNN.

The Ethics Committee, which at the time was controlled by Democrats, originally opened an investigation in 2021publicly announcing that they were examining a range of allegations including that Gaetz violated sex trafficking laws, shared inappropriate images or videos on the House floor, converted campaign funds to personal use and accepted a bribe, among other claims.

Gaetz insisted he wasn’t worried about being under investigation yet again.

“The Ethics Committee typically operates through leaks and so this is no surprise, but the Ethics Committee has never found me to be in violation of House rules, though they’ve been investigating me during my entire seven years in Congress,” he said. “It’s also funny that the one guy who doesn’t take the corrupt lobbyist and PAC money seems to be under the most Ethics investigation.”

The Florida Republican, you may recall, was suspected of having committed some very serious federal crimes.

The investigation into Gaetz came after allegations emerged that the he had sex with a 17-year-old girl. The Justice Department investigated to determine if Gaetz had paid or illegally trafficked the girl to have sex. His ex-girlfriend was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony to a federal grand jury. 

Had Gaetz been charged and found guilty of sexually trafficking an underage girl, he could have been sentenced to life in prison.

Gaetz also reportedly asked failed ex-president Donald Trump for a pardon in the final days of the administration.


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Matt Gaetz Gets Mocked For Saying Nikki Haley Is ‘In Her Prime’ But He’s ‘Not Interested’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) really needs to learn that there are times he’d be better off keeping his mouth shut and staying off social media.

Even though he found out this week that he won’t be charged by federal prosecutors for allegedly engaging in the sexual trafficking of an underage girl, the Florida Republican decided he’d join the debate on whether or not former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who announced her candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday is qualified to be president.

As she was formally entering the 2024 race, Haley said she thought any politician over the age of 75 should have to pass a competency test, which led CNN host Don Lemon to comment that the 51-year-old Haley isn’t “in her prime.” He later apologized for the remark.

Gaetz, however, decided he’d weigh in on the matter, though he probably wishes he hadn’t.

On Twitter, Gaetz wrote:

“Nikki Haley is absolutely in her prime. Still not interested! Trump 2024”

That was all it took for social media users to remind Gaetz that we already knew he was fond of significantly younger women but didn’t expect him to come right out and say it for all the world to see.