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Fox News’ Latest Conspiracy Theory: Biden Is Using COVID To ‘Distract’ From Afghanistan

It was only a matter of time before the blockheads at Fox News cooked up yet another conspiracy theory, and they’ve really outdone themselves with their latest lunacy.

During a segment on the network Sunday, host Rachel Campos-Duffy told viewers:

“The White House was busy making headlines this week — but not about our Afghanistan response. The president instead announcing he will give a booster shot and mandating the vaccine for nursing homes staff. But is this just an attempt to distract the American people away from the Afghanistan crisis?”

Republicans think that because their tangerine lord and savior, Donald Trump, could never walk and chew gum at the same time, and the fact that Biden can must be proof of some nefarious intent.

Fox News “medical correspondent” Dr. Marty Makary then joined the discussion, telling Campos-Duffy:

“There have been daily headline-grabbing announcements from the White House with no new supporting data. And then on Thursday, they hit the nuclear button and said the FDA is going to grant full approval [for COVID-19 vaccines] and they gave those details yesterday.”

How exactly is keeping the American public informed about the latest regarding vaccines for the biggest public health crisis in a century hitting the “nuclear button?” It’s safe to say most of us want as much information as possibly about coronavirus since it’s a clear and present danger.

Makary then added:

“Medical advice should be exempt from partisan manipulation and news announcements like this. When we politicize COVID right now for the sake of changing the news cycle, it damages that great credibility and public trust of the medical profession.”

However, the good doctor failed to provide a shred of evidence that anything had been manipulated or politicized. It’s just a giant bag of crap soup the disinformation experts at Fox cooked up to rile their viewers.

The bottom line is this: Last week alone, COVID claimed the lives of about 1,000 Americans each and every day, according to the New York Times.

How many Americans died in Afghanistan over the past week? Zero. So which is the bigger threat? According to Fox, it’s what’s happening in a country 7,000 miles away. How’s that for some twisted logic and misplaced priorities?


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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