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MAGA Couple Whines CPAC Ripped Them Off By Making Them Watch Trump’s Speech From The ‘Overflow Room’

Bless their little hateful hearts, the MAGA faithful are being ripped off every step of the way, and yet they can’t see it or, even when they do, they never blame their lord and savior, Donald John Trump. Instead, they blame others for the greed that follows wherever the failed, one-term former president goes.

Case in point: The CPAC conference being held this weekend in Dallas Texas. Trump spoke Saturday evening to attendees, but there was such huge demand to see the disgraced, twice-impeached ex-president that tickets were sold for people to watch the speech from other rooms, where it was piped in via video.

That led to some of the Trump acolytes complaining to Davram Stiefler of comedy duo The Good Liars that they’d been treated terribly.

Steifler shared a video he made outside CPAC in which he announces:

“We are outside of CPAC in Dallas, 2022. People are getting turned away – want to tell us about it?”

The man explained:

“Yes, we were looking forward to seeing Trump live. We actually paid for it right here, and they knew we were not getting in.”

That led Steifler to ask:

“They sold you tickets — it was already overcapacity — they took your money, sent you in there and you just got turned away?”

The man replied:



“Do you think it’s an issue of the organizers of CPAC getting greedy?”

That led the man to respond:

“It could be that. It may not be organized enough, not knowing what the capacity was. I’m not gonna sit and watch in the overflow room.”

Be sure and notice that the couple never said a bad word about Trump, who may well have suggested CPAC sell as many tickets as possible and split the take with him. Would that surprise you? If so, then you clearly don’t know the level of grift the Donald operates from.

There’s an old saying which applies when it comes to Con Man Don: If you can’t tell who’s being conned, congratulations, it’s you!

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Trump Grosses Out CPAC By Claiming The White House Doctor ‘Loved Looking At My Body’

Taking the stage Saturday evening at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president riffed for over and hour on his favorite topics — himself, himself, and himself — even going to far as to tell attendees that former White House physician Ronny Jackson (who now serves in Congress) “loved” looking at his body when he gave him a physical.

According to Mediaite, Jackson was in attendance as Trump gave his speech:

During his speech, the former President shouted out Jackson, who stood up in the audience, smiling to a round of applause.

“He was a great doctor,” said Trump “You know, he was an admiral, a doctor, and now he’s a congressman.”

Trump continued claiming that he asked Jackson which career he preferred and “he sort of indicated doctor because he loved looking at my body.”

“It was so strong and powerful,” noted Trump.

The disgraced ex-president added that Jackson told him he was “the healthiest president that’s ever lived.”

Jackson was the subject of an Defense Department Inspector General report last year that found he had contributed to a hostile work environment, drank on duty, and engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct during his time as White House Physician.

As for Trump’s ludicrous claim that he’s the “healthiest president that’s ever lived,” take a look at this photo of the Donald from last weekend during a golf tournament at his Bedminster Golf Club:

Does that tub of lard look healthy to you?

There’s also this photo, which was also taken as Trump played golf at the Saudi-funded golf pro-am last weekend:

Does that man look healthy, or does he look like he needs to be hospitalized?

This one tweet best sums up how the rest of us feel when we see Donald Trump:

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CPAC Speakers Are Telling Attendees ‘We Are At War’ As The GOP Revels In Militancy

If you wandered into the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over the past two days and didn’t know where you were, you might well have thought you’d landed in the middle of a seditious nest of militants who were busy plotting a violent overthrow of the U.S. government.

In other words, welcome to the GOP in 2022, where talk of battle, war, and violence are found in nearly every speech that’s delivered.

And those violent utterings are being eaten up like ambrosia by attendees, according to Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone, who reports that former White House advisor Steve Bannon kicked off the jihad chorus by telling the audience for his speech, “We are at war.”

Repeating the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, Bannon insisted that Joe Biden is an ‘illegitimate imposter.’ Calling on Republicans to send ‘shock troops’ to Washington, Bannon promised the crowd they had an opportunity to ‘shatter the Democratic party as a national political institution’ He alleged that the party has been overrun by ‘radical, cultural Marxists’ and ‘groomers’ who ‘want to destroy the Republic.’ Bannon insisted the GOP must pursue absolute victory over ‘power-mad and lawless’ Democrats, asserting: ‘There can be no half measures anymore.’

Bannon, of course, holds no office, hosts a pathetic, lie-filled podcast, and is headed to federal prison in the near future after being found guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, however, does hold office, and he was eager to add fuel to the rhetorical spark set off by Bannon, telling attendees:

“It’s like the old Roman Colosseum where you slam on a breastplate and you grab a battle axe and you go fight the barbarians. As they say in the military world, it is a target-rich environment.”

Barbarians? Sounds like classic psychological projection, something Republicans excel at, because they can only deflect from their own disgusting ideas by placing blame for them on others.

Dickinson sat through two days of speeches and was struck, he reports, by just how warlike the words were from everyone who took the podium. And considering what transpired on January 6, 2021, that does not bode well for the future of American democracy:

The rhetoric of revolution and frontline confrontation went hand-in-hand with other speakers and presenters who cast the American left as demonic, evil, and destructive — in other words the kind of enemies who deserve to be dealt with harshly. CPAC has long been a political circus, a relatively harmless sideshow. But its latest incarnation has become manifestly dangerous — more fascist than farce. It is holding up alleged perpetrators of political violence as martyrs. It is demonizing its domestic political opponents as diabolical ‘enemies within.’ And it is giving MAGA supporters a militaristic frame for their charge to the ‘front lines’ of America’s culture wars.

In short it is playing with fire. But it’s the rest of us who may get burned.

Today’s GOP has become the firemen of Fahrenheit 451, a modern-day Montag and his gang, all of whom loved the flames, reveling in their own defilement and destruction:

“It was a pleasure to burn.
“It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed.”

How do we put out the flames? By voting in numbers so large that we extinguish the tyrants and exile them into irrelevance.

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Rick Scott’s CPAC Speech Was Such A Disaster That The Audience REFUSED To Applaud

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott is considered by some to be a potential candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, but based on the reception he received Friday during a speech he gave at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), it doesn’t look like may Republicans are excited by the prospect of a Scott candidacy.

Scott began his speech by tossing out plenty of culture war red meat to the crowd, but they weren’t the least bit hungry when he told them:

“If you do speak up, boom, you’re going to be canceled. Your views, if you don’t conform with Big Tech, Fauci, or Neil Young, can be taken off Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.”

Even though Scott paused for applause, there was none, which forced him to soldier on:

“The militant left in America are a modern day version of book burners.

“That’s right. Canceling, silencing, and banning from the Internet is book burning. These are the most narrow-minded, intolerant people our country has ever seen.”

The most blatant silencing, however, was from the audience, where perhaps two people offered up a few tepid claps of accord.

No doubt thinking he would bring the house down with his denunciation of “socialism,” Scott remarked:

“Socialism is not a new idea. It’s one of the dumbest, oldest, most discrete ideas of the 20th century that resulted in the deaths of 100 million people.

“If these Democrats who have no idea how the real world works, are acting like they just invented socialism. The modern wacky left Democrat has never read George Orwell. They don’t know they’re making his predictions come true.”

Crickets. Nothing.

Scott was forced to use what he probably considered his rhetorical nuclear weapon:

“Let’s be clear. What the militant left is now proposing is not simply wrong. It is evil.”

You could almost sense that people were yawning and checking their watches.

Rick Scott is not a serious person or a serious candidate for the White House two years from now. Watching paint dry is more exciting than listening to this wannabe funeral director whine.

Here’s the video. (WARNING: May cause drowsiness):

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Display At CPAC Shows ‘Imprisoned’ January 6 Rioter In MAGA Hat Crying

Attendees at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in Dallas are being treated to a bit of performance art, according to freelance reporter Laura Jedeed, who ran across an eye-catching display where an actor is shown in a prison cell wearing an orange jumpsuit and red Make America Great Again cap.

As the actor cries, curious onlookers are offered headphones where they can listen to the testimony from suspects who were arrested and charged for their role in the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection that left five people — including a Capitol police officer — dead.

Jedeed added that the actor never broke character.

Ready for the ironic twist? WUSA-TV reporter Jordan Fischer found out who the actor is: Brandon Straka, who founded the “Walk Away” movement and avoided being charged and going to prison for his role in the Capitol riots by providing “substantial” information about other defendants that helped place them in jail.

As you’d expect, Twitter users had some thoughts on the whole pathetic display.