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Tucker Carlson Admits What We’ve Long Suspected: ‘I Lie If I’m Really Cornered Or Something. I Lie.’

One of the main requirements for being an on-air host at Fox News is that you have to be willing to lie, twist the facts, fabricate evidence, and misinform your viewers, even though doing can have disastrous consequences, à la the 2020 election results and subsequent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Of course, the people who work at Fox will never come right out and tell their viewers that they’re being lied to. That would destroy whatever modicum of credibility they might have in the minds of the right-wing MAGA faithful, many of who have now switched to even more extreme sources of bullshit, i.e. Newsmax and One America News.

But in a moment of stunning honesty, Tucker Carlson is admitting that he does indeed lie, telling right-wing Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” that lying is part of who he is, even though he immediately tried to take it back Media Matters reports:

“I guess I would ask myself, like, I mean I lie if I’m really cornered or something. I lie. I really try not to. I try never to lie on TV. I just don’t — I don’t like lying. I certainly do it, you know, out of weakness or whatever.”

So if you’re not trying to lie, that means you’re not a liar? Good luck selling that one in a court of law. Sure, I committed perjury, but I didn’t like doing it. Tell a judge that and the next sound you hear will be the cell doors closing as you settle in to serve your sentence.

Carlson also fessed up to harming people with his lies and misinformation, but he claims he didn’t do it out of malice:

“And I have to say. There have been many times in the twenty-five years I’ve been in TV where I think you know, are we using this, like, very substantial power that we have to put pictures on the screen to hurt weak people. And I have done that, inadvertently over the years because I got carried away. But I really try not to.”

Tucker didn’t mean to slag a person who was totally innocent. It was inadvertent; he just got carried away. That’s certain to make the person he attacked feel so much better.

Remember the man who approached Carlson recently in Montana and called him “the worst human being ever”? The reason that resonated so deeply with people is because it’s true. Tucker Carlson is a total douchebag, and a self-admitted liar. Those things alone make him a lowlife.

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Is Fox News Host Sean Hannity Also Under Investigation By Robert Mueller?

Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president, Fox News host Sean Hannity has been one of his biggest cheerleaders, defenders, and apologists. But it now looks like Hannity, much like his political savior, may have gone afoul of the law and be in the crosshairs of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The reason Hannity may be on Mueller’s radar screen? It all has to do with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. While we’ve long known that Hannity is in close contact with Trump, it turns out he’s also communicated with Manafort, who was indicted by Mueller in late 2017.

Not long after the election, Manafort appeared on Hannity’s show, and Hannity commented:

“You and I stayed in touch, when you were in the campaign, when you left the campaign, you never lost confidence.”

That interview had been largely forgotten by most people, but it came to light again when it was dug up by the Democratic Coalition and posted on Twitter:

Also, it should be noted that Manafort has been under surveillance as part of a FISA warrant issued back in 2016. If Hannity spoke to Manafort on the phone or via another electronic device, the chances are good he was also recorded and anything he said to Manafort could wind up being used against him. Can you imagine the look on Hannity’s smug face if his name winds up being on one of those yet unsealed indictments on file at the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C.?

If Hannity played any role or has any connection to illegal activities which took place during the 2016 election, he deserves to be treated like any of the other traitors who conspired to steal the White House for Donald Trump.

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Irony Alert! Hannity Says Obama Has A ‘Twisted Obsession’ With Trump (VIDEO)

Fox News host and perennial hack Sean Hannity got his feelings hurt because someone dared to criticize his orange savior, Donald Trump.

On his show Thursday, Hannity made reference to a speech given this week by former President Barack Obama in which he warned:

“We have to tend to this garden of democracy, or else things could fall apart quickly.

“That’s what happened in Germany in the 1930s, which, despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolph Hitler rose to dominate. Sixty million people died. . . .So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote.”

We do indeed have to tend to democracy. It has been taken away in far too many once-democratic countries. We need to pay attention and we all need to vote. But to hear Hannity tell it, Obama stepped over the line, saying it was:

“Very cute, very clever, comparing the president, in a subtle way, to Hitler and Nazis.”

Hey, Sean, as the old saying goes: If the shoe fits, wear it.

Next, Hannity tried to assert that Obama is obsessed with Trump:

“The former president is obviously sick, pathetic, and twisted in this obsession with President Trump. It’s kind of like everyone in the media. Every single chance Obama gets, whether it be here or at home, overseas it doesn’t matter, he’s trashing, trying to undermine the president. Maybe he can’t get over the fact that his record was atrocious. Maybe he needs to take his own advice and accept the results of the election.”

Trump has been taking potshots at Obama ever since he first ran for president and still cannot resist comparing himself to Obama anytime he gets a chance. There’s your “twisted” obsession, Sean. Both Trump and Hannity trashed President Obama over his two terms in office. But now that Obama dares to make a comment Sean doesn’t like, he goes off on a rant.

I was born and raised in the South, and I’ve heard the following expression my entire life: A hit dog always hollers.

Maybe if Sean Hannity didn’t feel so guilty for his own vitriol and lies, he wouldn’t be such a whiny little douchebag when his traitorous BFF has to take a verbal punch.

Here’s the video:

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Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs Take Turns Slobbering All Over Trump: ‘He’s Pretty Close To Perfect’ (VIDEO)

While anyone with a functioning brain and an IQ over 60 can clearly realize that Donald Trump has failed miserably when it comes to keeping the campaign promises he promised to fulfill in his first 100 days in office, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs said on Fox News Thursday evening that the so-called president is just about perfect.

Dobbs kicked off the knob slobbering by gushing:

“He has done more than any president in recent history, certainly in the last half century, in the first 98 days of his presidency.”

Wait a minute! Are we talking about the same guy? Are you sure you’re referring to Donald Trump, Lou? Because he’s been as big of a failure running this country as he was when it came to making a profit off casinos, which are guaranteed moneymakers!

Hannity then decided he’d kiss some POTUS ass, remarking:

“All the accomplishments of the president, keeping his promise, checking off his list,” Hannity said. “He’s not perfect, nobody’s perfect, but he’s done a really good job.”

Dobbs, refusing to be outdone by Hannity, declared:

“Well, he’s pretty close to perfect, Sean. I’m serious.”

Smiling as he jumped back into the lovefest, Hannity said:

“Pretty close. Everything he’s had to do on his own, he’s doing.”

Again, Dobbs would not let Hannity be more worshipful than him, exclaiming with almost orgasmic delight:

“This guy, he’s worked his tail off. Still is. Meanwhile, taking care of national defense, national security and all the challenges that aren’t on the Trump agenda. I mean, it’s truly remarkable what he is doing and the credit that he is not receiving for what he’s done.”

Something tells me Dobbs and Hannity both have life-size Donald Trump dolls they keep in their dressing rooms so they can hold hands and make out with him anytime the urge strikes. Sean, Lou, be careful: Don has been known to grab folks in bad places without their permission. Then again, you guys love him so much that you’d probably love that, too.

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Unfocused Trump Routinely Interrupts High-Level Meetings To Take Calls From ‘Morning Joe’

When he’s not busy tweeting out inanities or dreaming up ways to impose fascism on the American public, it turns out that Donald Trump does actually have meetings with aides and advisers. But now we learn that he often will halt those meetings so he can take phone calls from the hosts of the MSNBC show Morning Joe.

Politico reports that Trump will often be in the middle of “high-level meetings” and suddenly “take phone calls from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.”

The report from Politico also notes that Trump has a bizarre love-hate relationship with the news media. He loves to attack MSNBC, Scarborough, and the New York Times. But at the same time, Trump also desperately craves approval from the media outlets he lambastes.

How schizophrenic is Trump’s on-again, off-again connection to the press? According to the article:

“He has told political allies that the news media is his best foil because his supporters don’t trust mainstream outlet. Yet, he chats with network executives behind the scenes, trying to shape his coverage, and he obsesses over ratings.”

Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine says that Trump takes an unconventional approach to how he sees the news media and uses information he sees reported:

“A central strategy of this White House seems to be designed to delegitimize journalism in the eyes of the American people. That makes media reporting — the reporting on how news is produced and consumed — more important than ever. Given that we’re only halfway through Trump’s first week and he’s already praised Fox News, tweeted a policy idea he seems to have gotten from watching Bill O’Reilly, and baselessly claimed 3-5 million people voted illegally, I’d say yes — Trump will be a big focus of my time.”

Clearly, Trump has the mind of a child and is desperate not only for attention, but to be accepted and loved by everyone. That’s not surprising since he’s a textbook narcissist.

Now imagine this scenario: There’s an urgent situation which requires an immediate response from Trump before it escalates and reaches critical mass. Instead of being focused on the matter, Trump’s calling Joe Scarborough and whining that MSNBC is too critical of his administration. And this same man now possesses the launch codes for our entire nuclear arsenal.

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