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Fox’s Jesse Watters Launches A Sexist Attack On Cassidy Hutchinson And Gets Shredded On Twitter

Fox News host Jesse Watters (who has been called by some “Bill O’Reilly’s former fluffer”) is absolutely apoplectic that former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson dared to repeat something she heard took place on January 6, 2021 when she testified before the House Select Committee on Tuesday.

Specifically, Hutchinson said she had been told that failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump grabbed a Secret Service agent and ordered him to drive to the Capitol while also grabbing the steering wheel of the vehicle.

Keep in mind Hutchinson never claimed she had witnessed the altercation. She made it clear it was something that had been told to her by another person.

And now there are reports that the Secret Service and the agent in question are upset with what Hutchinson said and they’re pushing back by floating stories to the media but not bothering to actually sit down before the committee, be sworn to tell the truth, and testify.

That was the jumping off point for Watters, who began his rant with this:

“If you put up this Secret Service agent who says ‘This girl’s lying, I never said that.’ He’s got 20 years in the Secret Service. Guy’s got a ton of integrity. She’s fresh out of college. Who do you believe? He has a ton to lose by lying. She has a lot to gain by lying.”

So there’s no way a member of the Secret Service would ever lie? Not even to protect his career and not be publicly humiliated? Please! That’s just plain stupid on its face.

But Watters was far from done, adding:

“Look at her. She’s the new ‘it’ girl. She’s gonna get a job offer at CNN, she’s gonna be a contributor, she’ll probably get a book deal. And she’ll waltz around at every party in Washington. Never have to pay for another drink.”

Does it get more misogynistic than that? New “it girl”? Be sure and note the line about never having to pay for another drink, too. As if that’s why Ms. Hutchinson agreed to testify: Just so she could get free drinks.

Twitter ripped Watters to shreds for his disgusting remarks:

Fox News Lies Joe Biden Russia WTF?!

Fox Host Jesse Watters: The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Was ‘Engineered’ By Biden As ‘A Distraction’

Proving yet again that there is absolutely no depth to which Fox News will stoop in an effort to undermine President Joe Biden and the NATO alliance, Fox host Jesse Watters speculated Tuesday evening that the invasion of Ukraine might have been “engineered” by the president as a “distraction.”

Speaking with  John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer shop owner who handed Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI in an effort to gain a few minutes of fame for himself, Watters asked:

“Seeing all the news about Ukraine and knowing the laptop and all the things you’ve seen and heard over the last couple years, what are your thoughts on the current situation?”

Isaac replied:

“It’s hard to tell. I mean, last time Ukraine was in this, or close to this situation, Joe Biden was in charge. And last time, Hunter Biden profited greatly off of his dad’s involvement in Ukraine. I think this time Joe needs a distraction more than he needs money.”


“Do you think this was engineered as a distraction, or do you think this just kind of happened because of Vlad and this rush to war?”

To that, Isaac responded:

“Well, I would hate to think that the Ukrainian people would have to suffer the way they’re suffering now because Joe needed a distraction.”

Yeah, you’d hate to think it, but you said it anyhow because you want to make certain you’re invited back on Fox News again, right, Mr. Isaac.

On a side note, what in the hell is up with the hat Isaac is wearing? Is that thing supposed to give him credibility? If so, it does exactly the opposite.

No matter the issue — even when it’s a matter of national security — you can always count on Fox to choose politics over what’s in the best interest of the United States.