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The Trump ‘Inner Circle’ Fears Ivanka’s Connections To Giuliani Mean She’s Next

Those close to the Trump family are nervous, and the move by the Justice Department last week when search warrants were served on former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, reportedly have the Trump “inner circle” terrified that Ivanka, Don Jr., and even the former president are next to get a visit from the FBI. reports that there’s grave concern the DOJ is preparing to make more moves that could have serious repercussions for the Trump family:

“Trump insiders told CNN the raid was orchestrated to send a message to his inner circle, and it had worked, with a sense of fear ignited in those who believed they weren’t in the firing line.

“’This was a show of force that sent a strong message to a lot of people in Trump’s world that other things may be coming down the pipeline,’ one Trump adviser said.

“’I can’t for the life of me think why you would need to send seven FBI agents to go and collect a cellphone and laptop.'”

Also a source of worry is that if Guiliani is facing serious prison time, as former US attorney Preet Bharara has predicted, he will cooperate with federal investigators and tell what he knows about the former president and members of his family, all of whom are part of running the Trump Organization, which is suspected of having committed crimes such as insurance and tax fraud and is under investigation by multiple agencies in the state of New York, where the company is headquartered.


Another former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, says it’s ironic that the tactics being used against the former New York City mayor (who was also U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York) are the very same ones Rudy used to go after the mafia:

“And it’s just ironic that the tactics that he created for that office are now going to be employed against him, in terms of making him plead guilty and, certainly, at the least, turning over information about Jared, Ivanka, about Don Jr., about Donald himself, about all of these individuals in that garbage can orbit of Donald Trump.”

Cohen added there’s probably much more evidence that has not yet been revealed by prosecutors but will come to light in due time:

“Who knows what Rudy was involved with. What we’re going to find out is, there are text messages, there are emails, there are different types of communication apps that the FBI knows how to re-establish, even if Rudy, who I don’t think is technological, tried to delete or what have you.”

The raid on Giuliani’s home and office is certain to have Donald Trump worried, according to Cohen:

“He cares about only himself. So, he doesn’t care that they raided Rudy’s home. He doesn’t care that they raided Rudy’s law office. What is it going to do to affect me, is all that he’s thinking right now. What did stupid Rudy do? What did stupid Rudy write? What sort of text messages or emails?

“What sort of stupid things was Rudy up to that’s now going to implicate me?”

The DOJ has indeed rattled the Trumps. And it’s safe to assume they have other moves they haven’t yet made that could be even more terrifying for the former president and his family.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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