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Rudy’s Confiscated Phones Probably Contain A ‘Treasure Trove’ Of Dirt On Bill Barr And Don Jr.: Report

Now that the Justice Department has computers and cell phones belonging to Rudy Giuliani in their possession, there’s probably going to be a flood of indictments and criminal charges being handed down from grand juries against members of former President Donald Trump’s family and administration.

According to the Donald’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, the raid and serving of search warrants at Giulani’s home and office earlier this is bad news for all sorts of people connected to the former president.

Appearing on MSNBC Saturday morning, Cohen was asked by host Ali Velshi:

“You are a lawyer, Rudy Giuliani is a lawyer. You kept a lot of records that may be in some cases helped you. It certainly helped the prosecutors who went after you. I assume that there was a lot of stuff for them to find in Rudy Giuliani’s office and phones.”

Cohen responded:

“Well, here is my thoughts on that. They’ve used the Maria Yovanovitch issue in order to obtain the warrant. Now they have a treasure trove of information on Rudy’s cellphones and computer, and they’re going to be able to dig through all of that information.

“Rest assured, this is not about Maria Yovanovitch. This is not just about Ukraine — this could be about a multitude of other issues, you know, that shady Rudy has been involved with. As I always say, this is just the icing on the cake when it comes to the Southern District of New York review of what is going to be probably inside of Rudy’s cellphones. He’ll probably have information and contact with Bill Barr, with Jared Kushner, with Don [Trump] Jr.”

What other crimes might federal prosecutors be able to charge now that they have Giuliani’s electronic devices? Cohen laid them out:

“There could be issues regarding the illegal pardons that were given out. Who knows what is in there? You know who knows? The Southern District of New York and they don’t play fair. The funny — the irony here is that Rudy was the one who created that playbook for the Southern District to really take this gangster tactic, you know, against individuals that they’re prosecuting. They’re really not prosecuting, they’re convicting.”

How ironic would it be if Rudy Giuliani wound up being the key for prosecutors to charge Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., William Barr, and others with close ties to the Trump administration? Even better is if Rudy agrees to cooperate in an effort to save his own ass.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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