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Cindy McCain Reveals Secrets About Ivanka Trump In Her Startling New Book

Cindy McCain was married to the late Arizona Sen. John McCain for 38 years, and she’s written a memoir that focuses in part on the last few months of her husband’s life entitled Stronger, in which she reveals that in the final days of the senator’s life, only a few “trusted” people were allowed to visit: Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham, and Mitt Romney.

Interestingly, Mrs. McCain notes, her husband’s running mate, Sarah Palin, never reached out when the senator was diagnosed with brain cancer:

“In the fourteen months that John had been sick, she never once spoke to him. He had put her on the political map, and she didn’t even send him a note of good wishes when he was down. That is not someone you invite to a final farewell.

“I was just very disappointed in what Mrs. Palin did, because I just felt that… I had hoped that she had felt my husband was as loved as I did. And I was just very disappointed. I think I was more disappointed than John.”

Another person who wasn’t invited: Then-President Donald Trump. However, his daughter, Ivanka, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, did make an appearance, and McCain took it all in stride, refusing to hold a grudge against Ivanka even though her father had gone out of the way to say horrible things about the late senator:

“John always taught me that it takes more energy to be mad than to simply move on,” she writes in her memoir. “I don’t know exactly why Ivanka and Jared wanted to be there. But I am hoping they came for the reason I would think — that they mourned the loss of my husband.”

There was no reason for Ivanka to attend the McCain funeral, and it’s incredibly generous of Mrs. McCain to suggest that Ivanka was mourning the senator’s death. It’s a lot more likely she did it because she has political ambitions and didn’t want to diss a war hero.

Ivanka Trump may appear to be classier than her lowlife father, but she’s a bottom feeder, too. As for politics, here’s a bold prediction: No Trump will ever hold any office again in this country. They’re political poison and the American people have rejected them.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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