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Truth Social Stock Price Plunges To New Low As Trump Goes On Trial In New York

Stock in the Trump Media & Technology Group that owns the Truth Social internet site has plunged to a new low as the disgraced former president goes on trial in New York on charges of illegally paying hush money to a woman he allegedly had an affair with before the 2016 election.

When the NASDAQ stock exchange opened this morning, the stock went into freefall and stood at 27.44 as of 11:22 a.m., a new low since the stock began trading on March 26. On that day, was valued at 26.83 per share.

A report that the company has filed to sell more stock is also dragging down the price of shares, with CNBC reporting, “The company’s intent to issue more common stock was made public Monday morning in a ‘preliminary prospectus filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The shares cannot be issued until a registration statement with the SEC goes into effect.”

“The company also seeks to offer the resale of up to 146.1 million shares of stock from ‘selling securityholders,’ 114.8 million of which are held by Trump himself. Trump owns 78.8 million shares of the company, and stands to obtain 36 million “earnout shares” if the stock stays above a certain price for enough trading days,” the report added.

Earlier this month, the company revealed it had lost $58 million despite paying out millions in bonuses to top Trump Media executives.

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Trump’s Truth Social Stock Tanks After Report Reveals Site Lost $58 Million In 2023

Just last week, Donald Trump’s new media venture which backs his Truth Social site was flying high, earning him billions on paper and leading some to suggest he might use the rising value of the stock as collateral for a bond to cover the massive court-imposed fines that have been assessed against him.

However, an SEC filing from Trump Media & Technology Group shows that Truth Social lost a massive $58 million in 2023, and that sent shares of the once-rising stock plummeting. As of Noon Monday, the price of a share was down nearly 20%, which suggests the stock is in freefall and not likely to recover, especially since it’s now clear that the venture is a failure.

The collapse of Trump Media & Technology Group’s stock price was predicted by those in the know, including Emily Stewart of Business Insider.

For one thing, TMTG, which owns the conservative Twitter copycat Truth Social, makes basically nothing. According to a new financial filing from the company released on Monday, its total revenue was $4.1 million in 2023. Extrapolate that out, and the stock is trading at something like 2,000 times the company’s annual revenue. That is, um, high. Apple, for example, trades at about seven times its total revenue. And given TMTG’s paltry revenue, it actually lost $58 million last year.

Despite his claims over the years, Donald Trump has never actually been successful at anything other than hyping himself and getting suckers to give him large sums of money that he quickly burns through, leaving everyone but himself wondering what became of their investment.

How could Truth Social, which has a smaller base of followers than both Facebook and Twitter, hope to compete? While the Trump name may have once held some allure, it hasn’t now for years, and with every angry posting Donald makes online, more people are alienated and abandon him.

It turns out that being “anti-woke” doesn’t pay well, Stewart explains in her article.

As much as people say they want to shop and invest their values, it often doesn’t turn out to be the case. Instead, most people opt for the convenient option and whatever they’re most used to doing already. There’s a reason most boycotts don’t work — people are busy and tired. It’s true on the left as well. Dig deep enough, and every company in the world can probably give you a reason not to want to give them your money.

Donald Trump has the stench of a loser all over him. He’s becoming more irrelevant by the day, and if he loses to President Joe Biden in November, don’t be surprised if he winds up filing for personal bankruptcy, even if he has to do so from prison.

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REVEALED: Ex-Prez Donald Hypocrite Owns Millions In Anheuser-Busch Stock

Ever since many conservatives began calling for a boycott of Bud Light in response to the beer’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, partnering with transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, one figure in the right-wing community has remained silent: Failed former president Donald Trump, who has yet to say a thing about the boycott.

And now we know why.

The Independent reports that Trump has a major stock investment in Anheuser-Busch and clearly doesn’t want to see the company suddenly start losing millions of dollars due to a boycott.

According to data reviewed by The Independent, it’s possible that Mr Trump’s reluctance to criticise the company that makes the middling American beverage stems from his personal financial interests.

Mr Trump’s most recent financial disclosure shows he holds a significant financial interest in Anheuser-Busch InBev, the company that produces Bud Light.

A recent disclosure report filed by Trump with the Federal Elections Commission on April 14 shows that the indicted ex-president owns between $1 and 5 million of Anheuser Busch InBev stock, which is shown under an account listed as “DJT Trust — Investment Account #2,” Business Insider notes.

However, despite the millions in Anheuser-Busch stock the twice-impeached former president owns, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a bigot when it comes to the trans community.

For example, in a video he released as part of his 2024 presidential campaign, Trump specifically remarked that if he’s elected again, he will “stop the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation” of transgender children in the United States and vowed to use federal law enforcement against any doctor or healthcare provider who provides gender-affirming treatment to any member of the trans community.

For now, Trump is happy to hold on to his Anheuser-Busch stock and expect handsome returns in the the long run, even though he won’t be able to spend any of the profits when he’s incarcerated.

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MTG Bought $50K Worth Of Stock In Trump’s New Social Media Site – And Quickly Lost A Fortune

Like so many in the Republican Party, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) believes failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump is infallible.

But blindly following the ex-president has just hit Greene right in the wallet, with an investment she made in the ex-president’s new social media platform, Truth Social, costing her several thousand dollars, according to CNBC:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has invested up to $50,000 in the SPAC stock linked to former President Donald Trump’s planned social media platform.

According to a public disclosure, the Georgia Republican purchased a stake in Digital World Acquisition Corp., or DWAC, on Friday. The stake is worth at least $15,000 but no more than $50,000.

But based on DWAC’s price fluctuations and when Greene said she made her investment, on Friday, it’s almost certain she has lost money on the trade.

On Friday, DWAC opened at $118.80 a share and dipped as low as $67.96 a share. It ended Wednesday’s session at $64.89 a share. That means, at best, Greene has lost about 4.5% on her investment.

Imagine you bought a stock at almost $119 a share and then watched as it sank to approximately $65. How quickly would be be ready to dump the investment before you lost even more money?

Considering that Trump’s new venture also faces scrutiny from various federal regulatory agencies and financial institutions, it’s not even certain that Truth Social will ever get off the ground. Of course, if it doesn’t, Trump will still probably profit.

Truth Social is set to officially launch sometime in early 2022, but the wild ride the stock is on could delay or destroy those plans.