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WATCH Jen Psaki Call Peter Doocy Out For Lying About Biden’s Policies

If it’s Monday and there’s a White House press briefing, you can count on Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy trying to twist President Joe Biden’s words and getting slapped down by press secretary Jen Psaki.

Today’s dustup took place when Doocy asked about a report that seven school districts in Virginia are suing Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) for his ban on mask madates:

“So who does the president think knows best for students? School board members or parents?”

Psaki replied:

“The president believes that public health officials have the best guidance on what we can all do to protect ourselves. Studies show that masks reduce transmissions in school. They are a proven tool that helps keep teachers safe from Covid and they can thus help keep schools open and safe.”

But that response wasn’t enough for Doocy, who then asked:

“So if a parent wants to send their kid to school with no mask, should that child be allowed to go to school and be in class?”


“Again, what we’re advising school districts on is to abide by public health guidelines and follow public health guidelines. It’s about keeping an entire community safe and those are the decisions that people should focus on making.”

Clearly trying to criticize Biden’s policies on education and health, Doocy added:

“Just so it’s crystal clear for anybody watching, you guys think that ultimately in this conflict between school board members and parents, the school board members should have more of a say.”

The press secretary shut Doocy up by telling him:

“That’s actually not what I said. I think everybody should abide by public health guidelines, not just to keep their own kids safe, but keep their school community safe, whether it’s teachers, classmates, administrators or others in schools.”

And that’s how you counter the bullshit that flows 24/7 from Fox and other right-wing propaganda outlets: With facts. They absolutely hate that.

Here’s the video from Fox News:

Donald Trump Jr. Viral Video

Don Jr’s Latest Unhinged Video Suggests He’s Cracking As His Legal Problems Intensify

Donald Trump Jr. is facing legal jeopardy in several jurisdictions, and reports are that his father is ready to offer him another family members up as the scapegoats for any crimes that may have taken place at the Trump Organization, so it’s safe to say that Junior is under more than a little stress these days.

That being said, you have to wonder: Why would someone who needs to lay low and consult his attorneys be posting videos online that appear to show him high as a kite and virtually unable to speak?

Whatever the motivation, take a look at this 29-second train wreck:

Is he high on drugs? Sure seems that way, though only he knows for sure. At times, it’s almost impossible to decipher what the ex-president’s son is even saying, though there is this line:

“Joe Biden is what stands between us and a nuclear-capable China. Joe Biden is the guy they’re going to call at 3 in the morning if there’s a serious crisis with Russia.”

Yeah, things were so much better when we had a president who was beholden to Vladimir Putin and deferred to the Russian autocrat no matter the issue.

Junior’s bizarre video set off a wave of online mockery:


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Liz Cheney Claps Back After Gingrich Threatens Jan. 6 Committee Members With ‘Risk Of Jail’

Appearing on the Fox News program “Sunday Morning Futures” former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich suggested that members of the January 6 House Select Committee could face the “risk of jail” if Republicans retake control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

Gingrich told host Maria Bartiromo:

“You have — both with Attorney General [Merrick] Garland and with this select committee on January 6, people who have run amok. What they need to understand is on January 4 next year, you’re going to have a Republican majority in the House and a Republican majority in the Senate. And all these people who have been so tough, and so mean, and so nasty are going to be delivered subpoenas for every document, every conversation, every tweet, every e-mail.”

The serial adulterer from Georgia then added:

“I think when you have a Republican Congress, this is all going to come crashing down. And the wolves are going to find out that they’re now sheep and they’re the ones who are in fact, I think, face a real risk of jail for the kinds of laws they’re breaking.”

The laws they’re breaking? What about the crimes of insurrection and interfering with Congress that were committed by failed, one-term former President Donald Trump and his toadies in Congress? They’re still facing serious federal criminal charges that could send them to prison for decades.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), one of only two Republicans who have agreed to serve on the Jan. 6 panel, clapped back at Gingrich’s blatant threats, tweeting out this response:

She was soon joined by her fellow Republican on the committee, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois:

No one is afraid of you or your GOP goons, Newt. And keep in mind you haven’t won the House or Senate yet. As the committee continues to uncover new evidence and crimes, don’t be surprised if voters reject you and your fellow insurrectionists.

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Jan. 6 Committee Has Had ‘Conversations’ With Former AG William Barr, Chairman Reveals

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection has had “conversations” with former Attorney General William Barr, who was failed, one-term former President Donald Trump’s handpicked choice to run the Justice Department.

According to Jan.6 committee chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS):

“We’ve had conversations with the former attorney general already. We have talked to Department of Defense individuals. We are concerned that our military was part of this big lie on promoting that the election was false. So, if you are using the military to potentially seize voting machines, even though it’s a discussion, the public needs to know. We’ve never had that before.”

Barr resigned in December of 2020 as Trump continued to push his “Big Lie” about the presidential election being stolen from him. The ex-president and his supporters have yet to provide any credible evidence that there were irregularities in how the vote was conducted or counted.

Earlier this week, we learned that an executive order had been drafted for Trump which would have ordered the Secretary of Defense to have the National Guard seize voting machines across the United States:

The order, which was never signed by Trump, would also have appointed a special counsel “to institute all criminal and civil proceedings as appropriate based on the evidence collected,” and calls on the defense secretary to release an assessment 60 days after the action started, which would have been well after Trump was set to leave office on Jan. 20, 2021.

Thompson confirmed that report, telling CBS News host Margaret Brennan on Sunday:

“We have information that between the Department of Justice, a plan was put forward to potentially seize voting machines in the country and utilize Department of Defense assets to make that happen.”

Fox News GOP GOP Whining WTF?!

Devin Nunes: In A ‘Normal World’ There Would Be ‘Hundreds And Hundreds’ Of People Looking At Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Even though he’s no longer in Congress, former California Republican congressman Devin Nunes is still slinging conspiracy theories for the braindead morons who watch and believe Fox News as right-wing gospel.

Nunes, who is now CEO of the Trump Media and Tech Group (whatever the hell that is), was a guest on Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” show, and went on an extended (and fact-free) rant about Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, telling the host that Russia’s possible invasion of Ukraine is linked to the Biden family:

“Where are we today? Remember, the invasion of Ukraine started in 2014 under Obama and Biden. It was the Obama-Biden administration that wanted to give them blankets and then it was this Hunter Biden laptop where the information existed when they were impeaching a president over this, clearly, the information was out there that it was really the Bidens who had issues, not just with Ukraine, taking money from Ukraine, but also Russia, also China.”

Nunes added that Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks the United States is weak with Biden as president, even though we were never weaker in regard to Russian than when failed, one-term former President Donald Trump was Putin’s personal lap dog and puppet:

“And I believe what they’re going to do is, you know, probably, you know, force the hands of the Ukrainian people and basically put a choice in their hands of do they really want to fight and have bloodshed or is Putin going be able to install someone that he can control?”

That led Bartiromo to wonder out loud if Biden has “conflicts of interest” that are tying his hands on the matter of Ukraine. To that, Nunes replied:

“This is major evidence that sat on that laptop. The FBI had it for over a year and nothing was done with it. So in a normal world, unlike the one that we live in now with this dystopian media that we have and social media, you would have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of media folks, reporters, investigative reporters doing work on this.

“Sadly, you’ve only had a few. The American people deserve the right to know, what is it that the Russians, the Chinese or the Ukrainians have on politicians in this country. That information is known to the FBI, but yet, the American people still don’t have a clue.”

What does Russia have on Trump and Nunes? Can we get to the bottom of that, too, Devin? You voted against impeaching Donald for his blatant attempt to extort the Ukrainians to dig up nonexistent dirt on the Bidens, but now you want a full investigation?

Sit your sorry ass down and shut the hell up, traitor. Let’s take a look at your finances and see who owns you.

Here’s the video from Fox News: