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WATCH The Trump-Endorsed Candidate For AZ Governor Storm Out Of An Interview When Asked About ‘Your Man, Donald’

Kari Lake is running to be the GOP gubernatorial nominee in the state of Arizona, and she’s doing so with the full blessing and endorsement of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.

But when a reporter from “60 Minutes Australia” asked Lake about “your man, Donald,” the candidate took offense and stormed off the set, proving that the biggest snowflakes in the world are indeed right-wingers when you dare to confront them with facts.

Reporter Liam Bartlett began by asking what Lake thought about Trump’s suggestion that he would pardon anyone convicted for their role in the January 6 Capitol insurrection if he runs for president and manages to win in 2024, to which Lake responded:

“Well, that really has nothing to do with being Governor of Arizona. I wasn’t there.”

Bartlett countered:

“Let’s be fair on this. Your man, Donald — your man, Donald, brought it up.”

Lake, however, said she was offended by what Bartlett had said:

“Why did you say that, sir? Your man, Donald?” 


“He said they should all be pardoned. Do you think they should be pardoned.”

But Lake remained focused on the “your man, Donald” comment:

“I’m still amazed you said that. Your man, Donald. That’s just so disrespectful.”

The reporter reminded Lake:

“Why would it? He’s endorsed you. His personal endorsement.”

Lake whined:

“It’s just the flippant attitude. It’s just — it’s obvious you’ve come into this. It’s obvious you’ve come into this and you don’t like President Donald Trump.”

Bartlett continued to press, again asking:

“Kari, do you think they should be pardoned?

The Arizona Republican remained combative:

“I have no say in that. I’m running for governor. This isn’t something a governor does. You’re trying to twist that to make me look bad.”


“You’re a Republican. He’s the Republican leader.”

A few seconds, later, Lake walked off the set in a huff, acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

It should be interesting to see how other GOP candidates act and respond when they’re asked the same questions that Lake pitched a fit about.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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