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New Poll Shows Arizona Democrats Are Ready To Replace Kyrsten Sinema

Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s refusal to support reform of the Senate filibuster and vote in favor of President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda have her in big trouble with Democratic voters in the Grand Canyon state, according to a new poll which suggests that Sinema will likely face a primary challenge when she seeks reelection in 2024.

The poll, according to HuffPost, was conducted by the progressive group Data for Progress:

“Her opposition to President Biden’s agenda is setting her up for an incredibly tough Democratic primary,” said Sean McElwee, one of the co-founders of Data for Progress, while acknowledging that 2024 is a long way away. “She will be facing immense headwinds.”

Seventy percent of prospective 2024 primary voters have a negative opinion of Sinema, with just 24% expressing a positive view of the first-term senator. Nearly half have a “very unfavorable” opinion. For contrast, 85% of primary voters have a favorable opinion of Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.), who is also in his first term.

The poll named four potential challengers to Sinema in a hypothetical Democratic primary: Rep. Ruben Gallego; Rep. Greg Stanton, the former mayor of Phoenix; Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego; and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero.

If those four were to run in a primary (which is unlikely), Gallego would garner 23% of the vote to Sinema’s 19% and Stanton’s 13%.

However, in head-to-head matchup with Sinema, all four of the challengers would best the current Arizona senator by double digits:

All four potential challengers have massive leads: Ruben Gallego leads Sinema 62% to 23%; Kate Gallego has a 60% to 25% edge; Stanton leads 59% to 24%; and Romero leads 55% to 26%.

President Biden could play a major role in the 2024 Arizona Senate primary, too, as he is still very popular with Democrats in the state. However, it’s unclear if the president would support a primary challenge to Sinema.

Other recent polls have also shown that Sinema is losing support among Democratic voters:

Morning Consult survey from earlier this month found that 46% of Democrats approved of her job performance, while 40% disapproved. Overall, voters were split on her performance, with 42% approving and 42% disapproving.

If Sinema does wind up preventing passage of Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda, 2024 could wind up being a very bad year for the incumbent senator.

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Arizona Attorney General May Open Criminal Investigation Of Trump For Election Interference: Report

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is asking state Attorney General Mark Brnovich to open a criminal investigation of former President Donald Trump for his efforts to influence supervisors in Maricopa County while votes were still being counted last November.

According to The Arizona Republic:

“Hobbs said some of the communications ‘involve clear efforts to induce supervisors to refuse to comply with their duties,’ which could violate Arizona law. She cited The Arizona Republic’s reporting last week on text messages and voicemails from the White House, Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward to the Republican members of the Board of Supervisors.

“‘The reporting also includes firsthand statements from the victims of this potential crime,’ Hobbs said. She cited at least one potential felony charge under Arizona law.”

On two separate occasions, Trump attempted to contact Republican Supervisor Clint Hickman in an effort to get election results changed in the Grand Canyon State, which is a crime under state law.

Additionally, Rudy Giuliani, made numerous calls to election supervisors, leaving a voicemail that’s certain to be a part of any criminal investigation by AG Brnovich. In that message, Giuliani had this to say:

“If you get a chance, would you please give me a call. I have a few things I’d like to talk over with you. Maybe we can get this thing fixed up. You know, I really think it’s a shame that Republicans sort of are both in this kind of situation. And I think there may be a nice way to resolve this for everybody.”

Trump lost the state of Arizona to President Joe Biden by a margin of 10,477 votes, which gave the state’s 11 electoral votes to the Biden-Harris ticket.

Supporters of the ex-president continue to insist that there was election fraud which benefitted Biden, but have yet to provide a shred of proof to support their specious allegations.


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Arizona Republicans Are Looking For ‘Bamboo Fibers’ On Ballots To Prove China Stole The 2020 Election

In their desperate and futile attempt to prove that accused rapist and one-term loser former President Donald Trump actually won the state of Arizona (and the entire 2020 election), Republicans in the Grand Canyon State are now asserting that China stole the vote from Trump and handed it to Joe Biden.

Not crazy enough for you? Well, consider this from Slate:

“On Wednesday, a member of the Arizona election audit team that has been heavily touted by former President Donald Trump revealed that its examination of the 2020 vote in Maricopa County will include a ‘forensic’ analysis of ballots to determine if the paper is made of bamboo—in order to determine whether or not China delivered tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots to tip the state to Joe Biden.”

Yep, truth truly is stranger than fiction. You simply cannot make this shit up!

John Brakey, one of the officials who is “overseeing” the Arizona audit, was the clown who floated the “Asia” theory of what took place last November, remarking:

“There’s accusations that 40,000 ballots were flown in and stuffed into the box and it came from the Southeast part of the world, Asia. And what they’re doing is to find out if there’s bamboo in the paper.”

Bamboo in the paper. He actually said that. Here’s the video for any doubters:

When Brakey was asked the logical follow-up question, Why are you looking for bamboo, he responded:

“People in Southeast Asia…use bamboo in their paper processing. This is part of the mystery that we want to un-gaslight people about.”

Clearly, John Brakey has been sniffing far too much of the gas in the “gaslight” he’s referring to, and it has permanently damaged what little bit of brain matter he had left in his otherwise empty skull.

So this is where we’re at when it comes to the Trump faithful and millions of Republican voters across the United States: If the GOP loses, it must have been because the Democrats cheated. Of course, all evidence suggests that the vast majority of those who commit what little voter fraud there is in the country are card-carrying Republicans. But their cheating doesn’t count because it’s done on behalf of the best interests of the poor, ignorant voters who have no idea which way to mark their ballot.

Truth is now dead among at least half of this country. They killed it and now they want to replace with a conspiracy theory they found in the darkest bowels of the internet.

Maybe we should give these morons their very own “nation” on an abandoned oil derrick out in the Pacific Ocean and let them live in their version of reality instead of running the risk they’ll infect anyone else.

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Arizona Republican Asks Why We Need Masks For COVID Since We Didn’t During The AIDS Crisis

It has been proven on more occasions than can be counted that a majority of Republicans don’t appreciate, like, or accept the basics of science and medicine, probably because those two disciplines are based on facts and logic.

One of the main reasons we’re in the COVID mess we’re in as a country (leading the world in number of cases and total deaths) is because our failed, one-term former president chose to listen to idiots instead of experts when it came to fighting the virus that has so far claimed the lives of 523,000 Americans.

But if you thought you’d heard all the jaw-dropping remarks from members of the GOP that make both your head and your teeth hurt, consider Joseph Chaplik, a member of the Arizona legislature who (you guessed it!) just so happens to be a card-carrying Republican and a complete imbecile.

During a debate on mask wearing to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Chaplik had this to say:

“HIV, that was going to wipe our global destruction of human bodies with AIDS. We heard about that in the ’80s. Yet no masks were required.”

For the brain dead (i.e. Republicans and their ilk) in the audience, AIDS is caused by the sharing of bodily fluids such as via sex or sharing hypodermic needles. A mask wouldn’t do any good in combating spread of the disease. If Joseph Chaplik had a single brain cell in his skull, he’d know that.

Chaplik and others like him should indeed stop wearing their masks when they go out in public. Maybe that way we can thin the herd and rid ourselves of these morons.