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Trump Ready To Toss Don Jr’s Girlfriend Under The Bus For Backing The Wrong Senate Candidate

It’s beginning to look like failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump is turning his growing anger and self-loathing outward, and the person he’s ready to throw under the bus appears to be Don Jr’s girlfriend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle.

According to Politico, the former president considers Guilfoyle to be “annoying” and is also furious that she’s working for a GOP Senate candidate who’s running in Missouri:

“It’s Donald Trump’s most frequent complaint: people profiting off his name. The latest offender? His son’s girlfriend, MAGA’s own Eva Perón, Kimberly Guilfoyle. Trump has been openly griping that Guilfoyle joined Eric Greitens’campaign for Senate in Missouri as national campaign chair, and he’s becoming increasingly short with Guilfoyle.”

A Trump insider said the ex-president doesn’t want Grietens to become the Republican nominee because he has a controversial past which includes having an extramarital affair (just like Donald and Don Jr. had) and blackmail, as the Washington Post noted in March when Grietens announced his run for the Senate:

“As a charismatic young governor (of Missouri), he earned mentions as a future presidential contender — until a devastating report landed from a St. Louis TV station in January 2018 that he had carried on an affair with a local hairdresser and threatened to release nude photos he’d taken of her if she revealed their relationship. After the report, Greitens admitted to the affair but denied any blackmail attempt.

“The revelation soon became a criminal case when Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner launched a probe that resulted in a felony invasion-of-privacy charge a month later.”

Greiten’s controversial past has led Trump to remark:

“Why the fuck is she working for him?”

Even worse is that Trump fears Guilfoyle’s involvement will give the appearance he’s also on board with the former governor:

“Multiple advisers said Trump has been concerned that attaching Guilfoyle’s name to Greitens will look like an implicit endorsement from him.”

The clues are everywhere regarding how the Donald is freezing out Guilfoyle:

“There’ve been signs that Guilfoyle is on the outs: She’d been nudging Trump’s team to join the Make America Great Again Action super PAC before finally being added to its roster late last month as national finance chair. NYT’s Maggie Haberman reported this week that both RUDY GIULIANI and his son ANDREW have also been pressuring Trump to support Greitens.”

For her part, Guilfoyle denies she’s at odds with her boyfriend’s father.

It’s so much fun watching as people who supposedly have everything — fame, power, money — go after each other like a pack of hyenas. Here’s hoping every last one of them winds up broke and in prison.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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