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Trump Fanatics Unveil An Absurd 7-Point Plan For ‘Reinstalling’ Him As POTUS ‘In Days’

In Dallas this weekend, the Conservative Political Action Committee — also known as CPAC — is meeting so right-wingers and other political crackpots will have a place to ruminate about the “good old days” when failed, one-term former President Donald Trump was still in the White House, putting migrant children into internment camps, golfing several times a week, and telling the American people that COVID-19 was no worse than the flu.

But as with most gatherings of Republicans and neo-fascists, there’s also plenty of conspiracy theories floating around for the attendees to sample and try on for size.

One of those was first spotted by Andrew Solander of Forbes, who noted that there was a plan involving seven steps for “reinstalling” Donald Trump as president “in days, not years.”

The plan, being circulated by a group named PatriotSoars on a card handed out to CPAC attendees, is so absurd that you may find yourself laughing uncontrollably before you get past the first couple of steps:

As HuffPost reports, details of the “plan” are so farfetched as to be the rantings of a lunatic — i.e. a member of the Trump family — though we have no evidence to support such a supposition:

“However, a casual observer with an understanding with the basic principles of critical thinking might see problems with the plan, such as getting members of the Black caucus, such as Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, to suddenly join a political party that doesn’t reflect their values.

“Oh, and there is that pesky issue of finding 17 Democratic senators willing to impeach Biden and Harris to meet the two-thirds threshold required by the Constitution to remove a president or vice president from office.”

Others on Twitter also weighed in on the 7-point plan for returning Trump as Grand Poobah:

One person even cut right through the tinfoil hat bullshittery and noted that it sounds like the Trump faithful are actually admitting (GASP!) that Donnie Dotard lost the 2020 election, which makes all the other points completely moot:

That’s right. Donald Trump lost. He lost by a LOT. And he was also impeached twice along the way, the only president in history to earn that dubious honor. That means that if you still support him, you’re an even bigger loser than he is.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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