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Trump Dumps Weisselberg From One Of His Companies As Prosecutors Prepare More Indictments

As prosecutors in New York continue to present evidence to a special grand jury empaneled to issue indictments in the case against former President Donald Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, we get news that Allen Weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the ex-president’s corporation, has been removed as director of a business subsidiary located in Scotland.

Business Insider reports:

“Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer, was terminated as the director and controller of one of former President Donald Trump’s golf courses in Scotland a week after the executive and the company were charged with tax crimes.

“A notice filed on Thursday with Companies House, the UK registry of private companies, showed that Weisselberg had been terminated as a director of Trump International Golf Club Scotland, a holding company that owns Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf resort, Trump International Golf Links.

“He was also terminated as a ‘person with significant control,’ a designation for an individual with influence over how a company is run, another notice said.”

The remaining directors of the golf club in Scotland are Eric and Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s two sons. And Don Jr. is now the “sole person with significant control.”

Why would Trump suddenly give Weisselberg the boot from the company that controls his Scottish golf club? It would seem the reason is to distance himself from Weisselberg now that he’s been indicted and is being pressed by investigators to cooperate and tell what he knows about possible crimes committed by members of the Trump family.

More indictments are certain, according to former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, who wrote in an op-ed for MSNBC:

“There are also several indicators that more criminal charges will follow. In May, District Attorney Cy Vance convened a special, six-month grand jury to hear evidence in the Trump investigation. Ordinarily, New York grand juries sit for only four weeks. Vance’s special grand jury will continue to serve until November and it’s hard to believe that this indictment, issued at the beginning of their special six-month term, will be their only indictment. Moreover, New York State Attorney General Letitia James, who has partnered with Vance in the Trump investigation, pointedly stated after the issuance of the indictment that their investigation continues.”

Clearly, Trump is running scared, and his attempt to put Weisselberg as far away from him as possible is a sure sign that he knows there’s more bad news coming soon.

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Ivanka Is In Just As Much Legal ‘Peril’ As Allen Weisselberg: Report

One of the key phrases found in the indictment against the Trump Organization handed down earlier this month is “nonemployee compensation,” a strategy which is used to pay an employee of a company but also giving them money they claim as a non-employee contractor or consultant, and it’s used as a way for the company and the recipient to dodge paying taxes.

The indictment from the office of Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. not only focused on the former president’s corporation but also on Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, who is facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars if he refuses to cooperate with prosecutors.

But it turns out that someone much closer to Donald Trump has also been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Trump Org: Ivanka Trump. And that suggests she can also be indicted for accepting nonemployee compensation, according to biographer Michael D’Antonio, who has written extensively about the former president and penned a biography of the real estate magnate.

D’Antonio spoke with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday and was asked whether he thinks Weisselberg will flip on his boss and agree to help prosecutors. He replied:

“You know, he really is acting as if he is going to go down with the ship. I think this is astounding given Michael Cohen’s example. But there’s another thing that I notice in the president’s — or former president’s complaints. And his idea that, ‘Well, they’re going after really good people, and they would only be going after me because of political motivations.’ Well, the big problem for him is that he invited all of this.”

But it was what D’Antonio said next that should be of special concern to Ivanka Trump, who accepted $700,000 for work as a “consultant.”

“The other person who I think is in peril is Ivanka Trump. One of the things that Allen Weisselberg is in trouble for is taking money as a contractor and then claiming self-employed status so that he can get some of the retirement benefits that the tax code allows for self-employed people. Well, we know that Ivanka Trump got quite significant sums paid to her as nonemployee compensation. That freed the Trump Organization from paying part of her taxes, and it put her in a status that I think the IRS would have lots of questions about. So, these folks don’t know how to play the game straight. I think everything they do is crooked.”

Now consider this scenario: Ivanka is also indicted by Vance and then has to make a no-win decision: Give up her father to save herself or spend years in prison. Which will she choose?

If she’s anything like her daddy, she’ll toss him under the bus so quickly it’ll make the old man’s head spin.

Here’s Michael D’Antonio on CNN:


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Trump Org. CFO Is On The Verge Of Going Down For Tax Fraud – And Taking The Donald With Him: Report

On Tuesday evening, the New York Times reported that the Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, is on the verge of being indicted and that the charges could come down as soon as this summer:

“In recent weeks, a grand jury has been hearing evidence about Mr. Weisselberg, who is facing intense scrutiny from prosecutors as they seek his cooperation with a broader investigation into Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization, the people with knowledge of the matter said. The prosecutors have obtained Mr. Weisselberg’s personal tax returns, the people said, providing the fullest picture yet of his finances.”

If Weisselberg does indeed wind up being charged, according to former federal prosecutor Elie Honig, that could also wind up bringing down former President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on CNN shortly after the Times story broke, Honig remarked:

“We’re on the brink of two make-or-break decisions. First, prosecutors will need to sit down, assess all their evidence and decide, do we have enough evidence to indict Allen Weisselberg? If so, then the big decision is, does he flip? Whether he flips will mean everything for this investigation. He’s the exact right person to target to try to flip. He’s in the inner circle, the only person not named Trump who is in the inner circle of the Trump Org. If they flip him, he can open up a universe of evidence.”

That led host Erin Burnett to inquire:

“What is this new reporting from The New York Times, what does it tell you about the types of charges Weisselberg could be facing, especially when you’re getting into this issue of prison time?”

Honig replied:

“Prosecutors seem to be looking to make tax charges against Allen Weisselberg. The charge is that he was paid by the Trump Organization not with a paycheck, but in the Trump Organization paying for tuition, for cars, for apartments. That can be a lot of income. Normally that kind of income is taxable. If they were doing this to try to get around the taxes, to try to beat having to pay taxes, that could be a tax fraud charge.”

Honig added that the prison time Weisselberg could be facing would help determine if he agrees to flip on Trump and tell what he knows to prosecutors:

“A lot is going to depend on the amount here. Tax fraud charges can be as minor as a misdemeanor under New York state law, meaning nobody is going to flip on a misdemeanor, you don’t go to jail. Or they could be up to seven years per year of tax fraud. He could be looking at very little time or very serious time. That’s going to be a huge factor when deciding whether to flip.”

There’s another possibility that Weisselberg has to take into consideration: That Trump will flip on him in order to save his own ass. That alone should give Weisselberg all the motivation he needs to cooperate with investigators.

Here’s Elie Honig on CNN:


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Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Perjured Himself: Report

The longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, perjured himself in multiple depositions and felt completely “enabled” to ignore the law when his boss was in the White House, according to his former daughter-in-law, Jennifer Weisselberg.

Mrs. Weisselberg revealed details of what her ex-father-in-law had done over the years during an appearance on MSNBC, telling host Alex Witt:

“It really went to their (the Weisselberg family’s) heads. They were extremely enabled and had no accountability Weisselberg does lie. He has perjured himself with the Presidential Inaugural Committee, with most depositions.”

But that wasn’t all Mrs. Weisselberg had to say about her former in-laws, noting that she fully expects they will flip and agree to testify against Donald and his family, all of whom are involved in running the Trump Organization:

“There is a personal criminal probe on him and they are going really hard on his children — Barry and Jack. … (Allen’s) going to flip.

“When it comes down to being 75, you have to look at what’s best for your own family. The organization has major issues.”

As HuffPost explains, there are numerous investigations underway into the Trump family and corporation:

“New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) has been conducting a criminal investigation into Allen Weisselberg’s personal taxes for months — and has also launched a criminal probe into the Trump Organization.

“A parallel investigation into possible loan, bank and insurance fraud by the Trump Organization and its officers is being carried out by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. Weisselberg’s possible role in exorbitant Trump Organization charges to the 2016 inaugural committee is also being probed.”

Jennifer Weisselberg says she has turned over boxes of financial records and digital information to New York prosecutors, but she admits she’s surprised things are moving so quickly after years of no legal action:

“I didn’t realize it was going to happen this soon. I did anticipate it happening.”

If Allen Weisselberg did indeed perjure himself under oath, that gives prosecutors a valuable tool they can use to make sure he cooperates with them and agrees to testify against the former president. Maybe then Donald Trump will finally be held accountable for this lifetime of crimes and lies.

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Sworn Deposition Shows Ivanka Lied Under Oath

When she was asked under oath in a sworn deposition she gave regarding possibly illegal fundraising and spending by the 2017 Trump inaugural, Ivanka Trump appears to have lied about her knowledge of how her father’s company, the Trump Organization, was run, and who was in charge of the day-to-day operations of the corporation.

Lying during a deposition is a crime. Just the same as testimony in court while under oath, lying as part of a deposition is also considered perjury.

The possible lies told by Ivanka were revealed by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former close friend of Melania Trump who has soured on the Trumps since they attempted to blame her for the questionable finances of the Trump inaugural committee. Wolkoff posted this excerpt from Ivanka’s deposition on Twitter:

Allen Weisselberg has been the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization since the early 1970s and is considered to be the person who knows where every dollar of the company’s money is raised and spent.

Shortly after Wolkoff made her posting, Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, responded with this:

Ivanka isn’t he first of the Trump children to get caught lying under oath. Her brother, Donald Trump Jr., also appears to have perjured himself, as Mother Jones first reported in April:

“During his deposition, Trump Jr. frequently replied, ‘I don’t recall,’ and he downplayed his involvement in preparation for his father’s inauguration in January 2017. In several exchanges, he made statements that are contradicted by documents or the recollections of others and that appear to be false.”

Don Jr’s. apparent lying was also regarding the 2017 Trump inaugural committee, which is believed to have personally enriched the Trump Organization by tens of millions of dollars, money that was diverted illegally to the Trump family in violation of federal and state law.

Perhaps the truest words ever said by a member of the Trump family were reportedly uttered by the failed, one-term former president, who raged that he wasn’t getting any of the money for the presidential transition:

“Fuck the law. I don’t give a fuck about the law. I want my fucking money.”

For a con man and grifter, it’s always about the fucking money. And it’s clear the Trump children inherited that grifting gene from their old man.